conversation between clothes shopkeeper and customer in english

Salesman: You’ll find 39” shirts on these shelves. Salesman: Would you want to see tie, belt, or shoes? You can see all kinds of ladies watch. I think you should charge 340. Vegetables and fruits (this one involves negotiation of price). Customer: Do you sell socks only in combo of three? Customer: The variety is far less here. Customer: I want a good watch for a gift. Salesman: Most of the shoes on sale were picked up by customers within a day of opening of the sale. Salesman: None of these are with cufflinks. It’s very helpful. Customer: I know how much fresh you sell. (The customer goes on to mention more vegetables and fruits and the shopkeeper weighs them and stuffs them in the customer’s bag.). Many shopkeeper pester you to buy other stuff which you really don’t need, so never ever buy anything recommend by the shopkeeper. Prices have gone up this week because of less supply coming to the wholesale market. (The salesman takes the four shirts out and unpacks them on the waist-high table between him and the customer.). That’s why you find far less variety there. These are all we have. All say the same thing. (The customer puts on the pair and walks few yards.). The customer spends few minutes feeling them and then selects one. Customer: This fits well. Shopkeeper:Of course Try these. Customer: I like the plain, light shades in pink and blue. I will give you Rs 400 . Customer: Not these ones. Customer: But then how come the other shopkeeper is offering better price. (The customer first glances through the shoes on sale.). Please pack this one as well. Customer: Â But I am one of your oldest customer. Shopkeeper:With laces or slip-on? I’m looking for more formal look, the ones with laces and predominantly plain texture. They are too shining. Featured image by Alexandre Godreau on Unsplash. Yes it is ten Now... how about these? Salesman: For few brands, the same size can mean slightly different fitting. We sell only fresh vegetables and fruits. You have to show Conversation when Shopkeeper:What size? Salesman: OK sir. Because I’m buying shoes for at least few years, I would like to buy something I like. Salesman: We sell by pair as well. Shopkeeper: Welcome to our shopping mall,sir. Customer:  Oh well I think I'll leave it then. Shopkeeper: We hardly make any margins on these items. Customer: I like this one. What type do you want? Salesman: Yes, it won’t be a problem in your case. Shopkeeper :I am sorry sir I am unable to give you any discount . Very usefull conversation . In the meantime, I’ll get your bill ready. Customer: A lady’s watch, please. (The customer and the salesman move to the formal wear section on the first floor.). Write a dialogue between you and your friend about your hobby. Customer: The discount of rupees 20/- is just 5 percent off. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. However, the shape of your face also has a big impact. Customer:  Ten I think but would you measure my foot? Customer: Is it? Shopkeeper : Certainly! Customer :Any concession ? Customer: OK. Give me some discount as I’m buying quite a few items. Shopkeeper: No, that’s too low. Customer: Don’t put the items in polythene carry bags. Customer: I want two liters of double-toned milk, a dozen eggs, a liter of soybean cooking oil, one pouch of butter milk, two kilogram of toor dal, three flavored yogurt, and a kilogram of raw groundnut. All rights reserved. Can I try the next? Shopkeeper: OK, give me rupees 530/-Customer: Don’t put the items in polythene carry … I’ll take this one in black. Conversation between clothes shopkeeper and customer in english There are many factors that can contribute to aging such as sun exposure and how much water you drink. It’s useful conversation. Yes it is ten Now... how about these? दुकानदार: अच्छा बेटा, ये लो तुम्हारा सामान – एक ब्रेड का पैकेट और दो दर्जन अंडे। Salesman: No problem, sir. Last week, I bought these items for a better price. (After the shop assistant has collected the items from different shelves in the store, the shopkeeper prepares the bill.). Anyway, I wear size seven of Hush Puppies, and because I want to buy the same brand it shouldn’t be a problem. Customer: OK. Give me some discount as I’m buying quite a few items. Customer: That’s more than what you charged the last time. Have you got them in some other colour? Customer: That’s exorbitant. This section has new arrivals and this has shoes on sale. Customer: OK. (The customer then walks to the shelves, next to the billing counter, which held shoe accessories.). Learn how your comment data is processed. You should give me some concession . Now, I’ve two formal shirts, one trousers, and one casual shirt. Customer: Can you take out this, this, this and this one? A Dialogue between Two Friends about the Bad Effects of Smoking. Sir water purify kosam converstation cheppara. Shopkeeper: Please have a look at this showcase. Shopkeeper: Rupees 55/- a dozen. Customer: I’m looking for a pair of leather shoes. Customer: I’m looking for formal & casual shirts and trousers. a customer complain about a product (The customer tries the casual shirt and comes back.). Copyright 2019 © Lemon Grad. Shopkeeper: I’ll try my best. And tomatoes and papaya? 360 is my last offer. What else do you want me to weigh? Give me 360. Size seven. (They come down to the ground floor and move to the section for casual shirts.).

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