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A sleek, lightweight aluminum cast shear head and molded drill … fiber cement siding anywhere on the job with a VersaTILE and powerful TurboShear™ Drill Attachment. TurboShear for Fiber Cement Siding Now turn your power drill into a 'Fiber Cement Shear'! However, … This powerful yet compact Makita Fiber Cement Shear Kit is engineered for a range of applications including drop-ins for sinks, flooring and showers, as well as exterior tasks like siding, gable angles … This one-hand operation accessory quickly inserts into the chuck of a corded or cordless electric drill or impact driver. Bandsaws & Accessories Bit Holders & Nut Drivers Bits: Drill, Paddle, Auger, Step Brushes & Wheels Drills Granite & Tile Grinders & Polishers Hammer Bits Hammers Drill Holesaws & Mandrels Nibblers & Shears … Fast cutting blades are specialized for fiber cement siding only. Malco's unique TSF1 attaches to your existing cordless or A/C drill to go where the work is. Wide skid plate design stabilizes all TurboShearFC models for precise, clean cuts, (including window and door arches), in fiber cement … At first glance, it seems like a lot of money for what appears to be a drill and a shear attachment. These fiber cement shears have been one of the front line tools for professional siding installers. Make fast, accurate cuts in.

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