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I love to see what fruits do for you! I first added a new “30 Day Fitness Challenge” where at the beginning of every month I will introduce one exercise and a daily plan where you will […], Ok so I am currently undergoing my second 21 Days Sugar Detox (21DSD). My favorite easy fall dinner. Do you feel like you have to get up 30 minutes earlier than normal to eat a healthy breakfast?Below are five shortcuts to breakfasts that will give you an extra 25 minutes with your pillow.Five-Minute SmoothiesMixed berry smoothie. Or leave them out…, Flavorful Asian Chopped Salad with an easy sesame vinaigrette! Corn, cucumber, tomato and avocado pair up in this delightfully refreshing salad. Take a look at my favorite healthy recipes and let me know how … In this post, you’ll find A LOT of popular recipes that have circulated around Pinterest and the web. Although constantly coined as the most important meal, Pre-Paleo I would without a doubt skip breakfast. Immediately, I went into flight or fight mode and started thinking, “OMG do I look like I am dragging my feet? (Vegan, gluten-free). Oct 24, 2014 - How to Use This Guide Full Plate Living is about small steps that lead to big victories. Skeptics will ask, but what does that REALLY mean? Yum. A high fiber and high protein smoothie recipe. Blend cashews, water, and seasonings on high until creamy. I swear our parents were never THAT busy when we were growing up, right? So what is my excuse? Looks are deceiving, these are not really pancakes, if you bite into them expecting something pancake-y you'll be sad. 2. Work? Beautiful colors and a great make-ahead dish! It’s going to save me it tastes like pie I’ve made this several times and it is hands down the best paleo snack ever! This post contains affiliate links. Enjoy! Free weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text, photos and video. #DIY #healthyeating. It’s also a kid pleaser—both big and little ones. Well, as soon as I finished typing that previous statement I just realized that I disagree with it entirely because I think it is safer to say it’s the best day of football IF (and only if)  your team is […], So it’s 2014….Duh, I know you know. Sweet potato puffs Originally uploaded by thatgirljjGood morning, a happy new year to you and a happy Whole30 to me. Again, that explains the no […], This is my first post in almost two months. I can’t believe my oldest son, Jackson, is in Kindergarten. Maybe they […], This week marked the first week of school here in Texas and although my boys have been going to a little Montessori school all summer, there is something different about the pressures of attending a “real” school. We made paleo Chilli with the left over meat. Jan 13, 2014 - Explore Adriana Contreras's board "Full Plate Living - High Fiber Recipes" on Pinterest. Come home to hot bubbly Crockpot enchiladas! My recipes aren’t rocket science. My recipes aren’t rocket science. So I fed this recipe to my non-Paleo husband and he actually loved it! Thank you!!! This year I wanted to add a few NEW features to the blog to kick off 2014 with a bang. filling. Yes, I know it is March and many of you are tired of all the chilly negative temperatures and all that white “stuff” that keeps accumulating outside your window. This guide will script the critical moves you’ll need to make in order to lose weight, boost your energy and … A Cliff Notes version (do they even make those anymore) of what the detox does is it busts sugar and carb cravings naturally. 1. You spend hours working, scrambling, and solving problems. Ha. He said as long as he doesn’t have to sacrifice in flavor, he’ll eat Paleo all day long! Graduate School? I just want to apologize now for my absence, but honestly life just got in the way. Family? I can […], Amazing dish.

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