benjamin moore revere pewter complementary colors

These colors look amazing on the walls and I wholeheartedly recommend them to you: BM Chelsea Gray: Benjamin Moore ‘Chelsea Gray’ and Revere Pewter have the same tone, and they look fantastic together. Here is why I love these colors: BM Chelsea Gray: Benjamin Moore ‘Chelsea Gray’ and Revere Pewter have the same tone, and they look fantastic together. If you’re ever on Pinterest looking for decorating ideas, then you’ve probably come across Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. Revere Pewter looks gorgeous in this warm and welcoming hallway makeover. LRVs range from 0-100, 100 being pure white and 0 being pure black. 15 Beautiful Rooms Painted With Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Paint If you are looking for the perfect shade of gray with warm undertones, you will love Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. Partner Post to The Best Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colours. I have revere pewter in my living room and beach glass in the kitchen. It’s a beautiful, classic chade that is lighter than most grays. This home owner decided to do all her interior trim and doors in Revere Pewter, and kept the walls white. Oh Sheila, you’re most welcome, thank you for commenting!! Here it is in our hallway: If you’re looking for an accent color for your Revere Pewter room this is it! And don't you just love the pops of turquoise? Thanks so much for the great info on RP. My packages are off right now as I’m on a short trip, but they’ll be up and running on Monday! Hi Kylie, If the quality of light in your room has a nice, balanced mix of all the visible wavelengths, Revere Pewter will appear like a neutral, warm gray color. So if you’re looking to brighten your room, this wouldn’t be the best paint choice – you’d want to opt for a paint with a higher LRV (paints above 60+ LRV). Here are some of my favorite modern Revere Pewter color pairings: If the modern color combinations I mentioned above won’t work for your situation, but you’re still going for a contemporary take, it is still possible to use Revere Pewter: I would recommend pairing it with a heavy dose of white. Thanks for this post! In that experience, I learned to always buy samples and put them on your wall to test! Revere Pewter really works best in rooms that are reasonably well lit. It does lend itself to lighter and more airy colors. Your email address will not be published. Thank you! What would you recommend for the bottom half? Did I miss where the blog says half strength of RP in hallways is better? I have painted all my walls revere pewter and now want to ‘whitewash’ my fireplace. It's beautiful with the warm wood tones and the door painted with BM Wrought Iron. ~Kylie. We are about to build and want to use RP but I am wanting to compare it with it lightened color. Appreciate any advice! According to Joanna Hawley-McBride of Jojotastic, this hue is "a neutral-toned gray that isn't too light and isn't too dark" and is perfect for a dining room. I think it looks best paired with deep, bold colors that provide a pop of contrast to the gray. I think it’s the most consistent grey in varying lights, which is a huge win. Benjamin Moore colors: Wedgwood Gray, Revere Pewter, and Windy Sky. Would you go agreeable or anew for cherry cabinets with an expresso stain. Big mistake. 384th: BL 11 / CL 14 / FL 1.5. ~Kylie. Any suggestions on a color to paint my formal living room that would go well with these 2 colors? I would experiment with RP in other ways rather than on your walls. TLDR: Agreeable Gray = brighter, cooler than Revere Pewter. Don’t worry, we’ll talk more about undertones later ‘cause they’re super important! I loved the greige (even the touch of green gray that I have seen in photos…. The rest of the main floor is painted Rever Pewter, so not sure if I should use that or Gray Owl. Veiled Violet is the perfect balance of gray and violet. Here are awesome tools that we loved that made a tedious job a whole heck of a lot easier: If you want to check out my craft room makeover reveal, check it out here. This versatile paint is a great choice for an entryway. Thanks so much, It’s definitely listed up there as one of the best gray paint colors. This series will focus on one colour at a time, with the goal of giving you deeper insights into some of today’s top paint colours (and my tortured, colour obsessed soul). Would love your advice. There is a reason why Revere Pewter has been one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular paint colors – it’s versatility and ability to go with pretty much every piece of furniture you can think of. "It's elegant and light in the bright spaces of your home yet sophisticated and classic in the darker areas. Paint your doors with RP and pair with a beautiful warm white – this is similar to what Zenia from Style it pretty home did, and it looks amazing! It has warmth to it and is just the most perfect, airy gray! Revere Pewter HC-172 by Benjamin Moore Saffron Avenue – Walls: BM China White. Would you paint RP on the exterior of your home and would you darken it by 25%? With Yew flooring and Light Maple Cabinets revere pewter seems to be out from your youtube video! You can see Revere Pewter looking slightly blue in the above living room. Also are you using Satin or Flat? Now for grays that are a bit more fresh there’s a few to check out… I have a large, vaulted ceiling great room with east facing windows (under a porch) as well as east facing dormer windows. Revere Pewter … Each time the blue popped up, it was when a room had multiple exposures and cream trim/cabinets (look at the cream trim in the above living room). Grr! My revere pewter looks more gray than yours. After spending almost a thousand having it painted in RP I have to live with it. Learn how your comment data is processed. TLDR: Accessible Beige = brighter, warmer than Revere Pewter. Oooo, I bet that looks awesome – love it! So, I’m going to break it down into percentages for you. I find RP can be a little too tan or green in darker rooms and it becomes a little overbearing without enough light hitting the walls. So, it only seems natural to start with THE most popular gray paint colour…, Revere Pewter is undoubtedly the hottest gray on the market. Can revere pewter be used w cream cabinets or only white? I was so disappointed that it wasn’t love at first sight, haha. Here’s an image of it with the darker taupe colored carpet: Now, I have a neutral white carpet on our craft room floors with white trim. It has a glint of blue in only one room and only at certain times of the day. These rooms show just how versatile this paint color is. We just painted our kitchen cabinets revere pewter but I need help choosing a different wall color. I will say that I did color match at one point Revere Pewter using the Behr Marquee Paint & Primer line and had an absolute great match! On a computer screen, the color has a brown touch to it. Benjamin Moore does have their own stores in certain parts of the United States. Revere Pewter is beautiful for an exterior and as long as you have some white trim it should help to show the contrast, even when the sun lightens it! But, I’m comparing to Cornforth White from Farrow & Ball. Well, it depends which green you’re talking about! Hi Stefanie, thank you for asking! Revere Pewter can be used in so many different styles, including modern, farmhouse and transitional like this dining room. I am a snow bird. It’s understandable that so many people would be interested in an answer to it – picking paint can be a bit overwhelming! We’re painting our kitchen walls Revere Pewter this spring, and the cabinets will be November Skies (lower) and Beacon Gray (upper). When it comes to exact colour requests, I do need to refer to my e-design so I cna see photos and spend some time with coordinating things.I try to give as much free advice via my blog and if that doesn’t work, then maybe it’s e-design time!

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