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This is really great work! You can download the videos from vimeo, and they're also posted to YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/ScratchEdTeam. I'm sure that can happen in your class too. I am going to use the guide  right away and give you feedback on how it went. Because the students seemed to really want to be programmers, I decided to add more programming specific components. Now that the guide is launched, we'd love to hear your thoughts on it! I was also able to spend some one-on-one time with students and their projects. ��&�7��T�U��mw}[��3/�����2φ���K�ְB�����t�F�4k�`���S5`ŧ1Rſ��Z�Z Ѕ:�t�| J��^1��d�»�`��g�`��z��BR�Fe�RݰRh�3Ֆ��U�A�ǣP�\%� in��!/�_��Pe���]��c�V"�x�2��,�憰�*�kck��Q@�4�:���%��$�����\���b�k��E�i�?xj�f�=�;� �sC�t06P|��rl1g"�Ĥ�"��Z��4���"BP���0C�m�\E� �@A5�F�Oj"�'�;�Yj�Fzo�)�u�7�B�&�O|eW�G�c��O��J�.շ��?=N��&�\L [KVų�]�^��� Aͼ�-A Ų"Z�5nn.\�|�%�C!�7�gp��!�r���D�� ,fcy�IZ#�k�j4_�^����K#��?+�ׅ�bv7VRE��Ƥf��\8���F��2}�c�s�uL��X�@�VKq:^1���'2q��zc���� This is the kind of learning that I think will really overflow into other classwork and is exciting. We even learned about binary numbers just like the cs50 class. x���7r���O1"9Ґ�iuUwWW�HI\I+Y�Z{wy��3�gYk��q밽�������*���j�Sl�H$� �\���?�>��/��O�څ���ݶ=���O�^����^���_��jv���������ա?n����ӷo۫���?_����GO�_������������ǟ����ͻ~��y*s��͋����W�z���7o��Ǭ;�y4�S�m�1"�n>z~��_��M�ǣi��h�����C;F�����vY����#�L�4{�"�%2]�U{u�qzc�n �w�_�5H CAzR����8�#��nB�*N�Ѿ����ީ��]{^���? Here I'm posting the link to download the document in DOC format for others to complete it. I'm trying "Dance Party" now. 4 0 obj Thanks everyone for all of the feedback you've shared so far! A detailed syllabus: learning goals, pedagogical, organizational and technical requirements, a list of topics in a recommend sequence and number of hours, teaching suggestions. We were lucky enough to have a visitor who brought in hardware and talked about how memory is physically stored. The students loved this and I thought it was great for team bonding. We talked about MIT and why they developed this software. I just ran through most of the curriculum prepared by the Scratch team -- to the maze project -- with our weakest kids. The guide was developed to be both subject-neutral and grade-neutral to accommodate different settings for any teacher who wants to support students’ development of computational thinking through explorations with Scratch. Thanks! You can download the video at http://vimeo.com/29457909. Prospective students apply through GSAS; in the online application, select “Engineering and Applied Sciences” as your program choice and select "PhD Computer Science" in … I'm looking around for sample projects to get my students started. A design-based introduction to computational thinking with Scratch. A2A. I am the educational technologist at my school and I am working with a couple of classes to introduce the lessons in the curriculum guide. ,�,{�?2��6�:a઩/�ĥ/�⑿����Ќ�{�j�XkH��'Ilkw�'r�3or������3�ͱ߶=jb��Ǡ�`��6G�zp��h��vw��oB Please share any feedback you have about the guide by posting comments in the Curriculum Guide Draft discussion space. Interestingly, we have this document translated into Portuguese. 3. This looks great! %��������� ����1��d齳�*�I�Q�u#�1Cr�w펵Ljv��!�c��2��BG�M� ���Cf�0. It is very usefull for me. Another engaging session. I don't have much to offer but encouragement since I just used their materials as-is, but I can say it went pretty well. I am excited to introduce scratch to students. I remember a fair amount of time spent trying to patch music from youtube into project after project -- that sort of thing.). By separating these out, they can be re-used in other contexts or teachers can replace them with more appropriate or new resources. Does anyone have resources for students of low ability? :Gsx�a�_�3�%Zm��ާ�T��� �bͻ�ִM�bdq��6�" ���W������ݥNE�e�'�96����O ��R�����~&~�̿��J~���eӜ����)AWLpdN�"�?%�kv+d���m ��|:lϝ{4c7�|@��?�������?������?�����h���n�Z�J�zQb��O��p�OWm�4j*��������u�y����K0�Rp�3"F�/�{�����-@��/ی'������ٟ��DiJ�V���1�q�n��F�'���k�.����p_��]��ƞ��'C��1�!7���6����>2pE��h�f����w��͚QY,g�0��ގQ:��ro�_����cZ�����?dC�TQ\&����Ry They make it fun. All the best. I think it is unusual for students to be encouraged to be "fearless" about their learning. This document include an initial "executive summary" that a teacher could show to a principal or school board when proposing to teach Scratch. I'll use it in an afterschool club. I translated it into Catalan, and so far activities are working well. I love that this guide is so comprehensive. I liked that we had the dance videos. The 20 sessions presented in this guide are organized into 5 topics: You can download the full, current draft of the curriculum guide below - available in both pdf and doc formats. - http://scratchstarterkit.eventbrite.com, We are also hosting a raffle for a chance to win a free Scratch Starter Kit. The really important thing that they are learning is that each person has different parts that seem to come easy and that they can help each other. a���l,�Ʉ.P��"��"����u7ȇl���v J����Do�j�Ι�Ii ��`��k�T��5����DA��6��_Ȗ"_���TJUA��l��0޾Ֆ5�5�9���'�-� �É�����*z��v+1+׿A��n��#r�IZ? GSAS's physical spaces are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic: GSAS staff are working remotely and can be reached by email. model for a computer science curriculum and its implementation at the K–12 level is a necessary first step toward reaching these goals. For those interested in attaining a bound copy of the curriculum guide, we've recently designed a Scratch Starter Kit, which include the guide, Scratch Cards, and other Scratch resources to help you get started using Scratch with your students. For now, here are the worksheets: scratched.media.mit.edu/resources/scratch-draft-curriculum-traditional-chinese-translation. http://scratch.mit.edu/galleries/view/138381, http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/Thissideup11/37276, http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/Lightnin/641361, http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/silvershine/1955237, http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/RS1298/1666785, http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/Fidessa-Chan/1908301. This report addresses the entire K–12 range. Some of the computer science syllabi are available to the public usually through HarvardX. Thank you all for putting this together. We meet for an 1.5 hour one day a week. Computer Science is an area of study within the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Many young people with access to computers participate as … He wanted to make his character move in a certain way and struggled with code, not to make a greater assignment but to make his character move the way he wanted. ""��y��(���3�`Q!o3�i��mǪ���'%ti�t�t7��8�6�&[1k�Ϭ&���M>u4 G��E�T�#��#���@��Q%.J��_�[�8Md� yX ����r߶N�a,=J�1|�Ԥ��/��M*{��k����c��@Ė��|5!��d�\��4�!�`��3�_�:?C�Agg{�� ��}ގ|kX����h��V�U�U'����i�� ��ʼ��+��vǖ~w:R�!�D΍�J;9u�P�IfN���;��¢*��Ơ��m�c��spɌ. Got it downloaded now :). We talked about how universities used Scratch. �\�o{ڧK*!�\�/T�̘�g�O��iPt�Ň�%���s�T_�J�Jj)E#��5��"��Y���x�����+� �?3�1�������NqT��uD18����] XW������N�oX��\ٴ]��vp��&,[�tT-'�',��s�ݟY��`3�g!q�#������E�o�|-M�~�n���^�����w�5��yP�}��l�Y�Zb�tώG5��Oʷ��a��R�+W|=m�z(O�*�j?u�]�n�����?���F��I���fuA$C��ݮ-&Pb�c�'lI����Uw�=���Hś��FF��ڝ�}LI�޹� R6� The ScratchEd Team profile on the Scratch website has created several galleries of sample projects that correspond to the curriculum guide sessions, including Dance Party. (I tossed together one, http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/MUHStigers/2060507 , though I'd sure like some others to show the kids. For the dance party, they were encouraged to create their own sprites for the first time so we did some scanning of drawings and imported the images into Scratch. Any pointers or tips would be appreciated. I was so excited by this! And i'll post comments and feedback, of course. The humanities, arts, and social sciences requirement must be fulfilled by taking one course each in the humanities, arts, and social sciences, along with a three-subject concentration. We started with 17 students and today (our 4th meeting) I expect 30! I'm using it with my students (age 12-13) , here in Spain. I finally realized I had to sign up for an account on Vimeo in order to download the file. I am putting this as a pre-Session #4 activity. I am also using my own sons as guinea pigs to learn from. Thanks! Curriculum Development Challenge Award, \Undergraduate Research Participation in Po-litical Science," New York University, 1987. Update your ScratchEd profile settings by April 30, 2012 to automatically be entered into the drawing to win! In my classes, it is important for me to recognize each student's achievement. I had some ideas based on the way I learned, but your way is so much better than the old way (and a lot more fun) Thanks again and keep up the good work! TEL617-495-5315 Do you use design notebooks with your students? Thanks for the amazing software and I hope that I get to attend a scratch day this year if one is close enough to where I live. Thank you for putting this together. The Dutch translation of the handouts can be found here: http://scratched.media.mit.edu/resources/dutch-translation-handouts-scratch-curriculum-guide. Prospective students apply through GSAS; in the online application, select  “Engineering and Applied Sciences” as your program choice and select "PhD Computer Science" in the Area of Study menu.

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