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This was a very inspiring moment in my life. I have put together a hands-on, intensive course on guitar making, in order to make that dream into a reality. Then you make the work board ('solera') and other devices needed. Spend one high-energy week learning the craft as you build your own guitar in a setting designed to maximize your learning and the quality of your work. What can you do on the course? Guitar Making Course. It has been an altogether enjoyable and satisfying experience and a valuable first step in becoming (I hope) a proficient luthier.” (visit my website: David Brown - Opus-One Guitars). Short courses in guitar making and repair that do not lead to certificates or degrees can take from a few days to six months to complete. Whether building a beautiful guitar for yourself to enjoy as a one off or as a stepping stone to making more, it offers a practical and theoretical, hands-on-from-the-beginning approach. The first part of the course (the design of your instrument) is non-refundable. Greetings, Charles Fox here. The course runs for 4 weeks and in that time the student will build a classical or a flamenco guitar from scratch using only raw materials without using pre-fabricated components. This means: no binding, no tremolos, no carved tops (ergonomic bevels are okay), no unusual scales, no crazy electronics (unless you are already trained in guitar wiring). This will include building with a Solera mould, the Spanish neck/body join and bracing systems and making a rosette to your own design, as well as learning specific techniques Classes are small, the environment is friendly and stimulating. ), One day course: £250.00  Five day course: £1000.00 (Monday to Friday)Four week course: £3,500Longer courses by arrangement. (We work 9.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday. ASL, in Portland, Oregon, specializes in intensive, short-. It was a fascinating experience. but nonetheless you will be required to sign a contract with a waving clause. Join the luthier school that gives you access to a growing library of exclusive guitar making luthier courses and more – from anywhere, anytime. Roy’s teaching style is calm, authoritative and always encouraging, and is clearly informed by his deep knowledge and practical expertise. COURSES on Guitar Making shapeinentrariola 2020-05-26T12:46:59+02:00 Dear visitors, due to the current situation (COVID-19), all seminars have been postponed until further notice. I deliberated for a couple of years before joining this guitar building course and can honestly say that is has been one of the most rewarding, fulfilling experiences of my life. Then, with my help, you will refine your concept: You will develop an electric guitar (or bass) working on the shape, the ergonomics, the materials, the aesthetics, the style, and the playability. To enrole please send an e-mail through the contact page with your details explaining what type of guitar you would like to build. Reaching the venue is easy from almost any part of the city, either by train or subway. The process has been designed to be safe (we will use mostly hand tools, no chemicals, etc.) No previous lutherie or woodworking experience is needed. A very pleasant atmosphere. You can text Pablo in order to discuss most convenient dates. We will only have five days to complete the instrument, so we will work with focus and resolve, following this timeline: Type of guitar: Due to the time constrain, we need to avoid certain techniques take many hours (and even days) to be completed. The Spanish guitar making course offers a small group of 3 students the opportunity to build a classical or a flamenco guitar using traditional construction techniques. For that, you have two options. at those whose sole or main income is a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) state retirement pension, those who are registered as disabled and in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP), full-time and part-time UK students on credit-bearing courses, London Metropolitan University students on year-long day courses, London Metropolitan University alumni members. ASL is the original and longest established school for luthiers in North America. For over 40 years it's been my pleasure to teach the craft of guitar making and offer my best counsel to folks seeking to enter the field. Neck finishing (part 2). I suggest using or, where you can reserve many hotels and apartments  using a free-cancellation policy. Portland, Oregon   97225 However, some inexperienced students can take two or even three years to complete an instrument.These courses aim to give you the opportunity to: Learning outcomes:On completion of this course, you should be able to demonstrate: This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn how to make an acoustic guitar using hand tools. in a lifetime, ‘no skills necessary’, full immersion experience. In addition to the course fee there will be a charge of £10 to £15 for materials. ), you can’t take part in the seminar. Day 2: Neck making. The course offers 5-day/week hands-on instruction in the workshop, with optional room & board. Presentation of the designs. Accommodation is very easy to find in the local area as well as in the city of Malaga and public transport provides easy access. The final payment of €2000 will be paid at the beginning of the course. We had an excellent teacher. for your interest in the American School of Lutherie. Roy Courtnall began teaching on this one-to-one basis in 1990, helping students from all over the world to get started in guitar making. All currently scheduled class dates are posted on this page. Spend two high-energy weeks learning the craft as you build your own guitar in a setting designed to maximize your learning and the quality of your work. However, on Sunday evening before the seminar starts, you are invited to a homemade pizza night at my home, complemented with my wife’s world famous Tiramisu dessert :)  We will meet and greet, talk gutiars, show you a few of my instruments, and share a beer (or three). The workshop is located in Berlin, in the traditional neighborhood of Spandau, close to the famous Citadel (a fortress built in the 1500’s, and one of the best conserved in the world). An initial deposit of €600 will be required to secure a place on the course.

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