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(YouTube, ColourCodedLyrics. U know what the fxxk I'm saying 冚家拎! See a translation Report copyright infringement; Answers When you "disagree" with an answer. [2] On December 6, the name of the single was revealed with a promotional poster. [22] The Star's Chester Chin called the track a "futuristic top-notched" offering, adding that it highlights the group's "playful persona and eclectic artistry". They even hilariously attempt to ride a quintuple tandem bike. To link to this term in a web page or blog, insert the following. U know what the fxxk I'm saying 冚家拎! moreugetda means i … My conversation with the Google employee who told me about the penalty starts dropping With... BTS keeps on making history! In a dark atmosphere, you’re like a single ray of light, This surpasses fluttering feelings, like I’m going through puberty, Your stealing glances, make my lips dry up, Haven’t felt this nervous in a while, I can’t do anything. Definitions include: for a male to have sexual intercourse. [23] "Fxxk It" was chosen by Stereogum as the best music video of the week, with critic Tom Breihan saying that "South Korea’s greatest boy band have mastered the visual panache of the mid'-90s alt-rock/bubblegrunge video, and none of us are safe. It succeeds Ferrari's previous developmental track day offerings, the FXX and the 599XX. Submitted by amber from Kennett, MO, USA Benjamin concluded by complimenting "how comfortable the guys sound on the track, particularly as Taeyang nails the all-English opening, further proving their international appeal". Login, Register, Login instantly with Facebook. Definitions include: a person who is stupid or doing something dumb. If you have studied Japanese, you might think “san” is a politeness when someone calls other`s name. That doesn’t mean K-pop music cannot be daring or bold, or new and exciting, but if K-pop is taking the good old American road of being bold and violence to “express” itself, then what exactly will differentiate it from Western pop? 1-8: Broadening the Spectrum between Good and Evil, Record of Youth: An Exploration of Individual Growth, The Facilitation of Gapjil in K-pop: The Irene Controversy, Yeehaw! From Daesung’s glittery jacket to Taeyang’s confused hairstyle (half-shaven, half in dreadlocks), the neon, glitzy, and outrageous reign. how the lap at stairs ... the char bor nv struggle & scream meh ...? Cabbie I give in it's fxxk up what can I say he was let down & tried to defend a friend.. Stray Kids show their global influence as they become the only K-pop artists recognized in TIME‘s “The 10 Best... MAMA reveals its star host for this year’s ceremony and it is the lovely Song Joong Ki! Submitted by John Kitus from Boise, ID, USA That it’s sung in Korean? �The song does not have a tempo for dancing.". The song is a mid-tempo, bouncy and electro-hip-hop song. To be highly intoxicated on drugs and/or alcohol. Watching K-pop girl band or female solo MVs nowadays feels like I’m watching porn–or a bad American movie with K-pop idols swearing (in English) like they are from the (American) ghetto. Indeed, these days, incorporating erotic, sometimes even slutty, elements into their choreography and sensual lip licking and wriggling about on the floor are almost as much of a staple in K-pop girl group MVs as rice is on dinner tables in Korea. On one hand, the song feels a tad disappointing on first listen because it is exactly as how you would expect it to sound — so much so it runs the risk of tipping the scale towards mundane. [9] In Finland, the single peaked at number 23, becoming Big Bang's highest charting single in the country. Although some may argue that this project is a daring move from a K-pop idol and can be seen as some form of feminist freedom, I am not at all so positive about this song. Big Bang has clearly been able to … Like an alto and soprano with different melodies. Former Wanna One member Lai Kuan Lin denies dating rumors & apologizes again for smoking controversy, Netizens call out an indie band for illegally posting promotional flyers over the face of an idol's birthday ad, TOMORROW x TOGETHER members undergo COVID19 testing after guesting on EBS's 'Boni Hani', Nam Gong Min compliments Seolhyun for her sweet attitude on the filming set, Baek Ye Rin reveals tattoos in 2nd full-length album 'tellusboutyourself' teaser image, PURPLE K!SS reveal spoiler film for pre-debut single 'My Heart Skip a Beat', BoA feels the sun in 'Better' teaser images, Super Junior D&E are ready to spread their 'Wings' in Japanese MV, ARMYs are saying BTS was robbed and should've been nominated in more categories for The GRAMMYs especially 'Album of the year', NCT fans and TREASURE fans argue on social media over the "Doyoung" hashtag, Former EXO member Tao confesses romantic love for a Korean female artist whom netizens believe is IU, Netizens react to Red Velvet's comeback announcement after Irene's attitude controversy. In 2016, the FXX-K was … Of course, Gain is not the first–and certainly not the last–K-pop artist to take this approach. Really, if this goes on, what will K-pop turn into? The Guardian World News. is real pic or edit one? Fuck it ! Yer idea is pid. [1][4] The song's production was noted for being "futuristic", including a "amalgamation of tropical beats, horns and synths". tik will phail one, sg ppl dun eat egg tart one~ mosmos zeh zeh ghost try tmr den cum back sic us e FR~ [14] The single also debuted at the top position on the Streaming Chart with over seven million streams. Try something else' If we hit this lick the police gon come but fuck it . Try something else' If we hit this lick the police gon come but fuck it . ), Your vote: None Taeyang’s and Daesung’s vocals are undeniably solid; Seungri, though not as well-known for his singing, is flawless in his delivery of the bridge. Some wikis use a different format for links, so be sure to check the documentation. [18] The single also finished 2017 as the 25th most streamed song, with 81,857,155 audio streams, bringing the total stream numbers to surpass 103 million streams. 66%  (See the most vulgar words. The rest of the video continues along the same theme — the members goof off with one another in the living room, in a random park, and on the streets of Seoul in the middle of the night as the song goes on. 9-16: Riddled With Death and A Multitude of (Semi-)Antagonists, Tale of the Nine-Tailed Ep. It was released digitally on December 12, 2016, by YG Entertainment, as the fifth single from Made (2016). [19], Tamar Herman of Billboard described it as "quirky mid-tempo" that "pulls heavily on Big Bang’s international appeal and begins with Taeyang’s English-language lovelorn verse. �The teaser really shows only a portion of this. The song was written by Teddy and by group members G-Dragon and T.O.P and produced by the first two with R.Tee. "[24] Additionally, it was listed by Apple Music as one of the best songs of the week. Definitions include: acronym for "as far as I understand it". Yer idea is pid. Finally, the video concludes with the boys in a club, where they crowd-surf and just generally enjoy themselves without a care in the world, perfectly exemplifying the title of their song. Does 'era moreugetda' really mean 'fxxk it'?

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