build your own electric motorcycle pdf

Thank you for such a wonderful guide. I got it used, through Craigslist, from a college student who built those robots that battled each other. Here is a short video made from the few old clips that I had: Final note: I've put a lot of time into this project and my future work would greatly benefit from a new camera (clearly) so if you have enjoyed this Instructable then please take a second to vote for me in the Flex PV "MOVE IT CONTEST"! : Converting a motorcycle to an electric vehicle is not as difficult as you might think. My project is sitting in the garage until I find one :(. Minimize that risk, and protect yourself by thinking ahead and using proper safety equipment. This step is complete when your bike looks like a pile of spaghetti and everything works. For now know that you want to size the batteries, motor, and controller so that no single component becomes a significant bottleneck in the system. Remember, on some cycles today, the "gas tank" really isn't. Also that you are always better off if you can use a smaller vehicle if doing so allows you to replace the use of a larger vehicle. This type of charging is referred to as multi-step regulated charging, or just 'smart charging'. The larger aluminum sprocket weighs less than the stock steel one did. That brings up a few safety cautions of particular concern:Pinch Points: Be really careful where the chain and sprockets come together! Having an assistant turn the throttle will more easily allow you to inspect the cycle with the motor running. Reply Welding cable is available at welding suppliers, good full-service hardware stores, and some building supply stores.Cable Thickness The thicker the cable, the more current a cable can pass through it without heating up. Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC): Expensive and hard to find, but is capable of variable-speed operation and ultra-high motor efficiency.This type of motor is used on professional Brammo electric motorcycles. An off-board charger is NOT with you while you are out and about. In the future, I hope to expand my system to include charging the cycle with photovoltaic solar panels. The center one is the "wiper" which changes as you turn the potentiometer. Did you make this project? There have been many instances where people have built their own electric bikes like Tom Miceli, a 22-year-old college kid, who built one for his project. 3 years ago. Now, about day riding lights :D oh, yet another massive can of worms....... About: Hi I'm Michael! The last thing to note on this step is that making cardboard mock-ups was immensely useful for checking fits. To do this build an "Adapter Plate" or "Motor Mounting Plate". After my first ride on a fully charged battery, I recharged the battery, tracking how much energy was used (with a Kill-a-Watt energy monitor) and divided it by how many miles I traveled (using the trip odometer.) Regen makes less sense for a DIYer with a small vehicle like myself. what are the different disadvantages you faced after building your e bike?? This is why it is fun to wheelie. Just don't do it with the intention of saving money, because you won't. (See Russ' cycle photo in the last step! Potentiometers have three connectors or wires. Which kind of motor have used?? It would be great if you could throw some light on this! Once finished I realized that I could play with individual variables and quantify their effect on the bike's performance. The cycle recharges from the wall, through a renewable energy program, and if there is a blackout, I can actually run my house off my electric motorcycle! High-voltage AC power is potentially fatal. The batteries need to be securely mounted to the frame of the cycle. If you have batteries, you are going to need to charge them. They require dedicated controllers designed specifically for them. If you’re tired waiting around for the perfect bike to show up in the market, we have good news for you. For even more inspiration, take a look at these photos of electric motorcycles built by my friends. Everything has to perfectly smooth because imperfections will stick out after you paint it. The motor wont natively charge as you ride down hill. Just swap the positive and negative battery cables for it to spin the other way. But that's not to suggest that an EV conversion won't benefit from research & engineering design. Because of that, I recommend registering your vehicle as it is BEFORE removing the engine or transmission, even if it doesn't run. Therefore, connecting your batteries in series is the preferred way to go. It is important that you choose 0 ohms as the no output setting! It's two-inches square by half an inch thick - very compact and lightweight. I'm building the E trike frame this weekend, My honda Is ready & waiting, I have help so I think I'll do both side by side:-), Small question please, You attached sprocket direct to the electric motor or there is any gearbox in between ?I mean is the flow like this - electric motor- sprocket-chain-sprocket - wheel Or electric motor -gearbox- sprocket-chain-sprocket - wheel Thanks in advance :), Reply I dispute that they 'have' to be noisy in a residential neighbourhood, you just do the eminently sensible thing of restraining your right wrist. I am running an eTek motor with a 7/8" output shaft and a 3/16" keyway on a 520 chain, likely a common setup... what sprocket did you use? The limiting factor in the design is the strength of the permanent magnetic field. My garage is now "off-grid"! That still means we can get DOUBLE the power out of the motor compared to what you might think it can produce, just based on the numbers stamped on it. Karl bought his first novelty helmet at a Biker rally (effectively a $20 piece of thin plastic) and used that helmet to cruise around the parking lot as a kid. This is the fun part where you get measure, calculate, and remeasure to figure out which hardware to use and where you will mount it to the bike. Things like EV bicycles are cheap, simple, and efficient enough to make sense environmentally, practically, and financially. Both on-board and off-board chargers have their benefits.

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