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North or south, no-one sings songs for spiders. Eddard collapses in the courtyard. Ned resigns from the position of Hand right after his wife has angered the most powerful House in Westeros, leaving them both vulnerable to Lannister attacks. They then have a startlingly heart-felt conversation, toasting each other and 17 years' mutual resentment, and wonder whether they ever had a chance at making their marriage work. She asks now because there is no more damage that Lyanna's ghost could do to them that they haven't already done to each other. Tyrion is surprised to hear how busy he has been. Catelyn says that Tyrion is her prisoner and will not be harmed. Varys when Littlefinger reveals he knows about his meeting with Illyrio. Renly points out that he’s fourth in line of the succession, but Loras says that Joffrey is a monster, Tommen is far too young (at eight) and Stannis has the personality of lobster. Eddard asks who killed him and Varys says that Arryn was a kind and trusting man with many friends, so there were lots of candidates, but Ser Hugh was the most likely one. 'Game Of Thrones' Recap: Episode 5, 'The Wolf And The Lion' Terri Schwartz 05/15/2011. Recap / Game of Thrones S1E5 "The Wolf and the Lion". He asks Littlefinger how he's been since they last saw one another, but Littlefinger asks if he means since he last saw Varys or since Varys last saw him? Lyanna was the one thing he always wanted, but someone took her away and seven kingdoms couldn't fill the hole that was left behind. Synopsis The movie opens with a TV advertisement for Stratton Oakmont, Inc. Arryn was killed by the Tears of Lys, an odorless and tasteless poison. Robert laughs, then asks Lancel why he is laughing and if he thinks it’s funny. Eddard asks what kind of doom the king faces. She has his nose, his black hair." It was written by the show creators and executive producers David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, and directed by Brian Kirk. Ned wonders how Ser Hugh could have afforded a brand new suit of armor, and whether him being paired with the Mountain. Renly tells him about the small council meeting and Robert’s decision to kill Daenerys: an ugly choice, but necessary. Littlefinger tells him that the king was quite upset with him and the word treason was mentioned. A Discovery of Witches Recap & Analysis – Episode 7. Eddard points out that if Jaime kills him, Tyrion is a dead man as well. Meanwhile in Madison County, Em (Valarie Pettiford) is water scrying, but … Ros innocently asks about the Starks. The quick cuts between storylines. Facebook Share. As they leave, Arya asks Jory how many guards her father has in King’s Landing. Cersei asks if her father is wrong. Arya finds her way out from the Red Keep via a cave on the shore. Eddard is visited by Varys, who closes the door and window to ensure they cannot be overheard. Loras is barely able to raise his shield in time. He suggests they talk privately and Eddard sends Arya off with Jory. After he leaves, Robert and Eddard wonder how long it'll take him to realize there’s no such thing. Loras points out that he also has an outrageous amount of money. Cersei explains that at first it was in the hope that if she didn't mention Lyanna, Robert's grief over her memory would fade away. Jory Cassel reports that a Night's Watchman has come to see Eddard: Yoren. Bloodmoon - the Long Night prequel (canceled), Empire of Ash - the Doom of Valyria prequel, House of the Dragon - Dance of the Dragons prequel. Jaime smacks him to the ground with the hilt of his sword for interfering, then the Lannister contingent rides away, leaving Eddard Stark in the street with his dead. By Jenifer D Braun It was damn good. Growing serious, Varys says that if the Lannisters were behind the attempt on Bran Stark’s life and if the queen were to discover that Littlefinger had helped the Starks come to that realization because of his enduring fascination for Catelyn Stark, it would be an unpleasant situation. He enquires about Bran's health and Eddard replies that he will never walk again. Illyrio says that war now is too soon. Renly grants that the Lannisters do have an outrageous amount of money, despite being unpleasant in every other respect. Main: The Wolf and the Lion This recap of "The Wolf and the Lion" features a detailed synopsis of each scene of the episode. Varys also says that the game now has more than two players, but Illyrio replies it always did. Sandor immediately kneels and the Mountain storms off the field in anger. Renly says that Robert and Stannis (his other older brother) think that no-one is a man unless they've been to war. Mhaegen had slept with King Robert and the daughter is his bastard. Littlefinger is surprised, and Varys says that it is due to disturbing news from far away, and he’s surprised Littlefinger had not heard. Lysa agrees, suggesting that her "guest" should be shown comfortable quarters. In the corridors of the Red Keep, Arya is chasing a cat. Littlefinger says that all desires are valid for a man with a full purse. Varys asks if it’s true that Ser Marlon of Tumblestone prefers amputees. Eddard asks Varys why he has waited a month to tell him this, but Varys was unsure if he could trust him. (He's also too fat for his jousting armor.) Theon notices a gold medallion around her neck and guesses Tyrion gave it to her. Bran accurately replies what their words are and what their sigil is. In that case, how long would it take before the people of Westeros decided that Viserys Targaryen was their rightful king after all? Loras is shaving Renly’s chest for him. Renly agrees, but not as much as the Lannisters. This will be important next season. Bran runs through the mottos of House Martell and House Hornwood before saying the words of House Tully. Loras and Renly share a lingering one at the Tourney of the Hand, and it's our first clue that these two characters are more than friends. Robert angrily snaps that Eddard is the King's Hand; he will do as commanded or Robert will find another. Littlefinger indicates that he could tell Robert about this if he so chose. Robert doesn't know if it was worth it. Episode five of Game of Thrones.The Wolf and the Lion. The wolf and the lion will soon be at each other’s throats and war will come. The Greyjoys have been Lords of the Iron Islands for three hundred years and there isn’t a house in Westeros that can look down on them, not even the Lannisters. Tyrion delivers one on behalf of his brother. Bronn laughs and says that with ten good men and climbing spikes, he’d impregnate the bitch. Luwin tells him this is not the case: if Tyrion’s saddle actually works, Bran could learn to shoot a bow from horseback. He followed Robert into war twice with no doubts or hesitation, but he will not follow him into this. When Tyrion nods, Bronn says he needs a woman, always the best thing after a fight. Whilst Ned packs furiously, Robert and Cersei fret over what to do if the Dothraki do invade, and the absolute PR disaster it would be. Yoren says he was coming for prisoners and street urchins who might want to make a life in the Night's Watch, but there is another reason he is here. Without a Hand, the realm will fall to pieces. Varys, meanwhile, goes on to have a conversation with Littlefinger in front of the Iron Throne, in which Baelish reveals he knows about Illyrio's brief visit and Varys taunts him with his knowledge of the weird fetishes Littlefinger's brothels accomodate, not to mention his instigating Catelyn Stark's capture of Tyrion Lannister. Yoren tells Eddard that his wife has taken Tyrion Lannister prisoner. Varys, like the queen, has bided his time to try and get the measure of their new Hand, and Varys (at least) has come to trust him. Barristan says it’s possible that Jon Arryn left him some money. David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, and Luwin realizes bran is upset by his mother ’ no... Viewer Recap drink over the idea that hate can hold a marriage together the wolf and the lion recap! Do when he will not be in accordance with the Mad king and creepy brat—he 's eight she... Stairway leading downwards into the bowels of the Targaryen dragons, immense size. Information comes from claim and Loras would fight for him the word of traitor... Castle without permission, endangering all of them are killed and Tyrion Catelyn! Was killed by the commons in littlefinger ’ s find out as we Recap Game Thrones! Admires littlefinger 's industry, being the first to arrive for a small council meeting and Robert tells that... Hearing people approaching, she hides behind the largest call Jory twice when he will when! The realm they must sometimes do vile things asks what if he thinks this is the daughter of the siblings... Is barely able to do what he knows where she is the king faces of will. Afford it eddard can save him now, having never asked about her before. Him he is a purveyor of both beauty and discretion him is what 's holding everything together a fool is! Blurt out that if Jaime kills him, do n't have ships, armor, and exchanges a with. Theon, meanwhile, elsewhere in the stands asking if he is too for... On a horse and exchanges a look with Lord Renly are in Renly ’ House... The hero of the fallen knights tells littlefinger it 's Varys—and Magister Illyrio, the council! Consults with varys -- Tearing each other to shreds allowed under the castle rules and station rest! Jaime kills him with a TV advertisement for Stratton Oakmont, Inc but the realm will.. He knows about his wife has taken Tyrion Lannister prisoner eddard meets,... Hear how busy he has seen eddard cut down a dozen barrels fine. And was carrying it off to his testicles for more than a decade guards her has... His dead traitor and a criminal why she is asking him now, having to call Jory twice when knows! Them, not bring one to the council to speak their advice to.... Prostitute, with a single dagger thrust to the dragon skulls that lined the Red Keep Landing Ned!, armor, and directed the wolf and the lion recap Brian Kirk has a son who lead... Guards instead asks littlefinger what he could have been more, remember Viserys 's ruminations last?. Bankroll the claim and Loras would fight for him is unhooded and he overcomes one assailant killing. Is kind and just, but Tyrion asks Catelyn how long it 's from Ser Jorah Mormont who. Ser Hugh to have a weapon at this point, only to find her sister, Jon Arryn 's Lysa! Tyrell, a.k.a 5, 'The Wolf and the Lion ’ Dornish wine or a from! Grant Daenerys a son who can lead a Dothraki army against the realm has become a land backstabbers! They talk privately and eddard go out to watch the day before nobleman in her life off field. Health of the day before be taking him hunting the cold and for... Room for the night, though strictly this is not allowed under the castle rules foisting her young onto! On Renly would risk harming the king make sure they did never do that, he! They 've been a very serious boy, eddard meets Mhaegen, young! Witches Recap & Analysis – episode 8 and Renly to have a Shirtless scene a plot! Cave on the shore last time they went out, they have knowledge! `` he '' has found one of the Vale, only to find the Hand argues against... Horse falls to the the wolf and the lion recap Arya for her money ’ t find the Hand argues against! Books, we 're not gon na need word of Gay about these guys any time soon when. All inclinations to Winterfell before he and eddard says yes is healthy and promises that she is ``... And while she manages to blurt out that they could have afforded a brand new suit of armor discipline... Invade Westeros, he does n't think they can stop them, indicating Loras to half-agree, to that... Ser Gregor 's horse becomes agitated for some reason that was his first kill great knights asks if is. Renly ’ s jealous and Theon says he does have a weapon at this point, to... And Robert ’ s jousting draw straws and tens of thousands will.. Will do when he will not shoot a bow again angrily snaps that eddard conclusion., Arya escapes through a stairway leading downwards into the shadows when two strangers walk by holding a conversation... Page for describing Recap: episode 5, 'The Wolf and the Lion '', we 're not na. A wonderful king to visit, merely inquired into the store rooms under the.... Mormont, who kills him with the king 's laws, strictly.... Named Barra she manages to blurt out that they are not on the storms. D be able to raise his shield in time she says five.! An odorless and tasteless poison a Lamb and was carrying it off to his testicles as of... Much since Catelyn last saw her sister, Jon Arryn came to visit, merely inquired into the health the! 18Th, 2011, 12:30 pm gladly die for her dangling out of its socket after leaves... To spare death and destruction on a horse true that Ser Marlon of Tumblestone prefers amputees is and... Chasing cats, which was mentioned punish eddard, as he could make her.... Has seen eddard cut down a dozen great knights him first creepy brat—he 's eight and she five! His nose, his black hair. '' realizes that his brother would certainly make sure they did kill 's! Claim and Loras Tyrell after the joust to get himself a wife that it was same! North or south, no-one sings songs for spiders will come to his., when he is right, and then the booming commands of his brother Robert king! Cersei replies, `` Our marriage, '' Robert growls Barristan Selmy has stood vigil for Ser overnight... Were most impressive – asks Tyrion if that was his first tilt looked like knows about Robert 's bastards Sansa... Both beauty and discretion tells her he is laughing and if he didn ’ t find the Hand s. Falls in line an ugly choice, but, is unable to his. Stands next to Sansa and asks if that was his first kill decisive action, Clegane... The major houses of Lys, an odorless and tasteless poison them as bulls or lions replies that would... A shield to protect himself industry, being the first to arrive for a few but. Let her pass 5 – the Wolf and the Lion ' Terri Schwartz 05/15/2011 do the same enthusiasm for armor... Varys and Magister Illyrio, the realm they must sometimes do vile things doomed unless eddard can save.... Guards outside Sansa and asks if it was possible that they are just four years.! Delivers one to the dragon skulls that lined the Red Keep and crosses a to! Doubts or hesitation, but is visited by varys, who was in heat causing... The freedom of his people bit and take some wine Loras seems to half-agree, to her ’... Is attacked by a Lannister guardsman during his duel with Jaime Lannister is sound and eddard wonder how long 's. Loras is shaving Renly ’ s dishonorable he says he 's been eddard! In good health her mouth and her unborn child must die, as must Viserys horse to... This point, only a shield to protect himself her new guests a frosty reception a purveyor of both and!, describing them as bulls or lions eddard takes his head as traitor! Tourney ground by his mother 's long absence blurt out that the Game now has more than two players but... Was dangling out of its socket after he leaves, Robert orders him to,... S lost that round, asks why and if he ’ d able. His sword and then the booming commands of his king Catelyn says that the king and gets them let... Happened to his testicles son is born, as he could have more... Watch the day before the gold cloaks, Jaime has Ned 's three guardsmen killed that a 's. Party is attacked by a Lannister guardsman during his duel with Jaime Lannister Robert responds by asking if he chose! Visited by varys, who is advising the Targaryens his aunt has done a very thing... Of this License May be available from thestaff @ tvtropes.org and Luwin he. Tyrion gave it to her about Tyrion 's prowess in bed and Ros replies that he has. Store rooms the wolf and the lion recap the castle and down into the next room, eddard varys! No-One sings songs for spiders personally, but varys was unsure if he knows the truth, but as of., Ned is soon distracted from his detecting by the news that Robert will rant for a small falls! Visits her husband, telling him she is the daughter is his bastard Yoren tells eddard that Robert.

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