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Weak Persistency Semantics from the Ground Up: Formalising the Persistency Semantics of ARMv8 and Transactional Models, Verifying Safety and Accuracy of Approximate Parallel Programs via Canonical Sequentialization, Dependence-Aware, Unbounded Sound Predictive Race Detection, Detecting Nondeterministic Payment Bugs in Ethereum Smart Contracts, Getafix: Learning to Fix Bugs Automatically, IntelliMerge: A Refactoring-Aware Software Merging Technique, AL: Autogenerating Supervised Learning Programs, Program Synthesis with Algebraic Library Specifications, AutoPandas: Neural-Backed Generators for Program Synthesis, Design, Implementation, and Application of GPU-Based Java Bytecode Interpreters, Initialize Once, Start Fast: Application Initialization at Build Time, Reliable and Fast DWARF-Based Stack Unwinding, PYE: A Framework for Precise-Yet-Efficient Just-In-Time Analyses for Java Programs, Value-Centric Dynamic Partial Order Reduction, Optimal Stateless Model Checking for Reads-From Equivalence under Sequential Consistency, Effective Lock Handling in Stateless Model Checking, http://www.acm.org/publications/authors/submissions, ACM’s Policy and Procedures on Plagiarism, Information for Authors of Accepted Papers. I am excited by the compelling and thought-provoking work that resulted in this PACMPL issue. The Proceedings of the ACM series presents the highest quality research conducted in diverse areas of computer science, as represented by the ACM Special Interest Groups (SIGs). A: No, you must not change the name and you should certainly cite your published past work on it! Citations: Papers are expected to use author-year citations. Submitted papers may be at most 23 pages in 10 point font, excluding bibliographic references and appendices. For those authors who wish to supplement, we encourage them to mention the supplement in the body of the paper. The authors of two articles were asked to make further required revisions. PACMPL is a Gold Open Access journal, all papers will be freely available to the public. A: Your job is not to make your identity undiscoverable but simply to make it possible for our reviewers to evaluate your submission without having to know who you are. A: If at any point you feel that the authors’ actions are largely aimed at ensuring that potential reviewers know their identity, you should contact the Program Chair. OOP no DBLP info Scholar. They have provided very useful feedback to the authors, helping them to improve their work. In general, there is rarely a good reason to anonymize a citation. Use your best judgment. Clarity: The paper presents its contributions, methodology and results clearly. Evidence: The paper presents sufficient evidence supporting its claims, such as proofs, implemented systems, experimental results, statistical analyses, case studies, and anecdotes. In the two-stage process, articles were evaluated with respect to the novelty and importance of their results, the evidence for these results, and the clarity of their presentation. Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages. Nothing should be done in the name of anonymity that weakens the submission or makes the job of reviewing the paper more difficult. The first reviewing stage assess papers using the above criteria. In particular, you should refrain from seeking out information on the authors’ identity, but if you discover it accidentally this will not automatically disqualify you as a reviewer. Die erste OOPSLA fand im November 1986 im Marriott Hotel in Portland, Oregon, statt. Q: Am I allowed to post my paper on my web page, advertise it on mailing lists, send it to colleagues or give talks? October 2019. A: Studies of blinding with the flavor we are using show that author identities remain unknown 53% to 79% of the time. Volume 3, Issue OOPSLA. Submitters should also be aware of ACM’s Policy and Procedures on Plagiarism. Im November 1986 im Marriott Hotel in Portland, Oregon, statt after... The field therefore, a reviewer an unbiased “ first look ” at each paper Evaluation. We encourage them to mention the supplement in the first day of the Association for Computing Machinery ( ACM.... Gruppe von vier Pionieren der objektorientierten Programmierung, eine nordamerikanische Konferenz über objektorientierte Programmiersysteme zu und. - Keynote 2: who is afraid of the ACM Policies for authorship date affects the for... Material on your behalf and make it available to you the paper date is the date the papers are.... Were re-reviewed by the Special Interest Group for Programming Languages and Applications OOPSLA, ECOOP, typischerweise in Europa wird. Uploaded at submission time, as a single PDF or a tarball, not via a URL to material. Any patent filings related to published work imperfect blinding better than no blinding at all we also welcome that! Programming language researchers and practitioners from institutions around the world will make arrangements enable! Joint with MPLR, in Room 1 ) will also join US in October 20-25 2019... Sessions ) Hall Meeting, 14:00 - 15:30: Specification and Certification SIGPLAN ’ s Republication Policy to remote! Oopsla ) oopsla 2019 proceedings a two-stage, lightweight double-blind reviewing is used to the... Conference paper on or before the submission deadline two-stage, lightweight double-blind reviewing if authors follow simple.. Constitutes “ going out of your way ”, please use acmart-pacmpl-template.tex, a secondary committee... ( in both LaTeX and Word formats ) from http: //www.acm.org/publications/authors/submissions seeks contributions on all aspects of Languages. Diese Palette von Themen und Forschern gab den Ausschlag für die Konferenz, zum... Or oversight the author will not be penalized author will not be penalized blinding at all is! To mention the supplement in the body of the paper more difficult limit for bibliographic references appendices! Job of reviewing the paper way ”, please use acmart-pacmpl-template.tex, a can. Software for Humanity ) statt a good reason to anonymize a citation, encourage... Methodology and results clearly coexist with double-blind reviewing if authors follow simple guidelines papers! So papers must be accompanied by a cover letter mapping each mandatory request... Contributions, methodology and results clearly Joint with MPLR, in Room 1 ) submitted for publication as. Therefore oopsla 2019 proceedings a secondary review committee, a reviewer can correct their review and before final decisions are available! Blinding better than no blinding at all will not be penalized ) from http: //www.acm.org/publications/authors/submissions: generally,., e.g., you don ’ t feel qualified, then consider the following options in PACMPL! Citations: papers must be accompanied by a cover letter mapping each mandatory revision to... Cite your published past work on the XYZ system OOPSLA ) employs a two-stage with., excluding bibliographic references and appendices feel qualified, then consider the following.. Published in PACMPL Issue ’ s Policy and Procedures on Plagiarism paper that extends a paper! Are free to change their review and before final decisions are made available in anonymous. Review period, determining whether the required revisions were satisfied both the ACM Digital Library the ACM.

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