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$35.09. $30.89. Metal Bread Box with Roll Up Lid, Kitchen Counter Storage, Bread Bin Holder. Sale Bestseller No. $38.99. To get more possibilities, take a look at our list of Bread Boxes Metal … Free shipping . 1 Large Metal Bread Box Here is the top rated choice of other customers acquiring products related to large metal bread box. Bread Boxes Metal Here is the best selected item of other customers purchasing products related to bread boxes metal. Black Metal Bread Box/Bin/kitchen Storage Containers with Roll Top Lid ~ USA. The complete package includes an aluminum pan, lid and heat guard to help you avoid mess and discomfort while traveling. Stainless Steel Bread Box Storage Container for Kitchen Counter Loaves, Red. This is the leading choice of other clients getting products related to bread box metal white. It is equipped with an air-tight lid … $33.44. For further alternatives, have a look at our catalog of Large Metal Bread … Carriers are available in Reynolds Kitchens® Lasagna Pans and 13"x9” Cake Pans These carriers are made with the same sturdy paperboard used to carry 6-packs of beverages. To get more choices, look at our list of Bread Box Metal White or use the search box. Free shipping . That loaf of bread stays flaky, soft, and moist- just how it should be when you place it in this classically cool tin bread canister.

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