best cities for millennial families

Good people. Consistently, this city has showed the cost of living to be on the lower side, while job opportunities are steadily growing. It has a terrific family atmosphere. Based on 2012 and 2016 presidential election results compared to the national average. I really enjoy the small town feel, but it is also nice that we have access to Detroit and if you are up to a big adventure Chicago is only 4 hours away! The bottom two cities on the list were Miami and Detroit. There are many places that you can enjoy outdoor leisure time and never have to worry about personal safety. The Chisholm Trail runs right through the center of town. Click through to see the most affordable places for millennials to buy homes. Such as surfing, eating healthy, and ordering an ice cream cone on-the-go. The downtown or the "District" is a fun place to hang out and has a lot of interesting shops and eateries. Over the summer, downtown hosts different bands for free concerts on Wednesdays, bringing the community together even more. Notably, homeownership rates for millennials are almost ten percentage points higher in the Midwest than in the West. There are a lot of different areas in Sunnyvale to shop, explore, and have fun. This college-feel town is near where Adobe and eBay were born, which has inspired many other tech companies to start their roots in Provo. In Sioux Falls, Millennials are skipping the apartment life and heading straight towards homeownership because of its extreme affordability and low unemployment rate. Yes, the winters can be a bit annoying - they're a bit longer than I'm used to. Also, the ARBORETUM is to die for (trust me, you will want to go see this place). It's also convenient to hop onto I-70 for a quick day trip to St. Louis or Kansas City! I recommend Amorino Raleigh for desserts, Sir Walter Raleigh for coffee, Parkside Restaurant for dinner, Just Salad for lunch, North Hills and Cameron Village for shopping, the Red Hat Amphitheater for concerts, Historic Oakwood for a stroll, and Drive Shack for a late-night activity. I love going to different markets, museums, and just walking through the pretty parts of the university campus. Miami offers countless of things to do, from boating, from restaurant/bar hopping or shopping; it’s no surprise why Millennials are migrating here. We have lived all over (San Diego, DC, Chicago, Dallas, San Antonio, Jacksonville). The Great Park also has many fun activities like hopping onto the carousel or (my personal favorite) viewing the whole city and become mesmerized by the landscape from a hot air balloon. While my commute is only 4 miles, I cannot explain how light the traffic is, even on Monday mornings or Friday evenings! This city is stepping up its game by offering a bigger variety of food options, such as better fine dining and “meat-and-three” with a modern approach. While I am not too big into nightlife so it's not a concern, there is not a 'hit spot in town', but we are only a 20 minute drive to Dallas! As a high school student, the student body at my school is incredibly diverse, I have friends from Romania, India, Poland, Spain, and many other countries. Taking out a home equity line of credit (HELOC) is a great option to consider. Columbia, MD is very family friendly and has the conveniences that all families needs such as supermarkets, malls, boutique shops, and restaurants. Good people. These home-buying shifts might not all be preference. Round Rock is about 23 miles north of Austin proper. San Jose, California, closely followed with 440 children younger than 5 for every day care. The people are friendly and there is a strong sense of community. Between the exceptional pubic schools, diverse communities, range of activities, and the bustling nightlife- there is no place like Raleigh, NC! However, the cities with the fewest millennials were spread across the East. Kansas City, or KC, is slowly but surely getting on Millennials’ radar for potential cities to live in 2019. A step further, there is Trader Joe's, Mom's and Whole Foods. People are always involved in some activities, walking their dogs, jogging and most importantly they are active on neighborhood safety. Great schools. All in all, Round Rock is a great place to live. Chicago, known as the Windy City, has won over thousands of Millennials as one of the best cities to live. Also, if you are a student they almost scare you into renting as soon as possible, which is usually by October! The Katy Trail is a great resource for exercise and sightseeing. What takes it over the top is that there are options for all -- Walmart, Target, Sam's or Costco. Factors included affordability, job growth, diversity, outdoor activities, and the overall atmosphere of the area. In addition, millennials are more likely than previous generations to delay major life events like marriage and children. With 70 mi. Gets a bit polluted during winter, like the rest of the bay area. Downtown Seattle cloaked in fog and rain. The city overall is a perfect place for families and even young individuals. There are several factors that contribute to the low rate. The estimated monthly mortgage payment is based on the Zillow Home Price Index and assumes a 30-year fixed mortgage, 20 percent down payment, and 4.4 percent interest rate. Provo offers affordable living options and has a steady job growth. It is a family friendly area with great public schools. New Orleans, Louisiana. Montgomery Co. courts are MUCH tougher on criminals than Harris County and criminals know that, BUT Constable Precinct 4 has the paid contract to patrol Creekside so the police service is outstanding and dedicated to patrolling the area. If you’d like to share our findings with someone you know, you’re free to use this project’s graphics and content for noncommercial purposes. I think Bellevue is a wonderful city to live in. The 15 best—and worst—US cities for young, growing families. Everyday you will see students, working professionals, and retirees walking around the town, eating at restaurants and truly enjoying life! Top Ten Cities for Millennials on the Move, We use cookies to ensure the best experience. 'Sko Buffs!Read 306 Reviews, Nearby Resident: Carlsbad is a family-friendly city with many activities to participate in! San Francisco, California. 'Sko Buffs! People are always involved in some activities, walking their dogs, jogging and most importantly they are active on neighborhood safety. DEFINITELY A MUST SEE TOWN! Everyone knows about Texas barbecue; no food anywhere can even compare. There are mega rich sections of The Woodlands in Montgomery Co. near Hughes Landing, but several older sections too with average, but aging housing. One can enjoy reading a book at Barnes and Nobles, or having hot tea at the local IHOP. Plano is a quiet place to raise a family, they provide good public education, friendly environment, good food. Ann Arbor is one of the best college towns in America with sports, music and restaurant options abound. Columbus, also an upcoming city for Millennials because of its steady job growth, extreme affordability and diversity.

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