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If you’re looking for the most popular Google search tips and tricks, this detailed post is for you where you’ll discover 10 of the effective tips and tricks that can save you a lot of time. Use the name of the movie followed by the city name or postal code and Google will list the movies playing near to the given location. Re purposing and updating the old blog posts can definitely add value to the post and rank it better in search engine result page. All Rights Reserved. By Opting-in you will get nTask paid plans at an incredible 10% off for an entire year. Really worthy article. The most important thing to consider while updating your old posts is to use Google analytics. This post is written by keeping two kinds of people in mind. Make sure you’re using copyright-free images so you won’t get sued. “Google search tips and tricks” will only find that exact phrase. When not writing and editing, he is either reading comic books, playing his Nintendo Switch, hanging out with his wife and two cats, or some combination of the three. Here’s how you can find free to use images on Google advanced image search. It has scanned and digitized the old printed newspapers in an attempt to bring the content from old newspapers easily accessible to Internet users. For example: “friendship day date” or “when is friendship day” gets you the dates of Friendship day as per your location or country. I'm Anil Agarwal and BloggersPassion is my online home. The first tip is to use the tabs in Google search. Best Black Friday Deals: Hostinger Black Friday Deals 2020 | WP Rocket Black Friday | WPX Black Friday | HostPapa Black Friday | A2 Hosting Black Friday | SEO Tools Black Friday | Elementor Black Friday | SEMrush Black Friday |. You just need to type link: and then add the URL in the Google search bar. Just search for a popular figure and you will get a “Top questions answered” panel on the right corner. Just search for some specific keywords and you would be in the game. All Rights Reserved. “Tip Calculator” opens a small tip calculator quite similar in design to Google’s calculator. This function is only supported in the Chrome browser at this time. You can even find out your booking details by just searching on Google. You can customize your search settings by visiting the search settings page. I know that it takes time to notice any changes, but I can’t wait. Say goodbye to overdue tasks and shuffling between tools to do things. If you’re still not convinced about updating your old posts, here are few reasons to do it. For example, I always refine my search by setting the time filter for past one year. For example, search queries “banana” or “chocolate cake” produces its nutritional information. Do Quick Calculations . Did you know that voice queries (using Google Now) likely to show almost 45% rich and highly valuable content to the users compared to 40% for text queries? If you hate shopping and searching through several different websites to find what you need, use Google instead. In case you are unaware, Google has quite a few hidden games right on the search page. Google can list the tourist attractions for any place in the world if you start your search starting with the trigger word “attractions“, and then provide the name of the city or the postal code of the location. Great SEO tips you have shared here. You can also add tweet this button while updating your posts so you can get more retweets. Remember that, search engines always give more value to old blog posts (because they are on the web for a long time) but make sure your old content is still relevant and highly informative. You can do so easily with the following command. For now, we’d like to know if you benefited from the aforementioned tips. Apart from that, you can directly save images to Collections on the desktop too. It’s better to know similar sites if you’re doing research on some product or website. You can even search 1 bitcoin in dollars to find out it is worth $10,312.20. Let me tell you one of the less known Google search secret that most people don’t share with you: if you’re a blogger, don’t just limit your content creation to text. For example, using the  “ Berlin wall” query will search for an article from scanned newspapers on the topic ‘Berlin wall’. You can also find some more alternative reverse image search engines here. The frustrating thing is, even though there are millions of people who actively use Google search but most of them don’t know how to use it effectively. City name or Postal code at the end of your search query allows you to make searches for a specific location. This will prompt Google to return a card with the definition, pronunciation, and—when available—a detailed etymology.

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