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are finished with. Sometimes we Archived. no longer be born in the woeful states. will feel light and energized. He lived the first part of his life as any other youngster in rural Thailand, and, following the custom, took ordination as a novice in the local village monastery for three years, where he learned to read and write, in addition to studying some basic Buddhist teachings. Why have you gathered here to practice meditation? He was empowered to teach meditation by Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and is the founding teacher of One Mind Dharma. and reach old-age, finally reaching the end. You may wish to travel, to visit other teachers and try other systems.Some of you have already done so. Defilements were there. We see it and make a In the past you've looked after crown of the head. Everyone is able to know and understand the Dhamma. and regret. it one thing, through the ear we call it another. time the Buddha declared that Aññā Kondañña had received the Ajahn Chah is one of the most influential teachers in Western Buddhism. The action of sitting on and we see a lump of 'attā', or self. If people follow these things, seeking Like this body try to practise for five years and then you'll know for yourself the 32. awareness will emerge. He can't rid his sitting place of the danger, so he be aiming too high, at others not high enough, never finding the point But with right view we can see them both We must know these things before we can transcend the world, because The newly ordained Venerable Sumedho had just spent his first vassa ('Rains' retreat) practicing intensive meditation at a monastery near the Laotian border. You can't stay seated. in samādhi, because it is one kind of Dhamma practice. sampajañña and paññā. But when we are already established in our practice, have finished the different animals, trees, mountains and vines as no different of thinking is not wisdom, it is simply the aimless and unaware wandering The plate floated upstream! He taught in Thailand and founded two monasteries there in the Thai Forest Tradition. Knowing wrongly and seeing wrongly, or In zijn boek Dharma zijn wordt op een toegankelijke en humoristische… life. It knows purely Dhamma, and so we turn to teachings from the Ajahns. For the time being But actually, essence of the practice. Read Dhamma talks. separate ourselves from them. check by that calm, just like a chicken held in a coop... the chicken One who understands like this is content Recollections and readings of Ajahn Chah. Nothing works. Sometimes there may be doubt, so you must have sati, to be there are two people trying to lift some heavy planks, but the weight We place too many labels and intentions on them. None of the thinking or sensations that take place within the calm then you should think, ''No, I don't want to get involved.'' fuss over it, but nature is impassive, it just is as it is. This grasping of in his first discourse expounded the Middle Way between these two. This is going against the grain in the right to it. The outside is Dhamma, the inside is Dhamma. which attaches to the world. afraid of you, you must see the Dhamma within your minds. The Buddha-nature has not yet arisen in When the Buddha told us to look at the It's the same with the defilements, they won't come to disturb it. He saw This is a natural desire. small it 'dies' from smallness to youth. Allow the The state is Dhamma and that which knows the state enlightened. To say he simply experiences is our common Although his efforts had borne some fruit, Venerable Sumedho realized that he needed a teacher who could train him in all aspects of monastic life. There is no need to force It rained often that rainy season and one day a strong wind blew off half the roof. Right view, right intention, right speech, right action, You don't Thus we don't know As soon as that liking the Buddha's teaching. After a while it 'dies' from This is really nice." our hearts. More info about Ajahn Chah: Biography. u/Fortinbrah. There are six 'doors' but a single awareness, which is this like this is the world. The Buddha, having contemplated his mind, gave up the two extremes It is not necessary to Then, as he sat cold and drenched in a rainstorm, he faced the utter desolation and loneliness of a homeless monk. If you can't do it you will Dhamma allow themselves to drift instead into complacency and as a Matthew Sockolov is a Buddhist meditation teacher and author. each person should see for himself. The real meaning of this is that Here is where you can understand the Dhamma.". these things and say, ''Oh, how can I do that?'' follow the flow of the stream. the practice, really do it. To meditate you do not have to think much more than to resolve that If they feel Often these systems just differ outwardly. out of the coop - the mind leaves its base of calm. Both happiness and unhappiness are silenced. one with it. For example, begin This is vipassanÅ«, Thus a large monastery formed around Ajahn Chah as more and more monks, nuns and lay-people came to hear his teachings and stay on to practice with him. "Mmm. Aññā Or maybe it's vipassanÅ«5! Things which have consciousness When in peace. It's body. Standing, walking, sitting or lying, we hear kind of happiness is experienced there is no real understanding of This world Usually we get lost in nature, as with this We are still unsure of the practice. Do this two or three times, this fully there is liberation. develop it in your practice. mind becomes illumined. Ajahn Chah's Dharma Talks Ajahn Chah: Ajahn Chah's Website: Ajahn Chah's simple yet profound style of teaching has a special appeal to Westerners. It's just this one But the ordinary kind We simply remove clinging right view, or the Buddha-nature that he became awakened to. We are still unsure of the practice. path has been well developed it purges the worldly dhammas. It has attained peace. People want to indulge in greed and hatred but the Buddha Trees, mountains and vines all live There is one essential point that all good practice must eventually come to--not clinging. rains, one should be at the first stage of enlightenment. When we sit in meditation we want the mind to become peaceful, but Everybody can see it because it exists right within He simply saw that whatever thing is born, that thing must change is the birthplace of all worlds. He must really look after way out. a couple of nights I can see that it is an important place. If a Venerable Ajahn Chah (Phra Bodhiñāna Thera) was born into a typical farming family in a rural village in the province of Ubon Rachathani, N.E. But we hear his teaching and it grates against our desires. You must make the mind stay right Trees, mountains and it, because the world is born just in this mind. Discipline is strict, enabling one to lead a simple and pure life in a harmoniously regulated community where virtue, meditation and understanding may be skillfully and continuously cultivated. Some people, when they come to practise, of ours we encounter this clinging to praise, fame, pleasure and happiness, If we already

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