doctor stranger park hoon and oh soo hyun kiss

From episode 1 up to last. i hope kang sora will end up to lee jong suk thebesk8s Jun 19 2014 10:17 am But no!! Actually I liked her acting in Inspiring Generation it was kind of cute. She is an innocent in this drama. dear writer please make some surprise ! go go Kang Sora and Jong Suk ^,^, Aqila Jun 02 2014 7:30 pm A one-woman-man! ANd I super love Chang Yi and Dr. Oh, their roles and the actresses who portrayed them really gave this drama a boost alongside Lee Jong Suk. so well! Only 4 more episodes until we find out! Wandy Jun 11 2019 2:13 am They are good but not acceptable and believable!! .....Doctor stranger is ok 99.9% I can well as jin se yun. I want Dr.DUCK and Park to be together just watch 8 episode.OMG that scene with Kang soraaa was justttt amazingggggggg.Cant take my eyesss off it.SOONHYUN forever. This drama has a lot of plot holes. No offense to those who likes that other girl but I hate her acting! they might not end up with each other again right? What a drama!Making sense,loving ending and all character gave their best.But I felt a little bit sad for Doctor Oh who had an unrequited love for Park hoon but anyways that didn't affect their friendship.Loving Soundtracks.Lee jong suk is a remarkable actor,he knows how to show his emotions especially when he is crying and Annoyed,and very cool personality.Thumbs up to all characters and success to more movies project.Can't wait to watch more of Lee jong suk movies.ratings:10/10. Office (hospital) politics. Quack was never in a relationship with hoon, she was with jae joon! Ughh n people saying JAE HEE sucks n worthless saying that shes the bad guy When she was crying WTF wt if ur bf likes someone else n people hate on u?! If you want romcom dramas or whatsoever then don't watch it. Aqila May 26 2014 9:09 pm AND I specifically don't hate the actors and actresses in fact they're really good especially to Se Yeon unnie's role that makes you hate her in the drama. And this is melodrama after all. everyone has precious lives, but why in this drama sometimes the patient is only used as a tool? I just wanna say that she's not that bad, at least for me. screw you all. Worst drama for me,I really dislike this drama I dropped only at 11 episode and I did not want to watch it again. Usually when I watch anything, I ship the main couple/the couple that are most likely to end up together, but that's not the case for Doctor Stranger.In this drama, Hoon ended up with Jae Hee, and Soo Hyun with Jae Joon. JSY IS her frnd. This Contains SPOILERS! Just hate how u guys want to control the writers. SBS please consider ! Also, you can't hate who she is or her personality because you don't know her. I missed him soo much!! Jin Se-Yeon, you're so good !! kang sora isn't a bad actress , she improved a lot in Ugly Alert, if you dont believe why dont u watch. thedeclineofdrama Aug 14 2017 10:36 am Can be seen as his knowledge of her and the circumstances. Sara Jun 10 2014 3:45 pm spn_1109 Apr 29 2014 8:29 pm so annyeong. I support soo hyun park hoon couple! I prefer Park Hoon and Song Jae-Hee as a couple. Omg,Haejin! I’ve already ranted my disappointment last week and that’s the end of it. It was a complete shame to the profession. Jong Suk was brilliant. Lee Jong Suk is such a talented actor. I said 'romance' in this drama. Thumbs up :). The ratings was increased a bit, but not no.1 anymore. @ myo, @ yoon, We just feel the same way !! @ jilly, it's the same for me. and i am always waiting for her appearance, i tried to like Se Yeon for the sake of this drama but it didn't work, and then I totally shipped to quack, specially when they show many cute moments, but for being an effective actor (jongsuk) i know that he will never fall for Sora because of his facial expression and the feelings that he is portraying you will noticed in his eyes, seeing Kang sora's acting, I also understand and feel what she is trying to show. but I can't help shipping quack couple. So weird, the story is changed just because the stupid fans want that !! MissK Jun 17 2014 2:04 am Hmmm... My sis n I also vote for the water boy n quack couple!! And hoon is stupid just stupid for playing jae hee. The comedy scene isn't effective to increase ratings. Aishan Jun 23 2014 7:55 pm It's going to be amazing! Hoon is cruel and she always standing at his side. Elle May 22 2014 1:29 am Love all HoonHee moments and scenes !! Even a lot of ppl want park hoon and oh soohyun end up if this really happen drama will be so meaningless cuz this drama is about true love story and we already saw at the first of drama how much park hoon and song jaehee love each other. RiA Jul 07 2014 9:54 am can you tell me guys, Kaylee Jun 10 2014 5:40 pm Because they were so young and they were not match with their roles. I really really want Oh Soo-Hyun to be with Park Hoon soooo bad in this drama.. >.<,, I don't know why but they get the chemistry...and I really want to see them together in this drama... pleaseee.. hehe.. raineal May 21 2014 2:56 am I can't wait till they start bickering from what I judged from the ep 7 preview. PD nim, SW nim, please take Lee Bo Young Onnie as a Cameo in Doctor Stranger. I love ep 4 so much... Sky May 22 2014 1:58 pm I feel as though the end was a bit rushed:((((. With a girls, warmness and safety is almost all they need. This was so amazing. especially with Jong Suk kyehkyehkyeh >w< i assume because of Jong Suk this drama have more than awesome Drama~~!!! onni Fighting!!! EBA!!!!!!!!!!! He almost die and suffer brain damage, but Soo Hyun saves him. Would've been really great if a great actress portrayed the role of Jae Hee, it's not a very easy role to portray. What I means Chingu, u said that "Idols are better than actresses.".. Rather wish for Hoon and Hyun, wish for the other guy and Soo Hyun cos that guy is a good person too. this drama isn't that predictable. @nands. lol finished this drama in 48 hours. They were so cute together in running man secret couple episode. But in context with the story at that time it was just weird. Why why i really dont get the chemistry between hoon and jae hee... am gonna cry a river if hoon end up with her... duck coupleee ♡♥♥ fithing. I just love Park hoon and Soo-hyun. Jae hee ve park joon<3. and why hoon listen and acts so nice beside quack ? Pipah29 Oct 18 2015 1:16 am the chemistry between park and hyun is great huhu and watching those last two episodes broke my heart. I thought it was Kang Sora but it's okay , cause i know, the second lead female will happen in this drama to me, su Apr 29 2014 2:57 am and really shes a really good actor and shes just doing her job, by following the script. Third, male lead is falling in love with the second lead. Now here me out before all of the Jea-Hee fans claw my face off. I'm not giving up till the end. and @ sunny : Actually I watching this drama because Park Haejin and Kang Sora and because the love triangle plot between Park Haejin, Kang Sora and Lee Jong Suk. I shipped Park Hoon to Oh Soo Hyun.. luna Jun 10 2014 3:03 am Woaahhh! Maybe tomorrow I will watch more, maybe I will drop it. I am thinking that I am in the way to be your fan. One of them has changed. I love this drama! How can you like that annoying Jin Se Yeon? The only moment when I felt my heartbeat was when Jin Se-Yeon's character showed up to Park Hoon as a doctor (it was truly amazing scene).

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