direct and indirect object examples with answers

Los trabajadores comen pollo todos los días. Father ordered his son to get ready as they would leave quickly. Alex said to Mark that he would be waiting for him at the main gate. James built what? 15. Both of them convey the same meaning, so what’s the difference between? Find Fun and Engaging Workbooks for Kids – Explore Workbooks, Two-Letter Words Writing Practice Worksheet, Cursive Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet, Small Letters a to z Cursive Writing Worksheet, Capital Cursive Letters A to Z Writing Worksheet, Pet and Domestic Animals Sorting Worksheet, Examples of Common Noun and Proper Noun Words, Content Words and Function Words with Examples, Common Noun Definition with Sentences for Kids, Past and Present Participle Phrase with Examples, Types of Dialogues with Examples in English, Letter J Words for Kindergarten & Preschool Kids, Letter V Words for Kindergarten & Preschool Kids, Complex Sentences Definition with Examples, 2nd Grade High Frequency Sight Words List. They exclaimed with sorrow that they could not perform well in the match. 70. English. 34. Father exclaimed with joy that I was his proud. I asked him whether he was serious about that job. 30. He said that had worked very hard but failed. He said to me, "You should be responsible in your duty". Nouns can function as indirect objects.An indirect object is the recipient of the direct object. 73. 99. To download/print, click on pop-out icon or print icon to worksheet to print or download. 51. Subject=Alice Verb=caught Object=baseball. Directions: Write DO over the direct object and IO over the indirect object in each sentence. 100 Examples of Direct and Indirect Speech, 10, 20, 100 & 50 Examples of Direct and Indirect Speech, Direct and Indirect Speech Rules Table Pdf, 100 Examples of Direct and indirect speech -All Tenses, Reported speech examples: Question Sentences, Direct and Indirect Speech examples: Exclamatory Sentences, Reported speech examples: Optative Sentences, Imperative sentences-Reported speech examples, Reported speech examples with ‘Let Sentences’. 66. He said, "Hurrah! She said, "Where can I find good books?". Direct and Indirect Speech examples with present, past, future tense, with imperative, exclamatory, optative, with let and question sentences, pdf download. The same for the indirect object worksheets below the direct in … For example: “James built Marie a tiny house on the beach.” In this example, "James" is the subject. She told that she was waiting for here salary. 18 terms. you tell me if you’re joining the club? a close circle. 20619 times. 17. ���x�eNQ��s� �*(�~���To��L���$@/���i�m�F(^��v�z�u��h��.����I�^���4ل8*nm�J���C�+�N ���7UoO4���4Hj^�N����bI�B�f��]K��O ����w\CBr�\?\n ��� VZˮ�����a��E���Q}�=2cUwc�xc�~�J�F���9�d����e,9�R�G#JL�/�$�MPj������SV�r��ZH�7t�"�}�nLU~&��h���kE���=^Vr9�9��+Q�������e�|�o_.��������T�;^��$yC,Ķ:���緷��Ɗ� [�&���i�7Ӝ���D)!N�n�U&���z���O� =�А[�`�{^0 �"� ޫ. 25. He said that he might bring a gift for me. Consider –. I said, "Let me find a best solution to solve this issue permanently.". She said, "I must know the rules of an organization". 37. 21. Alex said, "Would that! 85. A direct object answers the question of who (m) or what. He said, "O that! He pitched it to Alice. She said, "Vow! Have the children practice writing the complete sentences with a capital letter on the first word and a period at the end. He said, "I worked very hard but failed". She asked where she could find good books. Find here Solved Reported Speech Exercises, direct and indirect speech examples for imperative sentenes, Direct and indirect speech for interrogative sentences, Direct and indirect speech rules for exclamatory sentences, Indirect Speech exercises for exclamatory sentences, Reported speech rules for optative sentences, Reported Speech Exercises with Answers for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Reported Speech Exercise Universal Truth Sentences, Direct Indirect Speech Rules with Examples. Direct and Indirect Objects DRAFT. 56. Diagrams. 79. 36. He told that he worked in a small company. 82. go into your room". Alex said that it was a rule to obey the master. about being a statement providing information rather than asking a question. I were born again", 59. They said, "We are learning English by ourselves". He ordered his friend Raja to close the door. 81. They said that they had been going to a new mission. Then we will differentiate them with the help of examples. 35. Direct Object: 1) a noun or pronoun 2) follows a transitive verb 3) answers who? I said to her, "Let me think before I give you any proposal.". In They said, "We do not listen to their advice", They said that they don't listen to their advic, 11. Alex wished that he were born at the ancient times. They said, "It is getting on very boring here". He said to his teacher that he would bring good results in exams. 53. 58. He said, "I must work hard for the next level". mrterryackerman. Edit. I said to policemen, "please, help the poor lady". He said that he had wasted his time after her. 19. 68. She said that she would apply for the job. Not all sentences have indirect objects. I told him that I did not care about small issues. I were born at ancient times". 48. 67. I prayed that God might reward our efforts in that exam. or "who?" Users Options. 4. I said to him, "Are you serious about this job? Note to’ of direct speech changes to ‘asked’, ‘questioned’,  or ‘inquired’ in Much obliged. He said that he had collected ancient books. She suggested that we should meet her parents somewhere. She said,"What will be age limit for next exam? Today we are going to look at two ways of asking questions, direct and indirect and see when to use them. Indirect Object: 1) a noun or pronoun 2) comes before the direct object 3) answers to whom or what? Alex told that he had been writing codes for new program. The former one is called as the direct question and the latter one is an indirect question. She said that I had to decide by the next day. He said to his teacher, "I will bring good results in exams". The mother fed her child milk. Alex said, "I was writing codes for a new program". 60. They said, "Do you still believe in this theory?". She said to me, "I am making good progress on this project". 43. I told him that he would have to wait for me for two hours. 40. He said that he might ask his friends for help. He said to me that I should be responsible in my duty. That’s all it boils down to. ‘said She asked him whether he was looking for a job. Teacher exclaimed with surprise that we had played well. 71. ( What did David repair?) 76. He said to me, "I will have to think twice before taking such action". Keep exploring EnglishBix for more resources to learn how to properly ask questions in English. 22. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Direct Object. 100. <> as you’ve got to know about what are direct and indirect questions, remember

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