gabriel medina backflip

Medina joined the world’s elite of the World Surf League Tour in 2011, and in his rookie year he finished within the top 12 of the ASP World Tour at the age of 17. Why is Medina's going so ballistic, when Flynn's been doing them for a fair while now. Che's shot was taken a while ago, a few months at least. I quietly said to my partner. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote! What Heitor Alvez did on tour was unreal, and didn't interrupt the flow at all. I like to watch this type of sporty videos. On Tuesday morning Medina released the video onto YouTube. They dont seem to have the pretension or entitlement of other Aus and US pros, and Medina in particular is both a great comp surfer and free surfer. Why are people putting shit on Medina here? And we're now working on doubling up our moves in bodyboarding. He's a freak, and he may or may not be a knob, but he's a competitive animal. Maybe that'll help ease the shame. "I couldn't help but be concerned and upset at the distress many of the surfers seemed to be in," said Ms Johnson. The ancient Hawaiians believed that the waters of the bay were sacred. That says it all for me. And so Pipe 2012. Con someone please get JOB a Flavor Flav neck watch? That's 2 consecutive years Medina has done well in Hawaii. At present it's been viewed 775 million times and I'm very happy to say I haven't made a single contribution to that total. It doesn't bode well for a zappy live gig. Definitely questions worth asking, Arbus. he clearly is leading the charge in progressive surfing with the likes of John John John John. Gabriel Medina won his third Quiksilver Pro over the weekend with an impressive semi-final win over now current #1, John John Florence. Gabriel Medina Pinto Ferreira is a Brazilian professional surfer, also the 2014 WSL World Champion. So when Medina nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders after Saturday's 360-degree flip, it was only a matter of time before someone called out his victory claim as "hideous.". It is an age thing and makes it even worse because I've never done one. Thanks yorkssurfer, we've got a few new recent ones in bodyboarding like invert-to-air reverse, and some great new tweaked/underflips happening. 20 years ago bodyboarders were claiming the high ground in progressive surfing but I havent seen anything new on a lid in that long. It's been that long since he was out west. In keeping with this thread I say he reworks it with 'Piece of Crap' as backing track. I'm pretty sure he would have been 'enthusiastic' throughout his sons life. I've gotta agree with a lot of the comments here in that there is nothing I hate worse than the spoilt brat, claim every wave, air reverse, air reverse, air reverse, air reverse sameness that we are seeing from Medina and his like that the judges keep scoring up, compared to pure power surfing with functional moves that fit in to the wave which seem to continually get beaten by those one turn waves. The whole Gangnam Style thing really messed with me. People wont share overtly commercial videos, it's the modern equivalent of selling Amway to friends. | ©2020 Verizon Media. Even though the beach has banned surfing for the year, we’re still getting footage from those that made the trek to surf some of the world’s biggest waves. YouTube has a lag between the count on the video page and the real count. Do NOT get me started on that [email protected]@####kin claim!!! This morning (Thursday), just 48 hours after release, it has had just over 670,000 views. Critical timing with a stack of rail and fins. As you may be able to tell from the story above the subject matter is secondary to the broader dynamics at play. Plan to post in the forums? Once Medina can start hacking into it like Dane and Jordy then he will win me over (and doesn't cry when he comes second). in my meaningless opinion, Percival Young is an absolute bore. Now I'm usually a Neil young kinda fella (who isn't? ) Gabriel Medina Lands A One-Footed Backflip in Competition. Nevertheless it's an impressive number for the relatively small surfing world, especially considering it received no company exposure, ad campaign or marketing of any sort to raise awareness. Double air-rolls and double spins are being done now, and we're working on double air reverses and double backflips, with a number of guys getting oh-so-close to landing them. Dog! In the latest video in his web series, Von Rupp. I'm fascinated by how these trends appear and what drives them. Note how the Triple Crown commentators, especially that roving revolter, Toad Klein, who states he "doesn't want to rub it in", and then proceeds to fully RUB IT IN on old JOB/Team Timex. The guy is a legend. "And so Pipe 2012. Thursday, 22 November 2012., @zenagain "Onwards and upwards to Pipeline.".

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