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Sit on the floor, legs straight, abs tight, dumbbells held at your shoulders. Dumbbell Z-Press. It ends up turning into an incline bench press, which would be a great movement if that’s what you were actually trying to do. The average incline dumbbell bench press entered by women on Strength Level is heavier than the average dumbbell z press. I like to do Z Presses with a barbell in the power rack, as traditional, or with dumbbells … Dumbbell z press strength standards help you to compare your one-rep max lift with other lifters at your bodyweight. Exercise Demo: Dumbbell Z Press; Exercise Demo: Alternating Dumbbell Row; Exercise Demo: Dumbbell Floor Flye; Exercise Demo: Manmakers; Exercise Demo: Pike Triceps Pushup; Exercise Demo: Plank Single Arm Dumbbell High Row; Exercise Demo: Dumbbell … The Z press is a seated variation of the overhead press that primarily targets the muscles of the shoulder.. Dumbbell strength standards are based on the weight of each dumbbell… Philip Haynes. Our dumbbell z press standards are new and we will be refining them over the next six months as we collect more data from lifters using Strength Level. The bodyweight of women entering incline dumbbell bench press lifts on Strength Level is on average heavier than those entering dumbbell z press … The Z press is a variation used by predominately powerlifters and strongmen competitors to …

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