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Again and again in Agrus’ story arc we see him as someone who inevitably leans towards justice, starting with his investigation into Szadek’s conspiracy, then Zomaj Hauc’s attempts to hatch dragon eggs, and finally his efforts at combatting Momir Vig’s Project Krag all while being a ghost following his death at the end of the Zomaj Hauc debacle. Helping to devastate and bring down the remaining civilizations on Sarpadia, Tevesh continued to devastate civilizations across Dominaria and fell into different disputes with other planeswalkers, before eventually being recruited by Urza into his Nine Titans to help bring down Old Phyrexia. Jarad, meanwhile, was predominantly a bounty hunter for the Swarm until his sister’s actions and ambitions led Jarad to taking a stand against her. [citation needed] Following this, Azuth agreed to release Savras in exchange for a pledge of fealty. Savra was a consummate caster of necromantic magic. Founding the Tolarian Academy alongside Urza as a school of wizards which would help serve as a defense for their world when the Phyrexians inevitably invaded, Barrin would further be involved with the events surrounding the ‘birth’ of Karn, the destruction of the first Tolarian Academy and the construction of the second, and aiding Urza in his Bloodline Project to breed people specificially ‘designed’ for helping lead the fight against Phyrexia. The Weatherlight’s journey is hard to describe in a single paragraph, but suffice to say the Weatherlight’s crew – as well as the stories of Hanna and Gerrard – were threaded all throughout multiple years of Magic’s story predating Nicol Bolas becoming the main antagonist of the plot. Her connection with the dwarves might suggest Tymolin would be red, though honestly no source I’ve found seems to denote Tymolin having a leaning towards any color in specific. Both have also only been printed once – Savra, Queen of the Golgari in Ravnica: City of Guilds, and Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord in Return to Ravnica – and thus a new printing in Legends would be a nice time for these siblings to bond over matters of life and death. Kiran might also be red, but as he was an artificer who seemed to draw some inspiration from nature, it’s not impossible he might be represented as green. (Or, in the case of some, just plain fury.). Jiang Yanggu and Mowu have each been the centerpiece of their own cards – Jiang Yanggu first in the Global Series, and then himself again plus Mowu in War of the Spark – and each time their cards are mono-green. ( Log Out /  Seeing Barrin and Rayne might be unlikely, but it’s not entirely out of the question. Tevesh Szat being black is almost guaranteed, though Tymolin is far more uncertain. However, it would not be the first time previously-printed legends received a reprint – just look at Omnath coming back for a fourth time in Zendikar Rising. Regardless, if they actually are printed, I can at least assume neither will be mono-black. Just like Gisa and Geralf, a printing in Legends might give them the dubious honor of being the first characters to be depicted on two, then one, then two cards in their various depictions: from Will Kenrith and Rowan Kenrith in Battlebond, to The Royal Scions in Eldraine, and back to two separate cards in Legends. It’s rather unlikely to see the archmage get a new card only three months after his last printing, but Rayne isn’t out of the question to see, especially with the recent trend of printing – or reprinting in new cards – old faces from Magic‘s history. To be honest, this is probably the most-likely pair to get partner cards due to their weight they hold in Magic‘s history. Tymolin’s history is a bit vague, and Tev/Tevesh’s lifespan has quite a few gaps, but his antics through Dominaria’s history are notorious enough that it’s high time that he finally get a card. Uniting on the Weatherlight, helped by Captain Sisay, Gerard and Hanna proceeded to fall in love over the course of the Weatherlight’s adventures. Here’s to hoping he’s not the only Sengir to get a new card. Golgari Jarad vod Savo is a Devkarin lich and the current guildmaster of the Golgari Swarm. Meanwhile, Gerard was the culmination of Urza’s Bloodline Project, a multi-generational project to create the ‘perfect lifeforms’ for warring against the Phyrexians when they inevitably returned to Dominaria. Following the upheaval caused by the Gatewatch and Tezzeret, Pia has become the new consul of Allocation – aether allocation, that is – and is helping to take Kaladesh down a more egalitarian route. Agrus Kos and Feather were a pair of the Bojek League, a section of the Boros Legion dedicated to maintaining the peace in Ravnica.

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