a herd of buffaloes sentence

Buffaloes of an uncouth appearance and of a dark slaty color, strikingly contrasting with the neat cattle, abound in Egypt. SentencesMobile. The sacred buffaloes, their milk, their bells, the dairies and their vessels are on a lower plane; whilst we may note that there are several grades amongst the dairies, increase of sanctity going with elaboration of dairy ritual (cf. On other occasions also Vamacharis commonly offer animal sacrifices, usually one or more kids; the head of the victim, which has to be severed by a single stroke, being always placed in front of the image of the goddess as a blood-offering (bali), with an earthen lamp fed with ghee burning above it, whilst the flesh is cooked and served to the guests attending the ceremony, except that of buffaloes, which is given to the low-caste musicians who perform during the service. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. ; With his mother and sister, Achimi reproduced to create a herd of buffalo. 3. There is no punctuation. They do not use the plough; nor do they possess buffaloes, bullocks or cows; their only agricultural implement is a long-handled iron hoe. FBC-TEXAS-DEFENSE _ AUSTIN, Texas _ How to stop a herd of buffaloes. On Friday Colorado. Away from the banks of the rivers, between the Euphrates and the Tigris and between the latter and the Persian mountains, are tribes of wandering Arabs, some of whom possess great herds of horses, sheep, goats, asses and camels, while in and by the marshes other tribes, in the transition stage from the nomadic to the settled life, own great herds of buffaloes. I saw eight buffalo on the prairie. At another time, a herd of cowsstampeded through the shooting location. Two kinds of buffaloes are found in the forests, which are the home of the gorilla and chimpanzee. The cumbrous wooden carts which afford the sole means of transport in many districts are generally drawn by oxen, although buffaloes may be seen in the south. A pride of lions patrolled the fringes of a herd of buffalo. FBC-TEXAS-DEFENSE _ AUSTIN, Texas _ How to stop a herd of Buffaloes. In the burials of the rich, water and bread are distributed to the poor at the grave; and sometimes a buffalo or several buffaloes are slaughtered there, and the flesh given away. Kali, on the other hand, the most terrible of the goddess's forms, has a special service performed to her, at the Kali-puja, during the darkest night of the succeeding month; when she is represented as a naked black woman, four-armed, wearing a garland of heads of giants slain by her, and a string of skulls round her neck, dancing on the breast of her husband (Mahakala), with gaping mouth and protruding tongue; and when she has to be propitiated by the slaughter of goats, sheep and buffaloes. 1. His company consisted of thirteen sepoys, ten Johanna men, nine African boys from Nasik school, Bombay, and four boys from the Shire region, besides camels, buffaloes, mules and donkeys. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. But they've been very scarce for a few years and we usually have to be content with elephants or buffaloes, answered the creature, in a regretful tone. 2. They killed a great number of buffaloes and turkeys. The buffalo is replaced by the mountain. A herd of buffalo charged at me. May said as her husky and black Lab raced by, paws thundering like a herd of buffalo. A pride of lions patrolled the fringes of a herd of buffalo. 4) Buffaloes are good swimmer; they can swim in deep water in search of fodder. 2. The horns are peculiar for their upright direction and comparative straightness, although they.have the same triangular section as in other buffaloes. 2 The " Barrens " were in the north part of the state west of the Blue Grass Region, and were so called merely because the Indians had burned most of the forests here in order to provide better pasturage for buffaloes and other game. There are three breeds of Rumanian oxen, besides the peculiar black buffaloes, with horns lying almost flat along their necks. The Scyths lived upon the produce of their herds of cattle and horses, their main food being the flesh of the latter, either cooked in a cauldron or made into a kind of haggis, and the milk of mares from which they made cheese and kumiss (a fermented drink resembling buttermilk). More remarkable still is the fact that the direction of the slope often differs in closely allied groups, as, for instance, in African and Asiatic buffaloes, in which the hair of the middle line of the back has opposite directions. A pride of lions patrolled the fringes of a herd of buffalo. It has started an Ojibwe language program, May said as her husky and black Lab raced by, paws thundering like, "Last year, our leader was Lou Roe and we were like, Though he beats and mildly injures Bagheera, Mowgli escapes Shere Khan with the aid of, Scientists aboard a helicopter swooped into a shallow valley where, The conservancy already has used fire to restore North America's largest tallgrass prairie, even reintroducing, For four days the young man searched for his family and on the fourth day he came to a high ridge and, Kevin Costner has picked a site in Deadwood for the display of a 17-piece bronze sculpture showing Lakota hunters driving, Waldman combed the archives of the Wildlife Conservation Society to research the true story of, Earlier in the evening-- when the Dolphins were on their way to a 17-7 half-time lead-- a big screen at Joe Robbie Stadium flickered with a film in reverse and images of, Her second child was born on the open prairie shortly after her horse had bolted towards, In the early 1900s " Buffalo Jones " used the Bar Z's corrals at Jacob Lake to pen. Natives & Whites, American Bison/Buffalo. The first white settlers found great numbers of buffaloes, deer, elks, geese, ducks, turkeys and partridges, also many bears, panthers, lynx, wolves, foxes, beavers, otters, minks, musk-rats, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, woodchucks, opossums and A I .° Longitude West 89 Greenwich C E Fayette, ? The first section is that of the Bovinae, which includes buffaloes, bison and oxen. 4 7 The fauna includes buffaloes, a marsupial cuscus, some bats, the beautiful scarlet lory, rare varieties of the ground-thrush, honey-eater and oriole. Several million buffaloes were slain. Silkworms are reared. A considerable trade is carried on in the export of horses, buffaloes, goats, dinding (dried flesh), skins, birds' nests, wax, rice, katyang, sappanwood, &c. Sumbawa entered into treaty relations with the Dutch East India Company in 1674. Herd.A group of buffalo is called a herd, gang, or obstinacyThe buffaloes group name is usually called a herd.

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