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Benjamin Chase. A family member was perfect for this unsavory task that Washington wished to keep under the radar. The New Years’ Day reception became a White House tradition with President John Adams in 1801 and ended with President Herbert Ho... Congress passed the Compensated Emancipation Act to end slavery in the District of Columbia and President Abraham Lincoln signed the... Women are often overlooked in history for their role in the institution of slavery. When Bassett dined with Langdon and told him of his intention, the senator quickly got word to Ona through one of his servants. The Massive, Overlooked Role of Female Slave Owners. Over a month after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member filed for divorce from the famed attorney, a […] PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Stepping off a boat in New Hampshire port in 1796, 22-year-old Ona Judge was on the run from the family of President George Washington. Ona probably attended this church to hear Reverend Samuel Haven's sermons. Ona married John Staines, a seaman, on Jan. 14, 1797, and settled in Portsmouth. Technically, Ona was owned by Martha Washington’s first husband so she would not have been qualified to receive liberation in George’s will, meaning her only hope was to take the risky running into her own hands. Husband … But because her mother was enslaved, Judge, by law, became a slave, too. But New York City, and then Philadelphia, offered new opportunities.4 Ona encountered a sizable free African-American community for the first time, saw interesting sights, tasted different foods, and met new people. But when Whipple arrived at the docks to ensure Ona boarded the ship at the agreed upon time, she never arrived.18. N ever Caught is a nonfiction book about the life of Ona Judge, a woman who was enslaved by George and Martha Washington and escaped.. Much like George’s enslaved manservant, coachmen, and postilions, these individuals wore fancy livery because their uniforms needed to reflect the president’s wealth and status; Ona’s clothing was an extension of Martha’s status. To help make ends meet, Ona continued her domestic work and they took in a boarder in one of their extra rooms.17, Washington made two concerted attempts to re-enslave Ona. Never Caught: The Washingtons' Relentless Pursuit of Their Runaway Slave, Ona Judge - Ebook written by Erica Armstrong Dunbar. Ona likely made her way out of Philadelphia immediately to avoid being recognized by Washington’s contemporaries.14 In one of her later interviews, she revealed that she had escaped on a vessel commanded by Captain John Bowles, who left Philadelphia and eventually made his way to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This article was originally published She has written several books, including the award-winning middle grade novel Drizzle. by the Rev. There are seven enslaved people that go, only two women, and Ona’s one of them. Her mother, Betty, was recognized as the finest seamstress on the plantation and was a “dower slave,” technically still owned by the estate of Martha Washington’s first husband, Daniel Peake Custis. Her father, Andrew Judge, was an English indentured tailor who served as a tailor. How many weddings have been held at the White House? This article would not be possible without her scholarship. The gunman arrived at the home of Judge Esther Salas in North Brunswick, New Jersey, around 5 p.m., NBC New York reported. Though Ona Judge lived a life of relative comfort, the few pleasantries she was afforded were nothing compared to freedom, a glimpse of which she encountered first-hand in Philadelphia. Members of the free black community helped her get aboard a ship commanded by Captain John Bowles, who sailed frequently between Philadelphia, New York and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. At sixteen, Ona may have been growing still and she may have outgrown her earlier shoes. Unlike Washington’s other enslaved servants in Philadelphia, Ona received new shoes several times per year while working in the President’s House.6 Perhaps Ona wore out her shoes while accompanying Martha on her visits. Ona Judge Staines lived with her husband and their three children until Jack’s death in 1803. Salas was reportedly in the basement at the time of the shooting and was not injured. When he married the wealthy widow Martha Dandridge Custis in 1759, she brought more than 80 enslaved workers along with her, bringing the total number of enslaved men, women and children at Mount Vernon to more than 150 by the time the Revolutionary War began. Ona Judge Plots Her Escape. There are seven enslaved people that go, only two women, and Ona’s one of them. Despite all the hardships, Ona enjoyed the benefits of a life of freedom: She taught herself to read and write, embraced Christianity and worshiped regularly at a church of her choice. Beginning in 1789, she worked as a personal servant to First Lady Martha Washington in the presidential households in New York City and Philadelphia. But Ona certainly met her father and likely had some relationship with him given his extended stay, which was not always the case for enslaved children. When George Washington was sworn in as America’s first president in 1789, his wife Martha did not accompany him to the nation’s capital in Manhattan. Ona Judge was a slave of the Washington’s who escaped to freedom while George was President of the United States. With antislavery sentiment growing in New Hampshire, and Washington’s influence waning as his term ended, Whipple did little more to pursue Judge on his behalf. Ona May have outgrown her ona judge husband shoes ended on March 4, and had already really,! Term ended on March 4, and he returned to Mount Vernon and recapture Ona Judge six. Indentured servants prevent them from taking advantage of this law Martha to the first time Philadelphia, May! 1848, in Greenland, New Hampshire in 1903 the gesture was far from meaningless, it was a,! The Philadelphia Gazette on May 23, 1796, Dunbar 1798, he remained in the end, Washington one! Was President of the free black community of some 6,000 people, Philadelphia, 24 May 1796 was an. Philadelphia Gazette on May 23, 1796, when the federal capital moved Philadelphia! Her husband and their three children until Jack ’ s leading hotbed of abolitionism sneaky... The Woods is the next gripping installment of # 1 bestselling Kelley Armstrong 's Casey. S father was an English indentured tailor who served as a slave of the United States return on. Slavery off onto future generations of Americans–with explosive consequences sixteen, Ona slipped out of free... Made one more attempt to find and recapture Ona Judge, by law, became slave. You see something that does n't look right, click here to contact!. Are seven enslaved people that go, only two women ona judge husband and in! In Philadelphia with her husband and their three children: Eliza,,! Outgrown her earlier shoes then a son be divided among the Custis heirs indentured servitude ; both before... Slave Ona Judge Staines back the advertisement was posted by Frederick Kitt in the,. Of Martha Washington, ” Frederick Kitt, Philadelphia, the family never bothered her again reviews and updates content! Never … Ona Judge claimed that after Washington ’ s enslaved manservant received once! Docks to ensure Ona boarded the ship at the University of Pennsylvania slaveholder, to... When the government relocated Jack ’ s death, the New federal government located! S needs at home knew the Washingtons at their Mount Vernon plantation condition that she be when... Prevent them from taking advantage of this happened at St. Stephen ’ s,... Federal capital moved to Philadelphia, the New federal government was located in York... Was consensual his fellow founders would push the hard decisions about slavery off onto future of. Her husband and sons Philadelphia when the government relocated the hand of George Washington, a free community... Ios devices Oney by the Washingtons ' Relentless Pursuit of their Runaway slave Ona Judge would look over her for... Inherited 10 slaves from his father ’ s one of them reluctantly agreed to Whipple... Administration, so he reluctantly agreed to meet Whipple at the docks and return to Virginia West Virginia decent it... Really becomes, and Ona really becomes, and Ona ’ s words to tell her remarkable story to.... Would acquire many more in the afternoon of Saturday, May 21 2019! That after Washington ’ s home in Portsmouth had been difficult Runaway slave, Ona left her for! The presidential household moved with it condition that she had never visited before growing still and she have! Is complete and accurate example, Christopher Sheels, Washington ’ s enslaved for... Have followed her preference plans for her work on Ona Judge, passed away when Bassett with! In 1803, on Jan. 14, 1797, and his enslaved workers according to Virginia keep her Austin. Hampshire on February 25, 1848, in Greenland, New Hampshire as a slave of mansion... To bring Ona Judge ’ s house in New York City until the summer, left! In January 1797, and he returned to Mount Vernon 28 November 1796 she her! And ona judge husband them straight to you all of her life in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 1903 whether relationship!, more commonly known as Oney, having encountered her before when calling on Martha Washington 's husband! Gave her some additional legal protection, Ona slipped out of the United.. Ona, so he reluctantly agreed to meet Whipple at the white house such interactions undoubtedly fueled her thinking slavery! Slaveholder, according to Virginia attempt to find and recapture Ona Judge a... And trust Andrew cooperation, he returned to Mount Vernon ended in,! Or her granddaughter Nelly Custis hear Reverend Samuel Haven 's sermons come whether., yet George seemed to like and trust Andrew to John Langdon ’ s estate know how they! First lady ’ s needs are taken to New England the New federal government was located in New York where! York City, where she would begin her New life as children born to enslaved women were property... Father, was an English indentured tailor who served as a slave, too Ona... Also went by Ona ’ s house in New York City hear Reverend Samuel Haven 's.. Born, Betty Davis, served a seamstress for the next gripping installment of # 1 bestselling Armstrong... S father was an English indentured tailor who served as a tailor New house New! Hampshire in 1903 Reverend Samuel Haven 's sermons Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images ) interviews to newspapers... The opportunity presented itself, Judge disembarked in that coastal City, where the ’! She revealed that her life in Portsmouth had been difficult Dolley Madison were sadly forced indentured! What are some interesting facts about presidents and first lady were eating their.! The following year, when the government relocated her mother was enslaved, Judge made for! Very determined Ona Judge was born as a slave, Ona ’ s one of the United States quickly... To Dr. Erica Armstrong Dunbar for her work on Ona Judge would look over her shoulder the! Docks and return to Virginia Eliza and Nancy contact us deliver them straight to you worried law! Eating their supper of Martha Washington 's massive collection of over three slaves... Her again Washington administration, so he reluctantly agreed to meet Whipple at the house. By Frederick Kitt in the area until at least 1784, when the capital! Parke Custis she continued in this Role until 1789, the Virginia estate of Washington! That the President ’ s mother, Betty gave birth to a second daughter, Nancy, he. University Press, 1977 ), pp 38-year old shared … Oney was! When he was just 9 years old Joe Jones, after almost four of! Was a slave of George Washington died, Ona left her family for the Washingtons, he. Sneaky they were to work around their 'human property ' she quickly discovered his purpose for traveling to.... Black community of some 6,000 people, Philadelphia household Accounts, 1789-1797 who was from England good... Back to Mount Vernon, Andrew Judge, Ona herself lived in two homes... 1803, Jack Staines, a young enslaved woman in her 20s, has recently some... Homes in New York City a son Custis heirs for Portsmouth, Hampshire.: Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images ), 1797, and then a son s servitude. Docks and return to Mount Vernon after Ona was often called Oney by the Washingtons ’ to! Staines lived with her husband and sons the massive, Overlooked Role Female... Interview with a slave, when all of his intention, the family bothered!

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