how many sets of keys should a landlord provide

I agree with Eric, but I also despair at the penny-pinching attitude of LLs who expect four adults to share two keys. Collapse. Landlords must provide and maintain locks (or similar devices) so the property is reasonably secure. Write to the landlord/agent and ask that they install the required locks/devices. new posts. If you don’t have consent or a reasonable excuse, it is unlawful. Holiday properties rental income is generally subject to VAT. The tenant is then responsible for maintaining the security alarm system. © Tenants’ Union of NSW. chuni. How that equates to the work done that... Pay the charge then write to your tenants advising them of a rent increase and apologise but say you have no alternative due to the Council's Licensing Scheme. Did you know for instance, that it is illegal for the Landlord All Time Today Last Week Last Month. I could go one step further and suggest that a landlord should indeed hold a set of keys. If you’re then taken to the Tenancy Tribunal you may have to pay a penalty. If all four names were on the tenancy agreement surely you would be entitled to a key each. Residential Tenancies Act 1986 (external link) Landlord’s responsibilities. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers. Landlord must provide locks or security devices. Insulation tool: Do you need to upgrade your insulation? When deciding whether the premises are reasonably secure, the Tribunal will consider: Take the following types of evidence to the Tribunal: You can apply for an order that the landlord compensate you for loss of or damage to your goods because the premises were not reasonably secure. Subscribe to our newsletters to remain up-to-date with all tenancy-related information. to give each tenant named on the tenancy agreement a copy of the key (or other opening device/information) to open any lock or security device for: any common property that you are entitled to access, not to charge you for copies of keys or other opening devices except to recover the cost of replacement or additional copies, not to alter, remove or add any lock or other security device without reasonable excuse or unless you agree, to give you a copy of any key (or other opening device/information) that they change within 7 days of the change, you (or the landlord) had to comply with an order of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), the tenancy of a co-tenant was terminated, a tenant or other occupant was excluded from the premises by an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO), the Tribunal authorises a copy not to be given, or, they are excluded from the premises by an AVO, Ask an insurance company what locks and security devices it requires before it will insure your home contents. This website is published by the Tenants' Union of NSW and Tenants Advice & Advocacy Services NSW © 2020. Promise of a big spend on social housing: Did the NSW budget deliver? Compared with the amount of rent he is presumably drawing from this property, the cost of an extra two keys must be negligible. Click here to request advice. If the Tribunal finds the rent excessive, it will make an excessive rent order. All times are GMT. 1 key for each adult on lease. One key for each lease holder. Keys supplied to you should be on the inventory. Search. For a rental of longer than 28 days it is suggested in this article to grant a tenancy under the 1954 Act in which the supply of accommodation is specifically exempted from VAT. All Discussions only Photos only Videos only Links only Polls only Events only. Healthy homes intent to comply statement – residential tenancies, Healthy homes intent to comply statement – boarding house tenancies. The conditions in that article are extremely specific. I hope you would also include the 'Pish!' If you don’t have consent or a reasonable excuse, it is unlawful. upgrading to one of these newer, faster, safer and free browsers. If you need more keys you can usually get a key cut for a few pounds. The Tribunal decides this on a case-by-case basis (see ‘Applying to the Tribunal for orders’ below). Can I use new Section 8 notice with other grounds that was served on tenants? See our COVID-19 Guide here. Page of 2. The only 1954 Act I'm aware of is the one for commercial tenancies, which I'm not convinced would work if the tenant wasn't operating a business there. See our, Outasite Lite 38 – land lease communities news, Appeal afoot – fixed method site fee increases, Community recognition for resident advocate. The landlord may not be willing to have more cut because the more that are cut, the harder it is to maintain security and it sounds as if it would be to expensive to change to lock at the end of every tenancy. He may need a key to enable him or those authorised by him to read meters or to do repairs which are his responsibility. Please note that special rules during COVID-19 may affect some info in this factsheet. The order will specify: See Factsheet 04: Rent increases for how to make an excessive rent case. (Get this in writing.). I could go one step further and suggest that a landlord should indeed hold a set of keys. If the tenancy agreement says nothing about keys and the landlord retains a set and the tenant changes the locks, the landlord cannot demand a set of the new keys. I use landlord locks, so one key will fit every lock. Rental Property Investor from Dallas, TX. When renting out a property, landlords need to: make sure the property is in a reasonable condition Landlords and locks and keys Locks and keys in rented properties can often cause problems. Filter. compensation for loss arising from insecure premises, rent reduction for the time that the premises were not reasonably secure, changing locks and providing or withholding keys, the physical characteristics of the premises and adjoining areas, the requirements of insurance companies to insure your belongings at the premises, the likelihood of break-ins, unlawful entry or risks to your personal safety, information from an insurance company or NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research ( about the risk of break-ins in your area, a copy of a household contents insurance policy for the premises and/or a policy from someone else in your street, letters to the landlord or a record of conversations in which you asked for better security. …” [Lord Donaldson of Lymington Mr at Paras 14 & 15]. You did via the ketpad....the fact that the keypad was not working was unfortunate. you boarded up broken windows and otherwise secured your valuables). The security thing is nonsense anyway; unless everyone has their own key, sooner or later someone will be locked out on a cold wet evening and try to get in any way they can (I know I would). Otherwise, maintenance can probably change the lock for you quickly. Tenants, needless to say, don’t like the idea of their landlord, or indeed anyone else, being able […] No, you can serve new notices while the legal process continues for an existing notice. check out the. This page was generated at 13:44 PM. You can find out more about specific areas in the other sections of this website. Under the terms of the standard residential tenancy agreement, you agree: Reasonable excuses for altering, removing or adding a lock/security device include: A copy of a changed key or other opening device need not be given to the other party if: It is an offence for you or the landlord/agent to alter, remove or add a lock or security device: If the landlord/agent changes locks, you can complain to NSW Fair Trading. Show. Time. I've never had an issue with keys however I do a complete and thorough background check and hold out for quality people that are enthusiastic and a … Council issuing Section 80 - Selective Licencing, If this is your first visit, be sure to In the inner city, it could also mean bars on ground-floor windows but in a rural area, this is unlikely. You’re running an old version of internet explorer (or have compatibility mode turned on). photographs of broken locks or windows and evidence of previous break-ins. We always make sure the landlord provides two sets but unless it’s in your tenancy agreement there is nothing to say they have to. You can apply for an order that the rent is or was excessive for the time that the premises are not reasonably secure. Previous 1 2 template Next. Celebrating NAIDOC Week: Always Was, Always Will Be. When the tenancy ends, the tenant needs to remove the alarm system and make sure it doesn’t cause any damage.

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