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These traits are not responsible solely to identify whether a person will be a successful leader or not, but they are essentially seen as preconditions that endow people with leadership potential. Out of such stories there emerged the “great man” theory of leadership, and a starting point for the contemporary study of leadership. Leadership refers to the ability of an individual or an organization to guide … 6 traits in trait theory of leadership … 6 traits that differentiate leaders from non-leaders. The theory states that the comparison of your leadership characteristics to the list of the traits of many successful and unsuccessful leaders can be used to predict your leadership … A trait theory of leadership is often referred to as “the one best way” view of leadership. It is an attempt to answer the question: is there one best way to lead? The behavioral leadership theory focuses on how leaders behave, and assumes that these traits can be copied by other leaders. The theories emphasize the traits Leadership Traits Leadership traits refer to personal qualities that define effective leaders. Early leadership studies focused on trying to identify what qualities and traits great leaders possessed. The trait theory is the modification of the above said view and it argues that leadership qualities or traits can be acquired. Can you explain leadership in terms of an indivduals qualities? Leadership qualities may be in-born or acquired through training and practice. Trait Leadership Theory arose from the “Great Man” theory of leadership. The basis of Trait theory is the premise that ‘leaders are born not made.’ It is an extension of the Great Man theory of leadership. Sometimes called the style theory, it suggests that leaders aren’t … They need not always be in­born. The Great Man theory, first espoused by Thomas Carlyle in the early 19 th Century, and later by Francis Galton in the mid-19 th Century, posited that the actions of great men – who were born, not made – drove human history.. Summary of Trait Leadership Theory. The trait theory of leadership … The great man theory of leadership states that some people are …

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