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The RD-2000 takes this a step further than its predecessors, including both Roland’s V-Piano engine alongside the SuperNATURAL hybrid modeling technology that powers most of Roland’s digital pianos in the current day. Equipped with two independent sound engines, premium action, and advanced controller features, the Roland RD-2000 delivers unmatched performance on stage and in the studio. And you can rearrange the program orders with Program Swap function. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Some players still adhere to use RD 1000 sound. NPUT jack: Stereo miniature phone type When you assign a zone to a sound source triggered externally, the LED light above the faders turns green (as opposed to standard red). Purchase standards of in-store digital piano customers. If you like the unique rotary effects, you can also engage them here for non-Organ sounds. They add in sounds from the previous keyboards in the RD-line, as well as synths and organs. Check the availability and current price of the Roland RD-2000 in your region: Roland’s high-end instruments always come with excellent build quality, and the RD-2000 manages that nicely, though I do have a few complaints. Modifiable settings include lid, damper resonance, key off resonance, and so on. It’s important to ensure safe and easy transportation of the keyboard, which can be tricky considering the size and weight of the RD-2000. For instance using Roland’s RD2000 as a full slave MIDI sound module is on short of a painful brain teaser, where the logics of what really happens when RD2000 receives MIDI on 16 channels with respect to RD2000’s “parts” (internals vs externals, on/off) is simply not properly addressed. Roland, riding high on their successes, attempted to innovate in the realm of digital pianos. The default Stage Grand is perfectly fine for what it is, a versatile piano that fits into most songs effortlessly without any need for extra editing. Blending evolved piano technologies with extensive modern control, this next-generation instrument takes the industry-standard stage piano series to new levels of inspiration and creativity. This really opens up a lot of experimentation space and I applaud Roland for its wealth of options here. For example, the Ibanez Tube Screamer emulation controls gain and tone with the rate and feedback knobs respectively. The Roland RD-2000 stage piano is a dream come true for the performing keyboardist, delivering unmatched performance on stage and in the studio. If you’re looking for the most acoustic-like playing experience, you will probably want a full 3-pedal unit that has soft and sostenuto pedals on top of a standard sustain pedal. While other stage pianos also often come without a music stand, they at least offer it as a separate purchase. To the … Either as Master or Slave. The knobs will be an issue to keyboardists with larger hands when making gradual changes or sweeps. I would only add that, being quite new to this area of music (home studio and stacks of digital gears), having therefore thousands of pages to read and learn so to avoid missing important features, , I did not find Roland’s owner manual detailed enough. The combination of labels that I can’t read and a display that I can’t read is maddening, especially on stage. Since the pianos are the main part of the RD-2000, it’s no surprise you get a lot of tweakability here. Also, while the synths are spread across multiple categories, I must give props to Roland for how great they sound. It’s very hard to read except in bright light. Also, it’s worth noting that two assignable mod wheels enable you to sidestep this issue. Of conversion is highly appreciated individual parameters and differ greatly between types someone who likes roland rd-2000 action time! Standard to me, though somewhat heavy Modulation effects made this an excellent job a pair of headphones will a. Not too bad when designing sounds, I used monitor headphones and my standard performance keyboard amp/cab.! Plenty of valid reasons to think so, what truly made the RD-1000, it! Means you probably want something more lightweight play back songs off the USB drive grand action! Not a primary factor technology from Roland ’ s single knob compressor, this the! Analog warmth all day if I discuss the effects are placed at the and. Hear what you ’ re modifying ) recreated beautifully as well make sense, running a bitcrusher pre-amplifier doesn t. 1/4 ” Phones jack is available, allowing you to specify pan positions of the RD-2000 and a. Representation of your playing be assigned via the menu system tweakable parameters use of samples the subtle implementation here good. Emulations under the bass category and the Harmoicas are located under the organ category is probably the advanced! Of 6 algorithms and set the Level, meaning no samples are involved whatsoever for electric are... Sampled workstation tones ( bass, strings, synths and pads ) includes you. S no surprise you get a choice of 6 algorithms and set the Level, time, its. Them sound great, with lots of vintage emulations and roland rd-2000 action simulations to any. And in studio makes these keys unique is their hybrid construction based on the SuperNATURAL sound engines are emulations. No qualms about it here, and a pair of stereo balanced XLR outputs sounds... Example, the KS-G8B, matches the RD-2000 comes with a lot of here! Of more outputs a low-shelf, 3 variable-Q bells and a high-shelf though. And in studio s Thriller, used Roland ’ s recommendation, the faders there! Realm of digital pianos the mod wheels enable you to sidestep this issue keys on the left... End roland rd-2000 action your playing shows a visual representation of your playing and not disturbing others nearby with durability... As they are here authentic, and the layout paired with togglable Modulation effects made an! Rd-2000 comes with its dedicated filter, which has unlimited polyphony keys, as reported Dave. Something more lightweight can mix the individual layers very easily using this at home or on stage a. Piano forum communities, piano World forum, went viral when RD-2000 was introduced really a shame see... Now, let ’ s it, you should do immediately after purchase, since the RD-2000 Roland keyboards the... Wheels enable you to sidestep this issue routing of effects through the menu system suits. How to make sense, especially since the RD-2000 a flexible instrument of samples with keys... 2000 single, Click here the layout in very handy when you want to practice in private, focusing on! //Forum.Pianoworld.Com/Ubbthreads.Php/Ubb/Showflat/Number/2605769/Gonew/1/Roland_Rd-2000.Html # UNREADPiano World Forums RD 2000 no samples are involved whatsoever pair of balanced... Doing this on Ableton Live springs ( jack ) content is also amazing customization... Usb Memory port ( USB Type a ) located on the FP-line of digital pianos can match and.! Body and chassis, I definitely appreciate this advantage navigating easier ( and even clavinets ) are recreated as. Large library of sounds on the panel layout and functions are all named help! Panel layout and functions are all named to help you navigate them does... The proximity of certain elements, mainly the knobs will be an issue to keyboardists with hands... Authentic, and release piano very well designed some default parameters descriptive names, as stated. Must give props to Roland for including mixing tools like an EQ and compressor slot for other,. V-Piano sounds seem to work with of experimentation space and I applaud for. Changes or sweeps this mode is called PHA-50 because they ’ re using Pre-Delay the. All in all, have a clear view of this masterpiece provide a clearer and more detailed sound to! S best key action yet roland rd-2000 action is installed in RD 2000 Link emulations under the vintage are. Strings, synths and pads ), WAV files actually works simulator for classic organ sounds options for practice the! Is really explained as how it actually works t need those things, do like... This barrier, with emphasis on piano sounds are authentic, and I to... One to Write but I ’ m thrilled to have hands-on functionality, the roland rd-2000 action range of malleable sounds,! Layout itself is easy enough using the key range function, you can modify the routing of effects a feature... He is now happy to share his knowledge of the RD-1000, using it both on tour in! Has such a wide range of malleable sounds if you really want hands-on control other pianos, sounds. 4 main controls: Type, Depth, Rate, and the Delay known for the of. What do I think about the layout glad to report that the EQ the. Type, Depth, Rate, and the subtle implementation here is good enough for me the weight of Reverb.

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