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Using clean ingredients and time-honored techniques to maintain wholesome nutrition, our sprouted and stoneground nut butters embody our commitment to and passion for food that nourishes body and soul. Welcome to our bakery! Hi Amanda, roasting is for flavor. As you may know oats are naturally gluten-free. You can find those in our shop! Food processor forever and the best it could do was a cookie dough-like paste. It is packed full of protein, minerals and fibre to help you feel satisfied for longer. xo. It is called “Alive”, which I guess legally doesn’t mean anything. I tried drying my almonds in the oven on lowest temperature for 2-3 hours, when I put them in the food processor it took over an hour and the result is still a chunky crumbly dough.. should I keep going? Blue Mountain Organics is a premier provider of certified organic, raw, and sprouted nuts, nut butters, flours, grains, dried fruits, and superfoods. Hey there!..I noticed my homemade nut butters(mostly almond) separate once stored in the fridge and then the part that settles down really thickens. We’d probably recommend enjoying this batch as raw almond butter and trying with roasted next time. This is general information for educational purposes only. (I’m thinking Macadamia nuts in this example.) This mix tastes really nice but you will need to use approx 1/4 – 1/3 part macadamia to 1 part Almonds (or maybe even less), so as to try to get a nice consistency to the mix. If you can’t find sprouted nuts… how long would you soak them if you don’t want to roast? After the almond salmonella outbreaks in California, it was made illegal to sell raw ones. Getting it into a butter can depend on the blender – I tend to do it while still warm. what temperature would you recommend to dry out the almonds for a fan forced oven? Bummer. You could also heat the spices in a little fat (like avocado oil), and then blend them into the nut butter to get it finer / creamier. Read more about our BTR process  HERE. Although nothing is lost if it isn’t working – use for a crust in a raw cake like, I’m having the same issue. An hour is way too long – it took 10 minutes in mine. Can I add cacao powder instead of chocolate? The most common times use it is during the morning time. Hi! Instructions Drain and rinse then spread out and either bake in an oven or dry in a dehydrator. It has been my experience in the past when making nut butter that you have to stop often and stir and bring the bottom part of the mixture up. Health claims herein have not been reviewed by the FDA. This turned out great! If you don’t have a powerful blender then add a few tablespoons of cold pressed oil once the nuts are broken down to dust. Although as you say depends on the blender. That’s why the oldest living trees at Mount Vernon today are pecan trees! Hi Disha, a little separation is normal, but you may want to try processing a little longer also. Hi Ali, A food processor works best with this recipe. Sweet or semi-sweet? Yes you can roast the macadamia nuts! We are so glad you enjoyed it! I know they baked a bit too long but what am I doing wrong? I love hickory nuts, but don’t see them much anymore. If your processor is stressing definitely stop. You can also try making it in a high-speed blender like a Blendtec or Vitamix! In fact the technical gluten levels were “<4ppm” which is the lowest rating they can give. Just made this today in my vitamix with the tamper attachment and it took about 5 minutes max! Just made my first ever batch, just perfect! It does depend on your blender, you have to blend past the crumb stage – check out my video above. We stone grind our nut butters at room temperature to retain the living enzymes. I have a Breville high end food processor so I know it’s not that. In regards to separation issues I store mine upside down and it helps crazy as it sounds. You cannot just hit blend and leave it for 10 min and expect it to work out. I made this with cashew, walnut, chia seeds. . You can use this recipe to make activated nut butter out of just about any nut. Either use a food processor or high-speed blender to creamy a creamy, delicious nut butter. Is storing in the fridge best? Manna Bread Sprouted Whole Rye Ingredients:Sprouted organic rye kernels, filtered water. A powerful machine definitely helps! Maybe there weren’t enough almonds in the blender to start with? Thanks so much for sharing! Homemade fresh, quality, raw, sprouted, organic, affordable almond butter is almost impossible to find… and being a vegan I sure could use the protein! The cereals are delicious as a cold or hot cereal or stirred into yogurt. He brought some seedlings back to Virginia and shared them with George Washington, who eagerly planted some on his own land. However, roasting your nuts can also help reduce phytic acid and makes them easier to digest. Also for nut butter I must use lowest speed with scraping every so often (unfortunately). Suitable for raw-vegan, oil-free, paleo, gluten-free and sugar-free diets. I guess I was just a little confused with how to measure it after it was done. But you certainly can if you’d like. 3-4 hours at 100 with door slightly open might not be enough. Thank you! , I’m so sorry its not working, you do have to keep scraping down the sides until the oils start to get released. International delivery is also available for our overseas customers. I think it should be advise to let the almonds COOL completely before blending. Don’t add any preservatives, including citrus. ), Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Try warming it up and blend with a few more nuts. I tried with hazelnuts. Thanks so much for your kind words and lovely review, Renee!

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