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Atooi Collection is a compilation of games from Atooi and is Limited Run Games' first 3DS release. The word about the game becoming a thing has been heard of as early as June 2019. I already own the games that I am interested in (being the Mutant Mudds games) which I have already completed years ago and also have two physical copies of the Mutant Mudds Collection on Switch (of which one is still sealed), but I would consider grabbing this as a last hurrah if it supports Australian/European consoles, though I can't say that I am terribly enthused given how late this is arriving and my complete indifference to the other games in the package. @JaxonH I hope you're not falling into the trap of believing art is some sort of mystical object that deserves not to be subject to the rules of the world. The region locking is not all that much of an issue though. But the Switch is showing its limitations, gamers are saying they want a pro version, they want something more powerful. I do like the Switch, and I like it's hybrid features, I don't 'play on the go' although I will take it off the dock to play in another room, and I do miss what is not a gimmick, the 3d. Each level the player creates could be considered a little tale, which they hatched. If this is a region-free cartridge, I wouldn't mind quadruple dipping, though I have no interest in the other games. @JaxonH I was actually going to say something similar. I’d much, much rather buy one console to play all their games than buy two different handhelds each with a smaller library. No wonder Nintendo sold so many 3DS. @Silly_G As DS is region free, I imported Dementium 2. Hatch Tales sounds boring. So I'm like, not mad there. A Lite came later, and I guess it was reasonable easy to get into production. Chicken Wiggle; Review Related Games. @King-K-Rool I don’t care about the game really, I was just saying what I know. The eShop banner is so important, and I don’t think that can be overstated. However, I hesitated getting Xeodrifter on Switch because I wanted the 3DS version with the 3D effects. With this announcement, my wish has been granted and my purchase is all but guaranteed. What type of game is this? The 3DS (and DS, for that matter) had an amazing run and provided me with some of my favorite gaming experiences, but I totally understand why they have been dropped in favor of something more streamlined. ‘Kaguya-sama: Love is War’ Chapter 209: The make or break of... Gwen Stefani pregnant with twin girls after three years of IVF:... Esports Mogul hires blockchain guru Jamie Skella, Bitcoin payments disabled for 27 million gamers due to KYC ‘bureaucracy’, Shares soar as gaming companies launch new esports league. The word about the game becoming a thing has been heard of as early as June 2019. I already have all these games, but I definitely want this as a collector's item. It was a gimmick that most people didn’t enjoy. Chicken Wiggle's biggest problem was that the story mode did an awful job of taking advantage of the possibilities that the level editor provided. Chicken Wiggle Share: ... From what I know, no information has been given regarding Atooi Collection since E3 last year. Atooi Collection is a compilation of games from Atooi and is Limited Run Games' first 3DS release. Bringing forth its enhanced version as well as a spin-off with Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge. The Switch lacks a second screen, a microphone, StreetPass functionality, etc. You can still play all the games in the collection digitally if you want, but I still think it’s neat (if a little late) that Limited Run Games is producing a physical 3DS title in the future. Eh, why is everyone saying "That's really weird"? I only need good gameplay, not name-play. Those games are as follows: So it would have been great if Nintendo had released a higher resolution console. Now he's releasing another 3ds game? The game you used as an example was not new. What about 'Zelda Ocarina of Time'. My observation is 'what could have been' if Nintendo had updated the 3ds more regularly with new models, they would have sold a lot more and with good games even more. It seems like he comes up with a theory on what will sell a game, and runs in that direction. A decent / fantasy golf sim for example. I mean Hatch Tales, but it has been taking so long in coming to Switch that I’d almost forgotten about it entirely. Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story sold so poorly that it bankrupted the studio that developed it. Tell us below. I imagine this release will probably be region locked to the US, since LRG is a US based publisher, as is Atooi a US developer. The switch is still lacking in certain areas compared to 3ds and wiiu. A home console that had the capability of being removed from the dock to be played away from the main TV screen. I would have to see these surveys. Hosted by 44 Bytes. Like whoa!!!!!!!!!!!! The name, Hatch Tales, is plural. Nintendo was unable to juggle more than two balls at a time, the original switch and mobile games, the 3DS had to go. Explaine thyself. @Silly_G When Renegade Kid dissolved, it split into two companies, Atooi and Infitizmo. Where's it's positive article? Oh well, I'll just wait for the Switch eshop release of it under its new name instead. The first game (or should we say 'games) coming to Limited Run's 3DS line-up is Atooi Collection, which sees five of the Texas-based studio's games arrive on one cartridge. The time we spent … But, I feel that it creates more questions than it answers. Once approved, the game will then proceed to manufacturing and, finally, go on sale. Where To Buy Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. Random: Super-Clever AR Hacks Make Mario Kart Live: Home ... Pikmin 3 Deluxe Updated To Version 1.1.0, Here Are The Fu... Join 1,065,916 people following Nintendo Life: © 2020 Nlife Media, partner of Gamer Network. @Pazuzu666 : The Mutant Mudds games were originally released separately. Mostly because of the lack of Nintendo titles I want to play. No grandma or extra levels. Micky is a news site and does not provide trading, investing, or other financial advice. And you absolutely overestimate the appeal of the 3D effect. @zool I hear you, and for the record, I was one of the few people who always had the 3D slider turned all the way up. atooi Collection synopsis, information, release dates, screenshots, video and user submitted ratings and reviews. I liked the name Chicken Wiggle. For more information about this project, check out the official Kickstarter page. Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment... Kemco Kicks Off Big RPG Savings Across Switch And 3DS For Black Friday, Capcom Has "No Plans" Right Now To Bring The Original Monster Hunter Stories To Switch, The Top Ten Best-Selling Games For Wii U, 3DS, Wii And DS (As Of September 2020), Limited Run Reveals Trover Saves The Universe Physical Release For Switch. As it stands, I still play games from my backlog on 3DS at least a couple times a week and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. There are no 3DS games that needed 3D to be played effectively. The 3DS is pretty much already dead to both Japan and the United States already, with no game officially lined up after Persona Q2. Atooi Reconfirms Its 5-In-1 Nintendo 3DS Physical Collection Is Still On The Way #3DS #LimitedRunGames #Atooi, — Nintendo Life (@nintendolife) May 20, 2020. After all it's just a stripped down Switch. Never really been a fan of his games tbh. based on For a lot of gamers that's fine, but the sacrifice is loosing the 3d games which Nintendo spent a lot of time mastering. @Timsworld2 There are usually business-minded reasons why you only want your content tailored for a specific market to be available in that market.This practice is far from dead with the likes of streaming services restricting some or all content on a per-country basis. It’s reminded me what a wonderful system it is, and how cool the 3D effect can be. Before reading any material on this website, it is a requirement to read “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy“ first. Well that sucks!!! Will you be grabbing the Atooi Collection when pre-orders eventually go live? Actually, all of LRG's releases have been US region, it's just that the PS4 and Switch have the luxury of being region free. What a time to be alive. I ask myself, “How might this game appear to a newcomer?” First impressions are incredibly important with games.

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