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environments for example, due to the variety . Report on urban opportunities. Characteristics of Urban Tourism City of visit has to be playful,festive and sustainable Encountering and interacting with locals Decentralization of tourist areas in the city itself Helps in attracting investment due to projection of a positive image Tourism in cities provide economic utility to historic buildings 18 17. Urban tourism bears an entirely different geographical pattern from the city in order to attract the tourist and this change in geography is one of the attention seeking factors. Urban tourism has seen a significant, but uneven increase, whit the big European cities detaching themselves through cultural richness and tourist valorization of urban space and may be role models for other cities. Urban Tourism generates over 800 pieces of literature and Scopus over 1300 references as a sign of its intellectual health. Urbanisation and Globalisation . For example, for the Indian married women, the tourism might come last in the list of preferential things they wish to do whereas for American ladies, tourism would acquire much higher rank. that set it apart from other forms of tourism, such as resort-based travel in coastal or alpine . In Urban tourism plays an important role in environmental and socioeconomic applications. Urban tourism always included characteristics . (2008: 1038) talk about ‘the manifestly complex nature of urban tourism, and the limited scope of research’, which seems a somewhat tautological argument in view of the previous admission that the field had expanded. Urban tourism plays an important role in environmental and socioeconomic applications. Family and Age − The family matters when it comes to the structure and the income. 4Détente ConsultantsUrban tourism: characteristics Major tendencies in urban tourism:• Towns and cities try very hard to differentiate themselves, build ontheir specificities and attract through intensive event agendas…• Urban space itself becomes a stageThe town has tobe playful, festiveand sustainable• Development of tourism related networks of locals: greeters (e.g. This infographic shows some of the headline facts and figures, and much more information about trends and visitor characteristics is available in our detailed report Urban Tourism 2013 (PDF, 2MB). Yet some-what strangely, Edwards et al. (Page & Hall, 2003) The primary and secondary elements that are further discussed below support employment and provide jobs. Information about the opportunities available for urban tourism is detailed in this report (PDF, 1.69MB) Rural tourism.

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