advanced abstract algebra syllabus

ISBN: 9780131019638. >> This course addresses the college-wide learning goals by developing critical, analytical, and integrative thinking skills. *�!fZ�pz2���B��0�$E���2�{��l�h=��� �w���� ���v:��Ĩ�8xvN�t���p1w/HPb?�1��>�4��4`�M ��^P��;����D�{T��M�؁����D, ��_��y��O}� For problems that incorporate multiple parts, do not claim a problem unless you can successfully solve all parts listed. I would also ask that you check this syllabus and other resources on the Canvas site before emailing me; most of the common questions are addressed here. I firmly believe that the more you are engaged in the dialogue, the better your chances of success are in the course. Preliminaries. For problems that incorporate multiple parts, do not claim a problem unless you can successfully solve all parts listed. Having said that, I encourage you to work together on the assignments (this is not the same thing as copying another's completed assignment) and study together for tests. Office Hours: Monday 9-12am, 1071 Evans Hall, Course Overview: To add some comments, click the "Edit" link at the top. I reserve the right to change the syllabus as circumstances necessitate, but no new policy will be enforceable until after you have been notified in class. Do not mark a problem as claimed unless you feel confident that you have a correct solution and that you can defend your solution in front of the class. If there's any question as to what constitutes cheating, please ask before it becomes a problem. Required Materials: Text: An introduction to Abstract Algebra with Notes to the Future Teacher, by Nicodemi, Sutherland and Towsley published by Pearson. Abstract Algebra (MATH 312-01) Spring, 2014. No exceptions. The final will be cumulative. The grade distribution is shown on the right. Abstract Algebra Quest University Canada Block 1, Spring 2016 The notion of a \group," viewed only 30 years ago as the epitome of sophistication, is today one of the mathematical concepts most widely used in physics, chemistry, biochem-istry, and mathematics itself. This course addresses the college-wide learning goals by developing critical, analytical, and integrative thinking skills. Try to read ahead so that you will have seen the material before we are scheduled to cover it in class. To add some comments, click the "Edit" link at the top. Other times I will call on specific individuals to contribute. xڅ˒۸�>_��%TՈ!��Kl�:����Ƴ�aw���C�����4�Fv.�h4�� &��*Y��.�?㻇�? Catalog Description Sets and mappings, groups, subgroups, permutation groups, homomorphisms and isomorphisms, the iso-morphism theorems, group actions, the class equation, Sylow theorems, and rings. My role will be quite passive. (See the relevant section in the Academic Catalog.) structure, course policies or anything else. :�"* �"�QdPu�y#����F�n52S"[F&H���J ����Ci14���w$���ٶ�����IȖWv��x8y��{! (You can find a link to the Google Docs spreadsheet on the course home page.) You are all adults and you know what constitutes cheating; therefore, I will never accept an excuse of "I didn't know." Sets, relations, and functions. /Length 2406 Try to figure stuff out on your own first; then when you come to class and discuss it, it will be a lot more clear. It is located in the START Center in Carleson Hall at 832-2281. Text: Contemporary Abstract Algebra byJosephGallian(6thed.) When you successfully solve a homework problem, you will "claim" it by marking it on a shared Google Docs spreadsheet. Course description: (4 units) Math 111C is the third quarter of the year-long abstract algebra sequence. The syllabus page shows a table-oriented view of the course schedule, and the basics of Houghton Mifflin (Required). You can add any other comments, notes, or thoughts you have about the course The course will cover chapters rings, elds, and selected topics as time permits. Assignments cannot be turned in via email. I reserve the right to assess a penalty for cheating as the severity demands. A�ģ���Z�o��(`�� ��`�ҳ7�n-^�&�^��k�gu����"��a?�r��B6�~�F�6�- t�q0ڑfan�5��~₢FN~Hb.$Q=���W,���#��n�$����>�!̆HX�TI����1 �� ��&4�W��V1��7$�hf As we discuss the material, I will ask many questions so that you, the student, will be involved in an active classroom discussion. { Alexey Sosinsky, 1991 Your letter grade will be based on the following scale: All work shall comply with the Westminster College academic honesty policy. �T�I�ؕs`++�kҸP�u$�@AK$��B#�'�&*7]���,���(�������� ��=77��¶�)6�\��+�¸�k�x��o�i]D:a.�� ,��i���z[F��� �d���1.�Q;w��ԗ��3�c�g�uxE;���stܞV �8;o�g\B��yt$F���s �I�0���6J� M����i[�2��q�?�޼Yo�� �{{I`Bi�Q�Q��.���dI�oI�kD=� SYLLABUS Math 546 - Advanced Abstract Algebra Dr. James Okon - JBH 323 - (909)537-5373 Text: Gallian, Contemporary Abstract Algebra, 8th Edition, 2013. If you have a disability for which you need accommodations in this class, please contact the Services for Students with Disabilities as soon as possible. It is critical that you become an active participant in the classroom. I prefer not to send or receive course-related email through my Westminster College account. 3106 (Linear Algebra) or the consent of the instructor. Grading: The plan is to cover (approximately) Chapters 19-23 of Gallian, Course Description This is a 3-unit class on elementary abstract algebra. Your presentation grade is based on your execution at the board. On the days homework is due, you will take turns presenting your homework solutions to the rest of the class. Homework: Homework will be due when indicated on a day to structure, course policies or anything else. It is an introduction to algebraic structures with an emphasis on fields. You will be required to provide documentation of your disability to that office. (Imagine what will happen during the tests if you are accustomed to working problems with the solutions right in front of you.) There are three components to your homework grade: claimed homework, written homework, and homework presentations. Number theory, Rings, fields and groups. You will also be reported to the dean for any violation. Course Purpose: An introduction to abstract algebraic structures, emphasizing group and ring theory Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students may take Advanced Abstract Algebra (Math 4333) or Graph Theory with Applications (Math 4315) Course Content: Sets, Cartesian products and binary operations, Properties of Integers 0�Ø�`^ ��zKi��3v$!T)��@���z��˞��4R~�@����4���]@;��;��hO�(�J�!&5��$xϒ�M��k~�O�Bƚ�j#��&Ԑ�U?��֖��8��1hq��2i���j�,Jy3_��(N�`��v�TY�g'�4pC��ϒD�ZA�Y���x��u�:Y$B\s�$�����0����Y8�P8|M*'\�]J� ɰ�"`b�I�4H�!�`��ؽ%�� R�I���B�2Lv3��z�}��d{K Westminster College seeks to provide equal access to the college's programs, services, and activities to people with disabilities as defined by the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. One of the ways you can be a successful member of the class is to read the textbook. You may be called on at any time to present one or more problems from the list of problems you have claimed. Number theory, Rings, fields and groups. ׀�$�GK,"xCr$K θ�6��.�n=��ɛn�n/,�2�@�h�՛���/Y��������N�m�3Hյ 1.3 ALGEBRA OF LINEAR TRANSFORMATIONS 1.3.1 Definition. Your score for the claimed problems grade will be the total number of problems you mark out of the total number of problems assigned. The homework for each week is posted on Canvas. You will not be able to listen and take notes passively. }P�*M�L���n��*�2�*�4.U�zhW�Do��t3�7YUDo��ytz���?��v�T\E��7*�cu�ڤ*V����4�g�2�y���i�턓���A�z�QUZ�ѻn\o`�A�'�P�8V�ǣ�Þai�Jd�`�W���LKd+Oc����Z)f��`�H�D�8�q�yVGp��v*����ٚg�.Ҩ��8t'�e �'�G�[��3D�G�`"�&s���;�G?�O�! You will type up and submit your solutions in LaTeX which you will learn to use as part of the course. Calculators: Graphing calculators and/or calculators with symbolic capabilities are optional for this course. It is easy to see that set of all Hom(V, V) becomes an algebra under the multiplication of S and T ∈Hom(V, V) defined as: 3 0 obj << More likely, though, is that you will receive an "F" in the class. You will also write up solutions to selected problems I give you weekly.

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