how a girlfriend should treat her boyfriend

Tell your partner that you are proud of her or him. Always make her your top priority. That is a sure way to lose a girlfriend. Don’t always wait for your man to say those three magical words first. Cast Your Vote. If you follow these simple guidelines, you have a right to expect that you will soon find yourself in a more enriched partnership. Build him a castle, get him serfs, pledge Knights to him, and have him take over a small country. 48hours later, my husband really called me and told me that he miss me so much, Oh My God! i feel as if he does but i feel as if i don't do enough I don't know tho im just scared that he'll get the feeling that i don't appreciate him. Why are so many people drawn to conspiracy theories in times of crisis? Every girl partner should understand that even man has feelings and emotions and they must understand their emotions and feelings, some man doesn’t show their emotions and feelings openly they like to hide it hence you need to understand their emotions through their behavior and needs to be very careful with words, because sometimes we don’t realize what we say in anger or in argument and those words can hurt man a lot, hence understand your partner emotions and feelings. Respect, honesty, and a pinch of playfulness are the names of the game when it comes to treating your girlfriend the way she deserves to be treated. She’s going to have huge cravings for certain things because that’s the nature of her body chemistry. And soc media doesnt help. Assure your partner that there is room for many opinions. When your partner is direct with requests, respond to what he or she asks for and act on those requests in a timely fashion. the only guy you should treat like a king is the one who is treating you as a queen in return... the less the better.. you let him know that you're here for him. ALSO READ: How to Treat Your Girlfriend with Respect. Not like crap. Bring them to her. It really depends on the guy though. 12. This doesn’t make you a saint or a savior, it makes you a good boyfriend (or girlfriend). You have a difficult relationship.. Don't be upset, let Dr.Hope help you get your Ex back" I'm so excited my husband is back after he left me for another girl. Banish all forms of contempt, including rolling of the eyes. Some guys like it when girls act "momish" Meaning she fixes his jacket and bakes him food. There will be none of that. The following steps, although not necessarily easy, will enhance the level of respect in your relationship so that it can grow and thrive: Be sure to tell your partner that you are overjoyed with the partnership you are co-creating, and that you're pleased to have a partner who's worthy of your respect. There are many ways to get things accomplished. #2 Make your guy feel special Accept each other as is, and in the process, you’ll learn good things from each other. The trick to a happy relationship is seeing each other as complete equals. This is a testimony that I will advise everyone to read because what I experienced was miraculous. Hope you will like it. Love is not about one person’s efforts it should be done from both the side. Ask a question; ... Home > Relationships > How does a Girlfriend treat her Boyfriend like a King? It's the other way around for me, I've always treated my SO a Queen or a Princess. In this case as I’ve explained, that’s not an issue with my daughter and her boyfriend. I was really upset and i needed help, so i searched for help online and I came across a website that suggested that Dr Hope can help get ex-boyfriend back fast. Listen attentively to your partner's needs, desires, and concerns. Why does he act like a boyfriend but insists on friendship? That always works. Do you talk about his future and his potential? Understand that even man feels the pain, 2. Do you motivate your man to achieve his dreams? My ex girlfriend has a boyfriend but why does she still call? Put her needs before yours. I'm a sophomore in high school, and for the first time in my life, I have a decent boyfriend that doesn't get on my nerves... yet... anyway, we really like each other, however we barely see each other throughout the day, but I just wanna show him i do care about him a lot and that he is very special to me. When bringing a complaint, be careful not to go over the line to criticism. Mostly we talk about how a man should treat his women. Click here to visit our website and subscribe to receive our free inspirational newsletters, and follow us on Facebook. Im glad there is FINALLY a discussion on how a woman should treat a man because there is nowhere online or anywhere you can find anyone talk about that and that’s not fair. It is totally normal to be childless by choice! Describe your favorite perfume or smell. Yes No . If you want to treat your girl like a queen, be her servant first. Learn more. Hence it needs to understandable from both the side. A man feels motivated only when his queen shows support and believe on him, hence always believe your man’s decision and idea,  in relationship both need to give each other strength, both needs to understand that they are individuals too, and they need their alone time and privacy and also needs their own free will, and this understanding will give them strength and will make their love stronger. Never ever compare her to others (negatively) or compliment them in front of her. I think that the girlfriend should treat her boyfriend with respect&kindness. I have read somewhere and I totally agree with that saying” Human should be respected not any caste religion or gender.” Respect should be given to those who truly deserve it.”  For example, if any man disrespect any women or a lady, then that man deserves no respect but similarly if any women disrespect a man even she doesn’t deserve any respect, because everyone needs to be treated equally, if you disrespect a man who doesn’t treat a women nicely then similarly even a women deserves disrespect who doesn’t treat a man nicely, Everyone should be treated equally, because every human has emotions and feelings and no one emotions can be taken leniently, whether the person is man or women.

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