can ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol be mixed together

Ethyl alcohol is suitable for drinking while isopropyl is toxic when ingested. I used the White Box stove because I have a couple of them (for side by side tests) Spirits such as ouza are almost pure ethanol and aromatic oils. 1) it makes the WB stove about 15% more efficient Concerning Tinny's arguments about the safety of methanol vs denatured ethanol I would have to say I like Tinny and I own several of his stoves, but methanol in not benign. just saw your post again, and this time it was a chart (guess my browser was messing up). Easily wiped off with your bandana or sarong (oops! My wife thinks I may have been drinking some of the fuel, but I swear I'm sober. Because I'm bored and avoiding doing revision I decided to maths it out. Probably not. Press J to jump to the feed. The most common hand sanitizers use isopropyl alcohol, aka isopropanol, 2-propanol or just rubbing alcohol.You might have a bottle of it under your bathroom sink. Oil is not polar, making it unable to mix I tried hardware stores, bot local ones and big chains, but they couldn't even tell me where to find it - a couple of guys looked at my like I was crazy. I have had it give off fumes that sent me running for my life because it caused my eyes to burn as well as my lungs. All these tests were done in my kitchen with ambient temperature of 68 F. Altitude is 750 ft. Each test started with 500 ml (16 fluid oz) of 60 F water. When you turn this into the 60F vs 70F baseline, many people could easily fall asleep out of misunderstanding. Update 4: I've never mixed the two. #;-). Thx everyone, No. If you had used this denatured alcohol from different sources you will discover that sometimes it has stuff like bleach in it. with alcohol. All the fuels provided adequate hot water (500 ml) to prepare a meal on 15 ml (1/2 fluid oz). So, if I'm reading this correctly, you had the shortest burn time with the meth, and the longest with iso/denatured mix. Isopropyl, on the other hand, is produced by the hydration of propene or fermentation by bacteria. And the Iso-Denat mix was the best. Both ethyl and isopropyl alcohol are sold as antiseptics and are flammable. アルコール燃料を入れるならばパウチ容器はいかがでしょうか。一例ですが、180cc入りの”ウイダーinゼリー”60kgの体重で踏み付けても破裂しないほど丈夫です。しかも東京では、簡単に手に入ります。他でも、入手しやすいと思います。,, この動画は、私が自作したJSBサイクロンストーブに,アルコールを注いでいる様子です。以下は機械翻訳ですので、誤記があるかもしれません。. It is one example, but trampling at weight” of [uida] in jelly” the 180cc entering, the extent which does not burst it is strong at 60kg weight. Oh, and I got a real 212 F rolling boil with several stoves using a 1/2 oz. What happens if ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol mix? (My very rough calculations showed that a 100% efficient stove could do it with about 8ml of ethanol so it is theoretically possible.). It has taken me a few years to realise that what you call alcohol and we call metho are similar but not the same ( methanol and ethanol) . Isopropyl alcohol became short in supply and the pricing skyrocketed by 2-4X. Just remember that methanol is toxic to humans. Receive new Members-only content, gain access to 2,000+ articles in the archives, and become a part of the most passionate community of backpacking experts in the world. 2 years ago It’s say to mix with ethyl alcohol. Mark- BACKPACKING LIGHT® and the FEATHER/MOUNTAIN icon are registered trademarks granted for exclusive use to Beartooth Media Group, Inc. This makes sense due to the higher heat capacities of these two alcohols (Iso = 7.4 kcal/gm, ethanol =6.4 kcal/gm versus methanol = 4.7 kcal/gm) (The ethanol is “denatured” with methanol so it’s heat capacity is somewhat less than 6.4 kcal/gam). 1) As Roger mentioned, Ethanol has more BTU's per ounce than Methanol, and so provides better weight efficiency than Methanol. And although there is some yellow flame toward the end of the burn, there was only minimal soot.

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