belt squat machine rogue

The freestanding version of the Rogue Monster Rhino Belt Squat (patent pending) requires no separate rack/rig for set-up, as the system includes a pair of 53.925” steel legs for mounting and two angled 3x3” front feet for platform stability. Visit Rogue to order yours. SHIPPING DELAY: 5-7 DAYS. Rogue partnered with Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell to create an affordable cable-based belt squat that in our testing, is the best value belt squat we've tested. Spud Inc's Belt Squat Belt is designed for maximal comfort on your hips while allowing you to use heavy weight to train your legs. The Rogue Rhino Belt Squat is Rogue Fitness' first foray into belt squats and in typical Rogue fashion, they went all out.

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