fire point of transformer mineral oil

This means they require lower fire safety measures than mineral oil. When you fill transformers with FR3 fluid instead of mineral oil transformer fluid, you drastically reduce the chance—even to zero—of catastrophic failure with external consequences. Partial discharge is commonly explained as being intermittent. Given the potential flammability of mineral oil, the customer reviewed options to mitigate this risk. Water and gases are very damaging to your transformer insulation system and are two main cause of the oxidation process and oil aging process. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Gas content is measured by an absorptiometric analyzer or a chromatographer. Used to observe darkening of the oil by comparing it to previous samples of oil from the same transformer. If the purity and quality standards are followed, the equipment will be less likely to experience failures and downtime and unscheduled maintenance and repair costs. Corona is considered to be partial discharge and occurs at areas of high electrical stress, such as at sharp points along an electrical path. MIDEL 7131 is also biodegradable and non-toxic, so delivering additional environmental benefits for the customer. FR3 fluid is UL classified2 and FM Global approved.3 For most installations, FM Global recognizes FR3 fluid as a safeguard equivalent to space separation, fire barriers, and fire suppression systems, based on hot-metal and large-scale arc ignition tests. Although transformers are generally very reliable machines, transformer pool fires involving mineral oil transformer fluid are NOT rare events. Dielectric breakdown voltage; e.g., D 877, ASTM D1816, Oxidation inhibitor content; e.g., ASTM D2668, Polychlorinated biphenyls content; e.g., ASTM D4059, Relative density (specific gravity); e.g., D 1298, ASTM D1524. NEC standards permit FR3-fluid-filled transformers to be installed indoors without fire-suppression sprinkler systems or vaults, and with minimum wall clearance of only 3 feet (0.9M).4. As a result of retrofilling the transformer with MIDEL 7131, the asset will be able to run at higher operating temperatures, delivering more reliability for the end user. The presence of solid particles in the oil and the acid number of the oil are two related oil purity characteristics. The lid of the mineral oil setup was blown apart and a fire started after the hot oil was exposed to the atmosphere. When arcing occurs in the area of the windings, the usual result is de-tanking of the transformer, and a rewind conducted. Moisture content in oil lowers the insulating system dielectric strength and allows flashover that can damage a transformer. The acidity test measures the content of acids formed by oxidation and contaminates. Unsolved materials accumulated in the oil in the form of sludge or suspended particles (fibers, dust, solved paint, metal particles, ash etc) degrade the oil’s dielectric properties and promote oil oxidation. The more particles that are present in the oil, the faster the oil ages. So, insulation overheating measurement is also transformer oil testing methods. Using FR3 fluid in your distribution and power generation transformers helps you AVOID: Find out how using FR3 fluid positively effects total cost of ownership. In general, an increased dissipation factor means degradation of the oil’s dielectric capabilities. Analysis of gases in the oil can indicate insulation overheating/overloading, liquid overheating, partial discharge (corona), or arcing in the transformer. A decreasing value indicates an increase in contaminants and/or oxidation products within the oil. Contaminated oil usually has a high ash content, increased acidity and presence of low molecular acids. To gather the sample, a clean, moisture free container must be used — typically a 1 liter glass bottle. It is therefore, essential to the life of the transformer to periodically monitor the condition of the insulating oil. 4. The explosive nature of mineral oil compared with BIOTEMP was illustrated using oil-filled pole-mounted transformer tanks through which up to 8,000 A flowed for up to three cycles. Without the life blood, the heart will die. Get technical details about FR3 fluid, including functional specifications. An annual DGA is the most important test for liquid insulation. A DGA test can identify an overloaded transformer by a test result showing high carbon monoxide, high carbon dioxide, and in extreme cases, even elevated methane and ethylene. The acid number is expressed as milligrams of KOH required to neutralize all acids in a gram of oil and indicates the degree of oil aging. If a transformer is overloaded for a long period of time, the deteriorating condition of the cellulose will shorten the life of the transformer. The decision was taken to replace (or “retrofill”) the mineral oil in the unit with MIDEL 7131 – a K Class, synthetic ester fluid with a very high fire point (>300°C). An oil sample tube and syringe is used to draw, retain and transport the oil sample in the same condition as it is inside a transformer with all fault gases dissolved in it. Useful for measuring changes within the insulating oil resulting from contamination or deterioration. If conditions gets worse, and thermal combustibles elevate, the transformer will need to be taken out of service. Moisture and water content is measured as amount of hydrogen when reacting the oil with calcium hydride in a certain period of time. The transformer’s fluid not only serves as a heat transfer medium, it also is part of the transformer’s insulation system. If a transformer becomes overloaded for any reason, the windings will generate more heat and deteriorate the cellulose insulation. No single test alone will represent or indicate the true condition of the liquid. Replacing mineral oil in transformer with MIDEL 7131 helps a UK manufacturer reduce transformer fire risk. °C: Interfacial tension: D971: Measures the presence of soluble contaminants and oxidation products in transformer oil. To reduce disruption the work was completed on a one-day outage on site during the Christmas shutdown period. Identifies any dissolved metals that could originate from overheating or arcing and a portion of the particulate metals that may originate from mechanical wear. Higher values are indicative of a problem. The performance characteristics of transformer insulating oil are monitored and tested at several stages during its service life. Mineral oil, however, will keep burning for hours when ignited, with no way to stop it until all the oil is consumed. Potentially reduce insurance premiums and liability service. These gases are formed from a breakdown of the liquid caused by heat. Ramchandran Pillai, Chief Corporate Operations T&D, Tata Power Co., Ltd. The condition of the oil, its purity and contamination level will greatly help in indicating the condition of the transformer’s solid insulation. When the construction is 1-hour fire rated or using FM-approved transformers. The transformer was returned to service shortly after the work was completed. When it comes to fueling transformer pool fires, FR3 dielectric fluid gets a big zero, while mineral oil’s link to catastrophic failures is too great. Learn the design implications of FR3 fluid’s reduced fire risk relative to mineral oil. : 'Disscussion on safety of fire prevention of high ignition point Vegetable Insulating Oil transformers', Transformer, 2009,46,(6), pp26-28. The are distinct advantages of testing and analyzing transformer oil before starting your electric power equipment and during scheduled maintenance events. Other more toxic or corrosive gases can be released from burning of cable insulation. And these failures can lead to power outages, equipment damage or loss, and even loss of human life. This is of particular concern with indoor installations of transformers. In this article, we will examine the value and benefits of each test. See bigger list of transformer oil testing methods in the end of the article. Moisture and gas content in transformer oil must be tested for thoroughly. If conditions are not severe, the transformer should be monitored closely. The oil never caught fire. Arcing can be generated in many areas of a transformer. Measured in parts per million (ppm) using the weight of moisture divided by the weight of oil.

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