coffee contest ideas

3. (You’ll benefit from minimizing instances where people with zero interest in your brand enter your contest just for a chance to win a prize.). For example, Eggo once ran a “Waffle-Off” contest, in which entrants were tasked with sharing their favorite waffle-related recipe on social media (using the hashtag #EggoWaffleOff). For example, you might invite your contest winners to attend a VIP party – with all expenses paid for, of course. Literally, give a small product item or a discounted price to your customers on Give Something Away Day. It’s no surprise, then, that promotional giveaways and contests are great ways to enhance your customers’ experience and relationship with your brand. In turn, you can then use this info to influence future marketing campaigns, as well as the development of future products and services. On Labor Day your customers will be inundated with emails, retargeting ads, push notifications, and contests and promotions. The best design (as decided by Starbucks’ team) was then recreated and made available to all customers for a limited time: Similarly, fashion label Marc Jacobs is well known for its #CastMeMarc competition, in which brand fans post pictures and videos wearing the brand’s clothing for a chance to become an official brand ambassador. This isn’t to say promotional winners are the only people who can feel this stronger connection. forms: { Giving away any ol’ prize is one thing, but putting in the effort to make the prize truly personal will certainly help your brand stand out from the crowd. Everyone who enters your contest or giveaway could potentially have an enjoyable experience — even if they don’t end up winning anything at all. Create a selection of custom Pins for fans to choose from and re-pin on their Pinterest page to be entered into the contest. Run a campaign around asking someone older for advice and have your fans share the story via photo or video.

For example, “Famous Females Through History”, or “Kids Who Changed The World” could be on brand, highly clickable quiz campaigns to generate leads and brand engagement. As we said, co-sponsored contests can help you generate awareness among highly-qualified prospects – but it will be up to you to follow through to bring them aboard as customers.

A bonus feature of the above campaign is the gallery of selfies people new to the brand can view and see how many people love the product. For example, a luggage company might ask its customers, “If you could pack your bags and hit the road right now, where would you go?”, Carnival Cruise Lines took this approach in 2010 when it prompted its customers to answer the question, “Didja Ever?”.

For instance, you could ask customers to answer a question about your brand in exchange for entrance to your giveaway. When putting on this type of contest, your main goal is to generate feedback (be it positive or constructive) from the customers who know your product best. Include some humor like Dollar Shave Club, make fun content like Lagavulin, or tap into emotions and make something memorable. In other words, your contest needs to provide value to their life in some way or another. To help organize this process, we’ve highlighted some of the many upcoming holidays through the rest of 2019. Suggest the total opposite of what’s expected for the holiday. If you missed or chose not to run a campaign for Father’s Day this month, there are still two more holidays this month your brand can capitalize on that work perfectly for any company. Now that we’ve covered that important detail, September holiday’s include: Here are some campaign ideas for the month. Allow your customers to dream big, and to see themselves as the hero of their own story. If you use this strategy for the 4th of July, make sure to focus on the colors red, white and blue, and make sure the photos highlight your product or service. With faster internet speeds and unlimited data allowances, people are happily watching video content these days. 2. While not exactly part of a contest, the point is that this personalized gift created a fan for life. window.mc4wp.listeners.push( This can give you the opportunity to make up-sells and cross-sells to said customer a bit later on down the road. Essentially, both brands get rocognition with each entrant who participates, They’ll likely end up following both brands on social media, too. Second, the results of your industry-related quizzes can tell you what your audience knows (and doesn’t know) about your niche. Of course, you’ll have placed this password somewhere on your site or social media pages, and will be providing hints as to how to find it. Encourage your fans to share a video/photo about how social media has changed their life or business.

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