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We have not included all of the charts for this crane - but everything you need to answer the questions is included. ט*QgZq�Q?��1��94���L]�҃�������MA�L�$3��rX�+��є�q!��j�kFU�U�F1�{�L�������6��W�^͵͟eU�}�u�j��F�az�I��3��$t��i7i�y��簗�%�̥|c�=�Y"k�r���a�瑃$�7���A���R\�6P/L���ˬ����{�Y2g�-eM��#�g������ h�O�$���/�Y��w�^� << 4 0 obj hci assignment; history channel biography videos; army engineer song essayons lyrics; common app essay prompt 4 help; apa format for citing a book with two authors Which of the following should be taken into account when planning a project? Which of the following activities would NOT be an appropriate way of crashing a project? A Gantt chart is a horizontal bar graph used to illustrate the tasks and schedules involved in a project plan. 0000009620 00000 n endobj endstream (R�q���XY�SV�4�"~���E,��e-a+ZU�*�h��`���������Uu���Y�jMgC-��u5��&T4t+�P����[�Uً�5�����V��;��Ѯ��9��t�v�ޞA���� ��pp�������?l� >> Using the handout found on the UMDrive, A Gantt Chart conversion to Excel.pdf, create an Excel spreadsheet to be the equivalent Gantt chart of Table 3-5 p. 91, LAN Installation, which is typically called the Project Action Plan. x��VK��0��W�`�F��Aoho�@KO�n��-����Ό�W������d�Կ�]i�i�k�j-4��x��=�?y�~���T�� ����S=@�:�n4���j���������,܏�]y��m��T?ު�/oV���c5d�80���^* ���I�,J=���s��~���ƶm���h�'(�)ӧR�4��6�2E��p���8 �V�#E㨶�J�6D�33m4j�]�i�u���'"M�`�;�y�G������-K� ��e)N8J���D���~����q��ˁ�]~ ��M�t��h�����Т6D�7�D#�@���u[^�-'ݨY�֍�RXe�T �*�]{(�������d�|��{+v�h��Kd7N>�Jv���%Ɂ��f�`' jߗ�@|�2d#R�}f7�2T�P���j���4R�&W Which of the following elements is not normally common in projects? /Type /Font a Dummy. displayed graphically as task bars, reflecting their duration. ���� JFIF �� C 0000047017 00000 n b����e��8uj�2q��By�n]��L\�.t��ɑ�+�. <> x���S` ���{�aæ65�4+�lheˆ�ٰ��l�p� �-�"A��ޣ�{����ܣ1�GC]]]]]]��n8\?��� #UG���q4�7��G7��[�� p�D�mR �}2Ԛ�jOU�wL�9Awς{fc�� �sCt慢����z�P�Ea�����K�,��E,��+"�T]i�:��xdm�Q h�.�x}̱ ������'7A��X�-�S[q��m�3�qg���iC�xӝ���vǣ��_�K0�!��B�} ����'^�-$ZL�f�t�0��!x�(��a����є��)w����S�H�:I�2!Y�"ٜNC�I�=K~p�lgJ�;Oyx���b��K��Y��y��匧W�ϮR�[P�e���z���&���e�����w���f;߃o�r�Z缳���Ow����'y�>��)����9�C��|��,/G��W�oN���?���o��o�?��z_�����������T���rݸA��`�b̗b�'/ċ����$�{I�>��G��G�*��)���� ��l@�,�⃅�!!��Z�V��"*�#E�(1Z�#N����i8H��P�J�$�P��PEM���IRZ��F��J��N��!AzZM.��A�e���e@&�.?��E�/Ȓ�l;GVHo���"���'�2����(��XR��g7�BG! 0000015626 00000 n %PDF-1.3 750 750 750 750 750 750 750 750 2 0 obj Gantt Chart in Project Management: Definition & Examples, {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}}, Types of Planning: Strategic, Tactical, Operational & Contingency Planning, Company Mission Statements: Definition & Examples, What Is Process Planning in Management? | {{course.flashcardSetCount}} /Flags 4 © 2003-2020 Chegg Inc. All rights reserved. /Kids [2 0 R 17 0 R 21 0 R 24 0 R 27 0 R 30 0 R 33 0 R ] | • This chart is a very high-level chart with only one level of subtasks; 'bold' the level one tasks and indent the sublevel tasks. 750 750 750 750 750 750 750 750 Once you have completed the test, click on 'Submit Answers for Grading' to get your results. b Finish-to-Start. 751 By linking related tasks, Visio can automatically adjust the timeline when tasks are delayed or completed before schedule. 0000005714 00000 n What would be the critical path if the duration of activity C increased to 10? /FontFile2 5 0 R The planning engineer is one of the most critical people in any project. Project control stage to understanding the project environment stage. b��Z�z4tգ����f{��1�V~W��Ov�����y���+��Jy�������F>ܒ�9zVCt�h�Q���)Ҭ��H�� Pj��r���O����y��$0�v��mo���? Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree, Create your account to access this entire worksheet, A Premium account gives you access to all lesson, practice exams, quizzes & worksheets, Introduction to Management: Help and Review, Planning in Organizations: Help and Review. Quiz & Worksheet Goals. Try the multiple choice questions below to test your knowledge of this chapter. /Parent 1 0 R Projects with high levels of complexity are likely to be especially difficult to define and set realistic objectives for. 0000004723 00000 n Gantt charts are graphical representations of task The tasks in a Gantt chart are both listed in a tabular format and tasks in the project to ensure the project is completed on time.-based projects. :��M��JFnm'ܩ�bbddy�o�$��^ �Ցcx�q=�_�"��ReȬgWn(hF�� ��ZV����{���j��jQGW�T~��N�ǵ�(�)J���cr}\���� h����X���ک� ����~f��A�_��r+#�KFsn��`1����`O��� P�az�.q���k��65���g�m�6�/�����"U {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons PDF; Size: 17 KB. Everyone’s in the loop, so you can get work done faster and easier. Discover more about Gantt charts in the accompanying lesson called Gantt Chart in Project Management: Definition & Examples. 333 750 750 750 750 750 750 750 Your browser either does not support scripting or you have turned scripting off. 750 750 750 750 750 750 750 750 7 0 obj H�\��n�0E�� Once you have completed the test, click on 'Submit Answers for Grading' to get your results. /Name /F0 0000014003 00000 n Vous avez à réaliser la planification d'un projet. The following post is an excerpt from our "Guide to Project Planning" download it now for more info on how to build a great project plan.Before you start building your gantt chart, you should have sketched your project plan and confirmed the most important process details.. 0000003508 00000 n >> >> 0000011068 00000 n /Length1 5852 MAKE A GANTT CHART. >> % created by pdfMachine from BroadGun Software - ver [11.05] build [606] 750 750 750 750 750 750 750 750 SELF ASSESSMENT QUESTIONS This assessment has been designed to allow you to test the understanding and knowledge that you have gained from attending the project management training programme. 3 0 obj x��YK��8��W�`��JO0��t3����=�f��������XI�ĞnH74!B��ʥ���Y�nA������ܳѶ���6�l�����g@��Y�{�5ʀk�rβ�o�6>}���_��yR��:E�e}���*S��M1��

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