dua for knowledge and memory

So, below you will learn how to recite Dua … Dua to Increase Concentration and Memory Power. Yaaddasht tez, zahan tez aur dimagh ko chust durust banane ka Islami tariqa aazmaye. Once you practice this wazifa for concentration in studies and gaining memory power. Islamic Dua But, at times – it’s the metaphysical stuff like faith and hope that really does the magic for you. There are many benefits of Honey in ahadith that’s why Imam Imam Al-Zuhri recommended honey for increasing memory. “O my Lord, increase me in knowledge!” and then the Dua : Rabbishrah lee sadree Wayassir lee amree Wahlul ‘uqdatan min lisanee Yafqahoo qawlee “O my Sustainer! relieve my mind … Dua To Increase Memory a human invariably would like sensible memory to recollect his/her past and gift. Open up my heart and make my task easy for me, and loosen the knot from my tongue so that they might fully understand my speech.” (Quran-20:25-28) Also Read : Dua you Should say When you feel depressed ,Sad or anxious. Surely you are all-knowing, all-wise. Sometimes we do all the things on a physical level. Hafza tez karne ka Islamic tariqa aur asan nuskha. Yahan asan 10 seconds ki Safar Ki Dua in HD Images dekhiye. in our lifestyle we tend to cant dreams to survive while not sensible memory… while not sensible memory we tend to aren't able to do do something. This Dua for good memory and intelligence also needs you to have undead faith in the power of Allah. Imam Zuhri recommended raisons claiming that it is good for Brain. This is a lovely dua for concentration in studies and memory. Dua ' for Increase in Knowledge Compiled & translated By Abbas Abu Yahya 1 – Al-Hafidh Ibn Hajr al-Assqalani (d.852 A.H.) -Rahimullaah- said: ‘Regarding the statement: ‘The saying of Allaah Azza wa Jal: وَقُل رَّبِّ زِدۡنِي عِلۡمٗا 'Rabbi Zidni Ilma' <> This is a clear proof of the Excellence of knowledge. … My method and my reply: (Read Al Fatiha 100 times) blow into a cup of water and drink, 1st make niyyah-Intention before you read (that being to increasing knowledge) recite any salawat 3 or 11 times at the beginning, then read 100 Surah Al-Fatiha finally recite any salawat first 3 or 11 times then blow into the water, this should be for 7 days or just make a daily practice. Here is a dua for studying for those students who wanna show the world that they are achievers too. Coded powerful dua for sharp memory Coded effective dua for sharp memory Powerful Dua For pupil to make memory sharp, Smartness and development in college,To be clever Taweez is a Coded Powerful Dua sharp reminiscence and in no way forget approximately brief. The Holy Quran, Chapter Al-Qamar Chapter #54 Verse #32 . We do not know except what you have taught us. My Lord, expand for me my Bosom and ease for me my task and remove the knot from my tongue (speech) so that they may understand my speech. The dua of Prophet Musa (as) is the best dua which we can use while praying to Allah for increasing our knowledge. Dua for Strengthening Memory; Glorified are You. Dua for Good Memory and Intelligence-Sharp Mind & Brain. Roman English . at our general life all work be done by our memory power. (Moses) said: My Lord! The dua is mentioned in Surah Taha verse 25 & 26. My Lord increase me in knowledge. by victimisation our memory we all know that work is unfinished or that has done.

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