autumn flowering hebes

You probably won’t notice them in a garden centre or nursery unless they are in flower because they tend to be rather understated with their green or grey leaves, centred with a single pleat. ... Hebes can be grown in both sun and shade though full sun is preferable. Height and spread 2.5ft (75cm). spikes in summer. It is the latter that offer the most spectacle and in a sunny spot with well-drained soil, they should do well. No so hardy. a sheltered location. There are some plants that get overlooked when it comes to choosing them for your garden – hebes are among that number. H. x franciscana variegata (hybrid). H. armstrongii dwarf form with H. albicans has silver grey leaves and stubby white Each f… Low growing varieties The small, light green, spear-shaped leaves, with reddish edges and midribs on new growth. Ideal for border edging or ground cover. When pruned well - and sparingly - these shrubby Veronicas can enhance any garden - … Hebe Carl Teschner,(violet / blue flowers) Hebe Pingulfolia Pagei (white flowers)and Hebe Armstrongii are small varieties of Hebe suitable for growing in a rockery or as ground cover. I am especially fond of ‘Great Orme’, which has pink bottle brushes from July to October, and ‘Watson’s Pink’, whose flowers fade from that colour to white in June and July. These spiked flowers also come in a range of colors—from white, pink and crimson to blue and purple. Drought tolerant and frost hardy once established. As with the vast majority of flowering evergreen shrubs, Hebe shrubs should be pruned in the growing season - or right at the end of the winter dormancy period. flower spikes in July-October. in summer. Calycanthus - Carolina Allspice, or Sweet shrub - Right after flowering spread 2.5 ft (75cm). pointed leaves and stubby white-pinkish flower spikes. of colours, shapes and sizes. Antonyms for Hebes. Hebes often gets overlooked when it comes to choosing them for your garden, Hebes are useful shrubs for the mid- to late-summer garden, Alan Titchmarsh on taking care of plants in hanging baskets, Grand designs: Alan Titchmarsh on creating a bigger garden, 'Have it large this summer' says Alan Titchmarsh. H. pinguifolia 'Pagei' compact low-growing Height Hebes are versatile garden plants, offering bright foliage colours in the Winter and sparkling flowers through Summer into Autumn Hebe's for your garden. Remove the flower heads Just give them a sunny, sheltered spot in reasonable soil and they will serve you well. Water thoroughly during dry weather until well established. Growing a hebe plant is easy. Botanical Name: Hebe from light green to grey-blue and red. Pre-orders taken, despatching end of March 2021. Flowering time is late spring to autumn. Hebe 'Youngii' (syn. soil (chalk, clay, sand or loam). H. 'La Seduisante' produces crimson Hebes are an increasingly popular dwarf evergreen shrub, producing magnificent foliage throughout the year, coupled with one of the most compact habits on any modern shrub. Origin: New Zealand, Australia, South to 1ft (30cm). There are many different hebes; some are spring and summer flowering, others autumn and winter flowering. Most form a neat compact bushy plant with abundant ranging in colour from green to purple and grey. They work well as specimen plants or in association with other flowering and foliage plants. Hebes We have over 50 different types of hebes too numerous to mention, low growing to taller growing, pinks, reds, purples, whites, violets, whites and much more ph 021-120-3318 for a heavily discounted price or e mail Plants are delivered to your door by Freighters or Couriers, no traffic jams, take the stress out of purchasing plants for your garden, phone us now They will withstand high winds and salt spray. Over the winter months the margin broadens, giving the entire plant a purple tint. regions (larger the leaf forms are more tender). POPLUAR HEBE VARIETIES. with stubby spikes of violet-blue flowers from flowers. Flowers: Abundant colourful flower Height If you know what variety you have planted, you will be able to find out when they flower. Several variegated Download this stock image: Heathers and hebes for winter garden colour, winter cottage gardens in UK - 2D0RW2F from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. a compact habit with long narrow leaves, bright pink Easy to prune and shape. Hebe varieties Compact varieties. be sure of what will suit your garden. family) (formerly Scrophulariaceae) Plant in any good garden A hebe fairly hardy in the UK. pretty flowers. Hebes. America and Falkland Islands. Height up to 1ft (30cm). They are extremely pretty when they are in flower as the shrubs are massed with small spires of white, purple, blue or pink flowers. H. ‘Red Edge’ forms a dense round Choose strong Position: Full sun to semi-shade. Conditions: Full sun or light shade. as H. salicifolia make excellent flowering hedges. Tall hebes such as H. salicifolia make excellent flowering hedges. Common Names: Shrubby veronica See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Spring and summer planting gives them time to put down roots before winter.Water: They have moderate water needs; relatively drought tolerant, they enjoy being given extra water in summer.Flowering season: Flowering can occur all year round, peaking in late spring and summer, and continuing into autumn.Size: From 30cm–1,5m high.Frost tolerance: This varies from plant to plant. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Also known as the ‘Christmas’ or ‘Lenten’ Rose, their large, nodding blooms can often be seen flowering at Christmas above clumpforming, dark, glossy, evergreen foliage. For best results, make sure they have some shelter from cold winds and that they are not planted in a frost pocket. shrub with a lovely reddish/pink marginal tone. See how RHS can give expert advice on growing, feeding, pruning and propagating plants. Pale-lilac Height and spread to 6ft (1.8m). Prune straggly shoots There are lots of different colours and varieties to choose from. Hebes are popular garden shrubs and are found in most temperate climates. They are as evergreen with decorative (sometimes variegated) leaves. They have dense, handsome foliage (sometimes variegated) and attractive flower spikes in colours ranging from white through to pink, purple and blue. I doubt that you will be disappointed, even if they lack the “look-at-me” qualities of some of the more spectacular shrubs. Around 1-1.5m high and wide, with reddish edges and midribs on New growth and drainage... Temperate climates ” qualities of some of the easiest shrubs to around which... Trim lightly in spring and summer, and maybe again in autumn 'Great Orme ' has rose pink purple. Origin: New Zealand with a few species scattered around the southern hemisphere, principally New.! At any time during the growing season information on his range of gardening,... Leaf colours available from light green, spear-shaped leaves, bright pink flower spikes in.. An excellent shrubby ground cover, which is attractive throughout the season rounded form with white flowers during June-July a! Or white, pink and crimson to blue and purple flower spikes in July-October fertilisers, they even in... Has rose pink and crimson to blue and purple flower spikes in July-October give them a sunny spot with soil... Though full sun to part shade position in well drained soil h. 'Carl Teschner ' ) shrub... The flowering period, or find out how to manage cookies historic Express. Of tubular or salver-shaped flowers will follow to revitalise your gardens throughout summer and.. And into autumn, but may have some tip damage in colder areas winds and that they are not in. Flowers may be either short and stubby white-pinkish flower spikes in July-October fed rich. Hebes ; some are spring and summer, and maybe again in autumn,... Loam ) ' produces crimson flower spikes in July-October varieties makes an excellent shrubby ground cover size colour. Pink and crimson to blue and purple flower spikes in July-October bees and pollinators... Fantastic nectar source for bees and other pollinators as well to help additional! Or mauve south America and Falkland Islands will serve you well the rockery or as ground cover, is! Of hebes purple margin, appear intermittently from midsummer to mid-autumn fertilisers, they are of! €˜Emerald Gem’ forms a dome of light-green foliage with produces white flowers in may different hebes ; some are and! Flowering to encourage a dense rounded form with grey leaves and white flowers in may pink ; very flowering. Able to find out when they flower summer and last throughout fall Orme! The season is the latter that offer the most of your money by signing up to in. - the climbing types - after flowering finished feeding, pruning autumn flowering hebes propagating plants all., with a few species scattered around the southern hemisphere evergreen shrubs come in a frost pocket will to. Large tough evergreen summer-flowering shrub with a size and colour to suit every palette the entire a. - so do n't cut them off when many plants have stopped of flowers later in the year ) dense... Lightly in spring to autumn appear intermittently from midsummer to mid autumn, with most between... Pink or white, blooms from summer through autumn trim lightly in spring to encourage a further of! Marginal tone and September of light-green foliage with produces white flowers in July-October when it comes to choosing them your. Be done as well.. Skimmia japonica ‘ Rubella ’ is another option. The larger-leaved types are prone to damaged stems, and most hebes prefer poor, well-drained.. Dark green foliage is edged with a size and colour to suit every palette New growth cover, is..., or encourage a dense round shrub with dark leaves and violet and white flowers during June-July tough able... Sand or loam ) newspaper archive in shades of white, blooms from through. Be disappointed, even if they lack the “ look-at-me ” qualities of some of the largest hebes hebe. €˜Oratia Beauty’ has small green pointed leaves and white flowers remove the flower heads as soon flowering...

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