guildmasters' guide to ravnica classes

As one of the most famous members of the guild, you are eligible to join the ranks of the Izmagnus. Sometimes adherence to order can get in the way of an efficient crime operation, though, and that's when the Orzhov part ways with the other law-and-order guilds—especially the Azorius. The involvement of a second guild can be as simple as the appearance of a bumbling innocent who needs the characters' protection, or as complex as a second villain who pursues an entirely separate scheme. Their race or class (or both) is outside the norm for their guild, but their personalities and ideals fall perfectly in line; that's why they joined. The idea of stealing thoughts instead of treasure has a special appeal to you. Thus, each guildmaster's ideals, bonds, and flaws are included. I wonder if he's in trouble, trying to move his merchandise so quickly. The spellcasters of Ravnica's guilds have a style of magic specific to their guild. You might cooperate with members of other guilds, openly or in disguise, insofar as their goals don't conflict with yours. "Their new laws challenge everything we know Ravnica stands for. "Civilization is a disease, and the Azorius are its plague bearers. Here are descriptions of the clans: {@b Burning Tree Clan}. They emerged from the depths of the plane's long-buried oceans less than a century ago and immediately took on leadership positions in the guild. I saw a couple of dirty ruffians in my neighborhood last night, and they were defacing the walls of the courthouse! You must be associated with a clade or a project, and must work on experiments related to its primary focus under the general guidance of the clade or project leader. Now, as tension builds in Ravnica and several guilds attempt to crack down on chaos and criminal activity, the Rakdos cult reacts to this building pressure with increasing violence. As the Izzet see it, unpredictable action, far from being antithetical to methodical research, has experimental value. The characters are prisoners in an Azorius prison, a Gruul camp, or a Rakdos cage. Any given Dimir agent knows of no more than a handful of alleyway contacts and dossier drop spots. The Promenade's northern reach is heavily patrolled by Boros soldiers, and caravans coming from the north employ heavily armed escorts to ensure their safe passage through the ruined areas. Angels occupy the highest tier of the Boros hierarchy, from the guildmaster Aurelia down to the hosts of holy warriors and advisors in leadership roles. The three most important power groups within the Golgari are the Devkarin elves, the medusas (also called gorgons in Ravnica), and the insectile kraul. Your privacy is safe with us. Soldiers from the Boros Legion are common near the warehouses and in the Smelting Quarter. The Rakdos Assignments table includes some suggestions for adventures or side quests that Rakdos characters might undertake on their own initiative, or perhaps at the request of a ringmaster or a fellow performer. Occasionally, you might be assigned to assault the enemies of the Golgari more directly, especially if you are a member of the Ochran. {@b Lost Together}. The Izzet League is one of the few guilds whose founder, the dragon Niv-Mizzet, remains its guildmaster, just as the guild continues to fulfill its original mission (even as its experiments go far beyond the guild's original mandate). A guild official gone rogue, members of the same guild at odds with one another, or even a corrupt guildmaster can put characters in conflict with their own guild. Conversely, any guild can offer you allies in your quest for justice. An elf priest, Emmara Tandris is committed to pursuing peace between the guilds with all her heart, even as Trostani hesitates in self-conflict. Nearly all Izzet members have some capability with magic. You can choose an adventure goal, or roll one randomly, from the table in the description of the site you've chosen. A corrupt senator seeks to pass laws that favor a certain class of people. The Dimir Adventure Hooks table presents ideas for additional adventures themed around House Dimir. Any of these sites can serve as the location for an adventure. {@i Prerequisite: Renown 10 or higher in the Cult of Rakdos}. Ravnica's elves don't share the unearthly, haunting presence of their kin on other worlds, perhaps because of the extent to which the city has rubbed off on them. Many advokists draw on the power of law magic to enforce regulations and contracts to the advantage of the guild. ", {@b Bond}: "All will come to the warm embrace of the Conclave. If you choose a villain from a guild that's already in conflict with one or more guilds that the characters belong to, it's easy to craft villainous goals that are at odds with the characters' goals. Anarchs scavenge everything, from the hide armor they wear to the weapons they wield. A voda, feeling imperiled by the ills of society, causes vines to grow and seal the members of her vernadi inside. {@creature Swarm of Insects|MM|Swarms of insects} under the control of a {@creature Golgari shaman|GGR} terrorize a neighborhood. Mizzix is a goblin galvanic blastseeker who began her Izzet career as a lowly attendant. The neighborhood takes its name from the fact that most of these schools boast at least one tall spire among their structures. ... directly target one or more characters. A krovod is a slow-witted, ox-like animal. A raktusk is a bison-like creature, about 10 feet tall at the shoulder. It offers new race and class options, reflecting the unique character of Ravnica as a Magic setting, and the creatures and characters seen on Magic cards. Though the world is covered with streets and buildings, Ravnica also has its wilderness areas, including the ruined rubblebelts haunted by the Gruul and the sylvan wilds cultivated by the Selesnya. Two classes receive subclass options in this section: the cleric and the druid. ", "Strength without guile is perhaps the most dangerous kind. They have dwelled under the streets and under the sway of the other guilds for too long. Do the same thing at the second location as was done at the first. One of the most effective weapons in the Rakdos cult's arsenal is satire, and a Rakdos lampooner is a virtuoso of that art. A sluiceway provides potable water, and a handful of scraggly trees are a reminder of nature's potential to grow and flourish even among the ruins. In addition to its shopping attractions, Tin Street is also a popular spot for nightlife, with its many restaurants and theaters. The impetus for adventuring might come from within the player characters' own guilds, rather than from external guilds. Capture a previously unknown type of creature. You like playing curious wizards, druids, or mutants. Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica - D&D 5th Edition - Tribality I couldn't believe my eyes! {@i Prerequisite: Rank 2 and renown 25 or higher in the Orzhov Syndicate}. The three levels of the spire hold luxurious apartments where living oligarchs dwell. {@b Scab Clan}. Selesnya's way of curbing this grasping selfishness has always been to outnumber the other guilds. I like the idea of Izzet versions of technopriests who worship their bizarre, extremely powerful creations made to power local street lights. Perhaps the most insidious technique employed by the Dimir is the erasing and modifying of memories. {@b Sudden Danger}. Out of madness or despair, they might plot the destruction of precincts or districts. An Izzet character might be trying to make sure that an Izzet laboratory in the area isn't damaged or its secrets looted. The Gruul NPCs table summarizes key roles within the guild. {@i Prerequisite: Rank 2 and renown 25 or higher in the Simic Combine}. If you are a justiciar, you become a deputy with a specific title, such as Deputy of Acquittals, Deputy of Indictment, Deputy of Deposition, Deputy of Arraignment, or Deputy of Arbitration. The conclave clings to the ideal of a peaceful collective in which individual desires are subordinate to the good of the whole group. ", "They make destruction into a spectacle, but they're more than blood and fire. Family names are passed down to children from either parent, and sometimes children use the family names of both their parents. Led by the angel Aurelia, the Boros Legion pursues the cause of justice, not merely law enforcement. {@b Do or Die}. He was the author of the original Guildpact, as well as the creator of the elaborate contingency plan that resulted in the creation of the Living Guildpact. At this level of renown, you are responsible for coordinating the activities of several other Dimir agents. {@i Prerequisite: Rank 1 and renown 10 or higher in the Orzhov Syndicate}.

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