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Get the latest tips and insights delivered straight to your inbox. Keep your offerings fresh without messing with your regulars’ faves. Contest prizes might be catered holiday meals with all the trimmings, gift certificates or holiday platters of hors d’oeuvres or tempting desserts. You’ll keep things streamlined for your staff and your customers, and the tool will make it easier for your members to earn rewards. How Shake Shack Leveraged IGTV to Reach Customers. It pays to stay on top of your social media mentions! ), and they were even featured on The Travel Channel’s Man v. Food. Early bird specials? Why not crowdsource them? The deal is simple: finish a plate that includes a dish of shrimp cocktail, baked potato, side salad, buttered roll—and of course 72-ounce steak—all in one hour, and you get the whole thing for free, and your name added to the. Christmas marketing ideas for restaurants can follow a similar template for 12 restaurant marketing ideas. Give your chef creative license by featuring a weekly chef’s special alongside an established list of favorite local specials. This guide walks you through everything you need to know about going off-prem. For example, a free dessert with every main course. thanks. , an online design and marketing tool for restaurants. Get all the best stories for free. But don’t you wish that more customers knew it?. This can help you gain more followers, boost your brand visibility, and get more customers to check out your business. As the song goes, special gifts for the 12 days of Christmas include wildly exotic gifts, homespun treasures and a partridge in a pear tree. Use various sporting seasons as a good way to get customers into your restaurant. “Anything we can do to keep the business alive. to Morton’s, asking them to meet him at the airport gates with a porterhouse, he wasn’t expecting more than a handful of retweets and replies. Christmas marketing ideas for restaurants can follow a similar template for 12 restaurant marketing ideas. Take advantage of your flyer to reach out to local businesses so that employees can order on the fly from your restaurant. All Rights Reserved, Hosting a party at the restaurant for your customers, Holding a contest for the best holiday or winter photo, original work of art, festive recipe or children’s essay competition, Providing special meals, treats, boxed dinners, children’s favors, holiday merchandise and other incentives, Extending business hours for holiday shoppers or providing special holiday services, such as children’s story times or holiday cooking classes for adults or children or cake-decorating tips, Organizing entertainment, live music, dances or a singles or couples event, Dressing the staff in red and white colors, Trimming a live or artificial tree with lights, presents and decorative accents, Adding silver, gold, green, red or white accents to tables, Transforming the dining room into a winter wonderland or Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole, Hanging holly, mistletoe and decorative wreaths, Printing special holiday scenes, promotional-event notices or seasonal messages on carryout containers, Painting your windows with holiday scenes, Dressing the restaurant’s team leaders or shift managers in Santa costumes or Santa hats, Hanging Christmas cards from customers, well-wishers and vendors where people can view them. The five times weekly e-newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on the latest industry news and additions to this website. Joanna Pulido. Early bird specials? Christmas marketing isn’t limited to just the immediate holiday but includes your winter menu changes, catering services, increased promotions of cookies, cakes, pies, pastries and side dishes for holiday meals, holiday party bookings and gift card sales. “We have no dining. The stunt paid off precisely because it was so unexpected and so over-the-top — after all, restaurants don’t usually offer that kind of wish fulfillment. Size: 8.5" x 5.5" Download CAKE’s Restaurant Marketing Guide and discover how to drive engagement with online marketing. A new menu item, an exclusive beer, or a new spin on a favorite cocktail are all reasons to celebrate. nice, this helped me out thinking of new ideas. Generally, it is not a problem, but a quick call to the city board (or who approves licenses) will clear it up. They’re deconstructing their favorite dishes, packaging the ingredients with instructions, and delivering them as meal kits to their hungry customers. Shankman got his steak, but Morton’s got the press: the event was live tweeted and broadcast to thousands of Twitter followers and blog readers. After all, repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers do - so keep them up to date with new restaurant promotions. With mere hours to collect themselves after the closure orders were sent out, many restaurants are reckoning with what to do with surplus inventory. © 2020 MyCreativeShop, All rights reserved. Make lunchtime, buzz-time: Current Restaurant Lunch Specials Ideas Mix & match for just $9.95 That’s actually one of the greatest and easiest to implement easy lunch specials for restaurants. Rideshare: A Premium OOH Opportunity for Restaurants? Other restaurants have used a “Buy two meals, we donate one” promotion to help give back while maintaining some normal sales. Dozens of people try and fail daily, to the tune of $72 per meal! Great bar and restaurant promotion ideas get people talking – and get guests in the door. Restaurant specials will delight your regulars and attract new business. you have to have 1 licensed bartender on premise. Takeout is the lifeline.”. If you don’t have time to manage your social media marketing, online make it quick and easy. This is the perfect chance for cooks to stretch themselves and try their hand at that one new recipe they’ve been itching to try, which is great for morale around the kitchen. Wrong. Or choose a pop culture phenom and build a special menu around it. Of course you do. Any alternative entertainment maybe. Trying to think up some creative restaurant promotion ideas for your business? 67 Real, Creative Restaurant Name Ideas to Inspire You When choosing a name for your new concept, there are a number of directions you could go in. When the chain wanted to promote their new beefy crunch burrito, they asked followers to prove their obsession for the spicy, cheesy fast food. The premium, seasonal, while-supplies-last drink launched in 2003, and has had a cult following ever since... to the tune of 200 million PSLs sold in the drink's first decade (and still going strong)! Now go forth and be buzzworthy – check out this shareable infographic of some of our favorite promotions below! Subscribe for more of where that came from! Alcoholic drinks are a high-margin menu item and generally represent anywhere from 20­–30 percent of a restaurant’s sales. Restaurant Week varies from place to place. These 50 buzzworthy bar and restaurant promotion ideas do both! These bar and restaurant promotion ideas tap into every guest’s need for a little friendly competition. Other restaurants have taken the heat-and-eat option a step further. It was simple: for one day only, when customers bought a sandwich and a drink, Subway then donated the equivalent of their purchase in cash to charity. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when appraising your potential takeout options. Give your guests something to look forward to. The deal is simple: finish a plate that includes a dish of shrimp cocktail, baked potato, side salad, buttered roll—and of course 72-ounce steak—all in one hour, and you get the whole thing for free, and your name added to the Challenge Hall of Fame. We’re not saying these restaurant promotion ideas will earn you a lifelong human billboard, but hey, it can’t hurt to try, right? Most items in your restaurant’s pantry that would otherwise spoil—eggs, bulk meats, cheeses, condiments, etc.—can be repurposed into unconventional takeout options, such as charcuterie boards, BYO omelettes, dough, sides a la carte, signature sauces, and more. Refer to this data when you’re gearing up to launch that seasonal, gotta-have-it, pumpkin-spiced masterpiece and the task of restaurant staff scheduling to handle the crowds of excited customers will be a breeze. However, to run a successful promotion, you’ll need to research your customers’ preferences, offer discounts to promote early bookings, decorate your restaurant in a timely manner, promote your events through multiple marketing channels and prepare your staff to deal with increased business, extended working hours, suggestive selling and meeting high standards of customer service.

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