best and worst cities in arizona

Population: 7,588 The company cited a high poverty rate of 29.4%, which is nearly double the state rate of 16.1%, and a shrinking population, which decreased by 9.3% from 2010 to 2018, according to 2018 U.S. Census data. It is our seventh time ranking the most dangerous places to live in Arizona and is updated for 2021. She attended college in the Houston area and changed her major twice (psychology, computer science, and finally criminal justice) before taking a leap of faith and dropping out to pursue a career in freelance writing. But one thing we are sure about is the number one most dangerous city in Arizona for 2021 is Globe. Violent crime has also been falling steadily, and there's currently a one in 98 chance of being victimized. This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. We then ranked each city from 1 to 48 for the two criteria with a #1 ranking being the most dangerous for the particular criteria. © Chasing Chains, LLC. In other words, check to make sure you still have all your valuables after a hike at Monument Hill.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'roadsnacks_net-leader-1','ezslot_8',188,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'roadsnacks_net-leader-1','ezslot_9',188,'0','1'])); Violent crime is also a pretty big problem in Tolleson, considering the small city of 7,399 had 20 robberies and 44 aggravated assaults over the year. The most commuter friendly city in the Grand Canyon State is also one of the state’s most popular tourist destinations. Holbrook is home to the Petrified Forest National Park, but the trees aren't the only things that are petrified here. Glendale comes in right behind Phoenix, which isn't surprising since it's the closest neighboring city. And it wouldn't be fair if we didn't mention that there are good people and organizations in these cities trying to make a difference. Casa Grande isn’t on this list, yet has over 50,000 people, Ive lived in glendale over 17yrs and it use to be very people friendly and clean turned to south phx all the bums and money bummers yeah its dangerous moved away from glendale awhile not what it usd to be trashy people walking down the road south phx is just as trashy as glendale. At the city level, Tucson … We have out fair share of runaways, more rape and molestation then reported because of corruption in police and courts. Coolidge is located halfway between Phoenix and Tucson. Violent crime, however, has subsided as of late, with only 835 incidents per 100,000 people. Property Crimes Per 100k: 3,272 (14th most dangerous) We're not saying that there aren't little pockets of goodness in these cities. All rights reserved. You'll receive your first newsletter soon! 24/7 Wall St considered poverty rates, percent of low-income households and declining population when ranking Douglas. The type of danger we're talking about gets people on the news. How safe is Cochise county? Rank Last Year: 2 (No Change) Moving up from its #2 spot last year, Globe is now the most dangerous city in Arizona. Population: 13,138 Population: 9,393 Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,660 (Second most dangerous) We do, however, recommend that you spend some time studying them before you make a move. Theft is probably out highest crime in the area. We will update the results when data becomes available in September 2021. In fact, the total crime rate in Tolleson is the highest in Arizona, about four times higher than the national average. While crime doesn’t always tell the whole story, it’s a big part of it. Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,829 (Most dangerous) Violent Crimes Per 100k: 698 (Sixth most dangerous) All rights reserved. Property Crimes Per 100k: 9,001 (Most dangerous) Finally, we ranked every city on the "Dangerous Index" with the lowest index being the most dangerous in Arizona -- Globe. The violent crime rate in Winslow is more than twice as high as the national average, with 126 cases recorded in 2019. AreaVibes can provide you with a list of the best places to live in Arizona. More on Phoenix:  Data | Photos. © 2020 You can download the data here. He believes the key to finding the right place to live comes down to looking at the data, reading about things to do, and, most importantly, checking it out yourself before you move. Holbrook's residents have good reason to be petrified, given that the city had the second highest burglary rate in Arizona, with 86 such cases reported in 2019. You can find out more about him on LinkedIn or his website. And if you don't see your city there, head to the bottom. To see where these Arizona cities with more issues than a magazine are located, take a look below at our most dangerous cities in The Grand Canyon State for 2021. More on Coolidge:  Data | Photos. The company said the top five worst places to live are: Reach the reporter James Carr at or on Twitter @JamestheCarr. Folks in Globe had a 1 in 54 chance of being the victim of a violent crime in 2019, with a whopping 130 aggravated assaults reported.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'roadsnacks_net-banner-1','ezslot_5',186,'0','0'])); Property crime also ranked as the second highest in Arizona, with 424 larcenies recorded over the year. Property Crimes Per 100k: 2,991 (18th most dangerous) Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. They are the 14th largest state in terms of population. Arizona City has a population of 11,761, according to 2018 U.S. Census data, and is located near the junction of Interstate 10 and Interstate 8, near the halfway point between Phoenix and Tucson. There's a one in 95 chance of being victimized by a violent criminal and 5% for property crimes. Rank Last Year: 14 (Up 9) In fact, despite being #7, the city has the third-worst violent crime statistics in the state. More on Tucson:  Data | Photos. The Arizona city ranked the worst, at number seven, was Golden Valley, a small unincorporated town near Kingman. Seems like they are in the news a lot. Overall, residents have a one in 23.5% chance of being the victim of any crime. For every 100,000 residents, there are just over 4,000 property crimes - but the rate is down 33% from last year. Katie Lawrence is a Southeast Texas native who graduated 18th in her high school class with a GPA of 4.25. It used data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the FBI. Coming in at #6, Tempe climbed up four spots on the list this year due to the violent crime rate increasing. Hop Aboard The Paradise & Pacific Railroad In Arizona To Feel The Magic Of The Season, Get Cozy With A Weekend Getaway In This Charming Tiny House In Arizona, Arizona’s Enchanting 1-Mile Holiday Drive-Thru Is Sure To Delight, Drive Through The World’s Largest Animated Light Show At World Of Illumination In Arizona, Treat Your Taste Buds To Authentic Sonoran Pastries At La Estrella Bakery In Arizona, Sip Cocktails In Your Own Private Heated Igloo At The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess In Arizona, 4 Drive-Thru Christmas Lights Displays In Arizona The Whole Family Can Enjoy, Drive Through An Entire Nation’s Worth Of Landscapes In Just 90 Minutes On The Catalina Highway In Arizona,, Take An Easy Loop Trail To Enter Another World In Arizona's Tonto National Forest. We want to point out again that there's still safes places in Globe and that this isn't a comment on the people that live there. Rank Last Year: 6 (Down 1) The Eagles put Winslow on the map with their hit song "Take it Easy," but folks in Winslow must have a tough time taking it easy with such high crime rates. Golden Valley has a poverty rate of 24.1%, compared to the Arizona average of 16.1%, according to 2018 U.S. Census data. Three small Arizona cities — Arizona City, Douglas and Golden Valley — are among the 50 worst cities to live in the U.S., according to a ranking by 24/7 Wall St, a news and analysis website. Besides protecting your pockets and purses, you should also keep your doors locked here, because Globe also had the fourth highest burglary rate in Arizona. You have a 2% chance of being the victim of a violent offense; 7.5% for property crime. More on Globe:  Data | Photos. Rank Last Year: 8 (Up 2) Population: 1,688,722 And it's not like property crime in Winslow is much better; the city averaged more than one property crime per day over the year. You also have to worry about your house or car getting broken into in Tucson, which recorded 2,497 burglaries and 2,250 car thefts in 2019. There are neighborhoods in these cities that you shouldn't drive thru, ever, and there are areas that you definitely shouldn't be in after dark. Violent crime has also been falling steadily, and there's currently a one in 98 chance of being victimized. Property Crimes Per 100k: 4,737 (Fifth most dangerous) We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life as we all practice social and physical distancing. On top of that, residents of Phoenix faced a whopping 1 in 30 chance of having their stuff stolen or damaged, with a staggeringly high 9,471 burglaries and 7,076 car thefts. Learn more about the safest places in Arizona. Lucky for you, we have the top ten most dangerous cities in Arizona broken down for you.

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