how to change page number language in word

Doing this will change the buttons, menus, controls, and help notifications. User Interface - The best way to set the display language in Office for the web is to set the language in the host where your documents live. To add page numbers to your Word document, switch over to the “Insert” tab on the Ribbon and then click the “Page Number” button in the “Header & Footer” section. Now all numerals in the text and the page numbers all appear in Persian/Arabic alphabet. Word 2016 - Hindi Numerals change to Arabic Numerals I change the Numerals from Arabic to Hindi, and use Page Number for the footer to get Page Number in Hindi Numerals, But when I 'Save as PDF' or 'Print as PDF' Only page numbers have this problem. Word automatically formats text as a numbered list when you when you type a number and a period followed by a space: Word adds a tab and creates a ¼-inch hanging indent. You’ll see two separate menus here: “Display Language” and “Help Language.” A menu drops […] It has two parts: one English and one Arabic. The quickest way to create a custom numbered list is to […] Word 2016 can not only automatically number your pages, but it also lets you place the page number just about anywhere on the page and in a variety of fun and useful formats. Now it’s time to change the UI language of Word. Heed these directions: Click the Insert tab. In the Header & Footer area, click the Page Number command button. In your document, on the Review tab, you can select the proofing language from the ribbon. This time, find the “Choose Display Language” section. For instruction on how to add an additional keyboard language see Change the language of Microsoft Office.. After adding a keyboard layout for another language, a language indicator (called the "Language bar") appears on the taskbar, next to the clock, and displays the current keyboard language. We’ll still be working in the “Word Options” window. A drop-down menu shows several different options for where you’d like the page numbers to appear—top of the page, bottom of the page, and so on. To change the language for proofing using the online version of OneNote, use these steps: Open OneNote on your web browser. (If the paragraphs already have hanging indents, the original settings are preserved.) I have a Word document. However, Now there is yet another problem: Page numbers appear Persian in Word environment, but once you save your document as PDF, numerals in the text remain Persian, but the page numbers again appear English. The problem is that all the numbers are English numbers [0123456789], but I want the Arabic part's numbers to be Arabic numbers … Proofing - On Windows Mobile you can change the proofing language in Word. To type using a particular language's native keyboard, you must add the appropriate keyboard layout. Click the Home Tab.

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