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Carex tumulicola is possibly the most popular sedge in the Bay Area, and for good reason. X; X X; X. Berkeley Sedge Native Sedges Texas Gold Columbine Cast Iron Plant Mist Flower Lenten Rose, Hellebore Coral Bells, Heuchera Turk’s Cap ... water and oxygen exchange in the root zone as opposed to solid (impervious) concrete surfaces, which can be harmful to the tree. In the first few years, I was pleased with the sedge; it added structure and foliage interest  and Berkeley Sedge is drought tolerant. In late November, 2005, Dr Reznicek provided his determination that Berkeley sedge is actually C. divulsa, first described in 1787 from the British Isles, where it is known as grey sedge or grassland sedge, not synonymous with Gray’s sedge (C. grayi) nor gray sedge (C. grisea), both of eastern North America. One of my last projects at the Green Garden was removing the Berkeley Sedge in the “Hill Country Native” garden and transplanting as much as possible to a formal, rocked in space, located in deep shade, to serve as a demonstration of a low water lawn alternative to the water-hogging St. Augustine grass so common here in Texas. The two larger shrubs, ‘Nana’ Nandina, display a remarkable mosaic of winter color. Tolerant of sun, clay or sand, this sedge is the workhorse of many meadows I make. Carex atherodes Hairy-leaved Lake Sedge. Berkeley sedge Carex tumulicola. Quickview. Since Carex divulsa was naturalized in California, it was mis-identified as a native foothills sedge called Carex tumulicola. It’s not fussy about soil type, either. Either way, it  cheers up the winter garden. Grasses out-compete many weeds and provide structure and support in diverse plantings, fuel for controlled burns and year-round visual interest. Tufted. View Product. I only hope it isn’t spreading too much. See more ideas about native plants, ornamental grasses, plants. Bladderpod Isomeris arborea. Berkeley sedge. Depth of water shall be 2/3 height of ground cover plants within Zone A Not to scale ZONE DESIGNATIONS Zone A: Swale basin (is fully submerged during rain events) Zone B: Swale side slopes (is partially submerged during rain events) Zone C: Areas immediately outside of swale slopes Page 1 of 5 . I’ve fallen in love with ‘Sparkler’ Sedge  (Carex phyllocephala ‘Sparkler‘), a new addition to my gardens. Attractive blue-grey leaves. Ornamental Grasses and Bamboo. Clumping, arching sedge with lustrous, dark green leaves. Berkeley Sedge ranges from the state of Washington to central California, occurring in arid areas. Carex tumicola BERKELEY SEDGE Chondropetalum tectorum CAPE RUSH Elegia capensis BROOM REED Elegia equisetacea HORSETAIL RESTIO Hakonechloa macra ÂAureola JAPANESE FOREST GRASS Rhodocoma capensis ELEGANT RESTIO Rhodocoma gigantea DEKRIET, BAMBOO RESTIO Sasa palmata (can be a rampant spreader) PALM GRASS Setaria palmifolia PALM GRASS (st) Xanthorrhoea … Common Name: Berkeley Sedge Botanical Name: Carex divulsa Synonyms: Carex tumulicola Family: Cyperaceae California Native: No Plant Type: Grasses & Grasslike Foliage Type: Evergreen CA Plant Climate Zone: 4-9, 14-24 Winter Hardiness: 15° Bloom Time: Spring Exposure: San Marcos Growers in California originally tagged Berkeley Sedge as native to California, later concluding that it is not a native sedge. View Product. Texas sedge is one of several native sedges. Carex bicknellii Copper-shouldered Oval Sedge. Makes a great addition to any landscape and is great for mass plantings. Fairly drought tolerant once established but looks best with regular moisture. What they really hate is wet feet. View Product. A quick Google search shows two different sites, Pacific Horticulture and  state definitively that this plant is invasive and spreading throughout California. Lastly, the Pale-leaf yucca (Yucca pallida). Can be mowed 4 in high to keep clean look. In the first few years, I was pleased with the sedge; it added structure and foliage interest and Berkeley Sedge is drought tolerant. The small brown flowers are not showy, but provide some textural interest, dancing above the foliage on tall stems. PropagationDivide in early spring. All pictures are contributed by our community. Top 3 Low-Growing Ground Covers for Water Restrictions? Size: 1 to 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Carex divulsa. There is a garden space in the Green Garden titled “Hill Country Shade” in which scads of  Berkeley Sedge seeded out. I water my gardens infrequently and for several groups of  Berkeley Sedge, the only water received comes from the sky. Berkeley Sedge is also commonly sold as Carex tumulicola as well as C. divulsa. remains a rich green, even with a thin coat of ice on the leaves. Berkeley sedge even grows under trees Name: Carex divulsa (syn. Call store for exact availability. Use either in an unmowed, natural form, or as a lawn substitute. Carex aquatilis Water Sedge. Thin, bright green, grassy foliage year round with spikes of pale green plumes that appear winter to spring. Carex Species, Berkeley Sedge, Foothill Sedge Carex tumulicola. Don't fret. Tastes change. Texas sedge, Carex texensis, is a heat-tolerant grassy perennial that grows well in both suns or partial shade. Big Muhly, Lindheimer’s Muhly (Muhlenbergia lindheimeri), Inland Sea Oats (Chasmanthium latifolium), Blue Mistflower (Conoclinium coelestinum), Heartleaf Skullcap (Scutellaria ovata ssp.bracteata), American Beautyberry, French Mulberry (Callicarpa americana), Turk’s Cap (Malvaviscus arboreus var. Height 12-18″ Size: Clear: Berkeley Sedge quantity. Bioretention Plant List Plants for Zone A: Periodic inundation, area ponds following storm events (6" to 12" depth for 24 - 48 hours) and compost amended sand soil.

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