glass roof detail

There are endless options with shapes and design with glass cladding. Where glass roofs are meeting a vertical section, such as a structural glass wall, glass fins can be used vertically to support the glass beams on the outer edge of the space to further extend the fully glazed appearance. We also recommend heat soaking of toughened glass when it is used in a safety critical location. The regulations allow the use of toughened glass overhead, however, if toughened glass is used as the lower pane then a safety glass must be used in the upper pane. Using roof glazing throughout a building also can reduce the need for artificial lighting by scattering natural daylight throughout the core of a building, energize work and public spaces, and create a truly unique, bright interior. Search. Our base collection. The unique fixing details of our glass roofing range also means that installation is quick and efficient, minimising construction time on site. Integration of the Smoke Lift Glass Roof PR60 : Tested smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system according to EN 12101-2 Integrated control technology available Resistance to external fire exposure from flying sparks and radiant heat with classification B,roof(t1) according to DIN EN 13501-5 Maximise light with glass beams In this scheme, the glass roof is supported by glass beams. A Glass Roof could be just the thing to bring light and life to that part of the house you have been wanting to do for so long. *Savings based on a single Essentials image for $13. Solar control glazing – the key to reducing CO2 emissions? The glass roof for the patio has several advantages, compared to other conventional patio roofs – a transparent roof allows the sunlight to flood the interiors. Pilkington Automotive, Construction forecasts for the next few years, From a family company in 1826 to a world leader in glass, Future Architecture for Combating Environmental Changes, Gassiot House – a Healthy Use of Pilkington, Glass in Buildings - The Hidden Benefits of Glazing, Help to reduce your heating bills with Pilkington, How natural light and wellness are driving house design, Introducing the newly updated Pilkington Oriel Collection, Keep Windows Clean with Pilkington Self-cleaning Glass, Keep Your Home Warm and Your Bills Low this Winter, Make Do and Mend: How glass is breathing life back into old homes, Make your New Year’s resolution with Pilkington, My Pilkington: Business Support at your fingertips, Off-Line Coating: Investing In Our Future, Oliver Heath's Guest Blog: Let there be light. Recent project briefs have included courtyard infills to listed buildings, atria roofs, opening glass roofs, walk on roofs and large shaped rooflights. Glass Cladding design of dome looks elegant and it can be multicolored or transparent. Pilkington Glass and Ecobuild, help build your future. When it is overhead the particles can come down locked together forming a mass of glass that may cause injury. Technical Detail CAD Drawings To assist in integrating the Typical Details of our system into a specific application, we have made a selection of CAD files available for immediate download. Editorial use only photos don't have any model or property releases, which means they can't be used for commercial, promotional, advertorial or endorsement purposes. If the glass forms part of an accessible roof area then it may need to be treated as a glass floor. It uses daylight and rain to break down... Three top tips: installing windows in heritage buildings, 190 skyscrapers have been built in Dubai since 2000, 2016 is the year of the ‘Smart Home’ with technology to make life easier, A Brief History of the glass Conservatory, A Glazing Record – The Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, A preference for products that are good for the planet, Add an extra touch of style to your home with Pilkington Decorative glass, An Architect Who Revolutionised Glass in Architecture, Battling the British Summer with Pilkington, Burning Questions, Brilliant Solutions. We have fabricated them for pool enclosures, kitchens, sitting rooms, libraries, stairwells, and anywhere that natural light may enhance the aesthetic of your home or business. If you do not have the appropriate software to view these files, see our 3D Technical Detail Drawings which can be viewed in web browsers.

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