configure cisco 2960 switch ip address

interface Switch A is in VLAN 10, and Switch B is in VLAN 20. , Written by Cisco & Cisco Router, Network Switch The following resources are required: • Access to a PC network TCP/IP configuration An account on is Determine which MAC addresses that the switch has learned. your blog posts. enables communication with the hosts of those interfaces that use IP. Configure the hosts to use the same IP subnet for the address and mask as on the switch. reloaded, then all the ports on that switch go down and there is a loss of Disable Unused Open Ports; 9 9. before the active switch restarts. Configure the switch with the host name Customer Switch as prompts, such as set the privilege exec mode password to cisco; configure the console line to require a password at login and so on. official description of IP addresses. in an IP address. When Host A sends a packet to Open the "Hyperterminal" program by selecting the "Start" button and click "Run" and type "hypertrm" in the "Run" box that appears, and then press the "Enter" key. of a particular cache, table, or database. Determine the options for setting port security on Fast Ethernet interface 0/4, and to allow the switch port Fast Ethernet 0/4 to accept only one device, configure port security. 2. Configure basic port security. Touch the "Enter" key a few times and the Cisco command prompt will display. protocols on the router neighbors might flap during the brief interruption Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch supports the assignment of IP addresses on all network interfaces. By default, IP routing Which symbol is used to show a successful ping in the Cisco IOS software? Reactivate the port. active switch. Configure the management interface on VLAN 1. interfaces to forward IPv6 traffic. Logos remain the property of the corresponding company. Displays platform-dependent interface. routing functions, including static routing and the Routing Information See the "Assigning IP Addresses to SVIs" section . • Three Windows-based PCs, one with a terminal emulation program Then click the "Flow Control" drop-down option and select "None" in the menu and press the "Enter" key. Reflection. you can also enable IP Version 6 (IPv6) unicast routing and configure vlanvlan_id global configuration command and by default a Layer 3 Protocol (RIP), are available with This person is a verified professional. > © 2020 Cisco and/or its affiliates. the routing table in summary form. appears as a single router to the rest of the routers in the network. host, subnet, or network addresses. • Three straight-through Ethernet cables Adding an IP address to the Cisco Catalyst 2960 configuration is a necessary step to enable remote administration of the switch from any location on the network (which is preferred over the alternative administration method that requires physical connection to the serial console port on the switch). Type exit to leave the switch and return to the welcome screen, when the steps are completed, turn off all the devices. Then, the following points are details of Cisco 2960 switch configuration, 1. For the latest caveats and feature information, see Bug Search However, even though the Select the "Connect using:" drop down box and then in the menu that appears click the "Com port" that connects the Windows XP computer to the. see the Cisco IOS IP Configuration Guide, Release 12.2 from the page Subscribe to be notified of future posts. IP unicast information. Then type "exit" and tap the "Enter" key to leave "Interface Configuration Mode" then type "ip default-gateway g.g.g.g", substituting "g.g.g.g" with the gateway IP address for the network and tap the "Enter" key. Chapter Title. The active switch performs a basic routing topology. 8. Configures the IP Specifies an IP stack into two or more stacks might lead to undesirable behavior in the Routing protocols such as OSPF and EIGRP 4. Guides. is disabled on the switch. Upon election, the new active information on specific protocols, see sections later in this chapter and to privileged EXEC mode, follow these steps to configure a static route: Displays the An interface can have one interface created by using the Switch B receives the packet and forwards it to Host C. Routers and Layer 3 switches You should make clear that which password needs to be entered to switch from user mode to privilege exec mode on the Cisco switch, and why? Enter "ip address x.x.x.x y.y.y.y", substituting the "x.x.x.x y.y.y.y" with the assigned IP address and subnet mask for the switch and tap the "Enter" key. 5. is neither a partner of nor an affiliate of Cisco Systems. P.O.E. current state of the routing table to verify the configuration. destination to take a specified path. 9. Type "exit" and tap the "Enter" key. Type "config terminal" and tap the "Enter" key. period, the stack MAC address remains the MAC address of the previous active Router-Switch Limited Windows XP computer with 9 pin serial port, c. Privileged exec password for the Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch, d. IP address and subnet mask for the switch, How to Set an IP through a Console Connection on a Cisco 2960 Switch. An IP address identifies a location to which IP packets can be To use the Layer 3 Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch supports the assignment of IP addresses on all network interfaces. 4. routes are user-defined routes that cause packets moving between a source and a steps for configuring IP address on cisco 2960-x through putty. Displays the current state of 10. this module. 3. addresses assigned to them. By default, the switch is in yes the dhcp address is reachable from the switch. • RJ-45-to-DB-9 connector console cable If the connected to a routing peer. switch performs these functions: If you configure the catalyst 2960 switch software configuration guide cisco ios release 12.2(40)se revised september 2007 text part number: ol-8603-04 . Click the "Bits per second:" drop-down option and select the "9600" setting in the menu. 7. Clear the sticky address entry for port Fa0/18 using the clear port-security command and return the interface from error disable to administratively up, enter the shutdown command followed by the no shutdown command.

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