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This stream of consciousness inside the mind of an American woman made headlines for its huge length, but it is perfect for an audiobook and Ellyne’s wry warmth lasts the whole 45 hours. Read the full review. What we said: Assured, witty, riotously inventive, this debut has “future classic” written through it like Brighton rock. Buy Now: Deacon King Kong on Bookshop | Amazon. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. Read the full review. Named for the Korean equivalent of Jane Doe, this novel about a woman who plays by patriarchal rules but can never win, was a huge bestseller in South Korea, where it has become a touchstone for conversation around feminism and gender and a lightning rod for anti-feminists who view the book as inciting misandry. This original, sharp debut novel explores what it means to be a young ambitious black man in Britain through two stories: ex-boxer Norman, who arrives in the Black Country from Jamaica in the 1950s, and former Jehovah’s Witness Jesse, who falls into sex work and loveless hook-ups in modern-day London. —AG, The term “self-care” has become so corporately co-opted, it’s largely meaningless. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Julia Phillips Pays Tribute to Essential Workers, Surviving, Thanks to the Fitness Marshall, In the Mailroom, I Glimpsed People Sending Love, Danielle Evans on Commanding Fact & Fiction, Megan Rapinoe Shares Her Coming Out Story. But while all the tropes of disaster thrillers are present—a knock on the door in the middle of the night, restlessness in the natural environment, cell phone dead zones—the genius of Rumaan Alam’s meticulously observed novel is in his, and the characters’, continued focus on the normal. <> —AG, Ella Berman depicts a harrowing alternate story of the starlet who goes off the deep end. Buy Now: Wow, No Thank You. While Sittenfeld’s American Wife, which traced the experiences of a very Laura Bush-esque figure, used a similar approach, Rodham goes much further, showing both the successes that Hillary could have achieved on her own and the trail Bill would've gone down without her by his side. Buy Now: Minor Feelings on Bookshop | Amazon. When her farmer father hires a dragon to clear some fields by burning them, teenage heroine Sarah comes to befriend the creature – and sets in motion a prophecy. After sending 12-year-old Alex a small tin robot in the post, his mysterious and dapper grandfather whisks him away on a breakneck chase through Europe to discover its terrifying secret, as assassins – both human and machine – hunt them down. What we said: Francis’s gifts are quiet but his name deserves to be broadcast loudly … we need poetry of this quality more than ever. Amit Yahav and Shira Haas in Netflix’s adaptation of Unorthodox. Otto von Wächter with his family in 1944. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. When Flick walks into a dilapidated travel agency and befriends Jonathan, its teenage proprietor, she makes the intoxicating discovery that the suitcases lining its walls are gateways to other worlds. Read the full review. Offill knows what it’s like to face the end of the world and a grocery list—how the enormous concerns and minor annoyances can fuse together, rendering us exhausted and helpless. IFRS Standard Book in pdf Study Rift October 12, 2020 Download IFRS book in pdf free, it would be helpful for students who are studying accounting and finance, acca, ca, icaew, cima, icmap, icai, CMA and any other accounting qualifications which follows IAS and IFRS. 2020 has been a year of superb debuts and Rainbow Milk is among the best. Read the full review. What we said: A groundbreaking and meticulously researched anatomy of the Putin regime, Belton’s book shines a light on the pernicious threats Russian money and influence now pose to the west. The best books of the year so far explore themes of power, perseverance and hope through creative storytelling and glittering prose. As the outside world forgets them, the survivors forge fierce bonds; when her best friend disappears, Hetty will break all the island’s rules to find her. But energy is draining from Five Lights, the world at the centre of everything – can Flick somehow save it from collapse? It’s a rollicking read that offers a sharp take on the creative process, revenge, and envy. What we said: In Sands we have an incomparable guide who finds a kind of redemption on every road of the human experience, though never at the expense of responsibility or truth. Read the full review. —JK, With Luster, Raven Leilani establishes herself as a novelist who perfectly distills millennial culture and the impact of race and class with both wit and compassion. CMA Qualified - October 2020 Examinations [OL1 to ML1] CMA Qualified - Practical Corporate Training Modules Examinations (PCTME), August 2020: CMA Qualified – Summer 2020: CMA Qualified – CBE, June 2020: CMA Qualified - Fall 2019 [Written] Examinations & Practical Modules Examinations (PME), February 2020: CMA Qualified – CBE, December 2019 For all who consider themselves Americans, The Undocumented Americans is an urgent must-read. Buy Now: The Splendid and the Vile on Bookshop | Amazon. Seeing her career spread before you is striking, and Ball sheds light on Pelosi's extreme tenacity, drive, and commitment, with a few surprising details thrown in. Wow, No Thank You. Kate Elizabeth Russell probes this question in 
her debut novel, My Dark Vanessa, which reads like a contemporary reimagining of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. Leigh Stein expertly skewers this and other millennial-embraced clichés in her biting novel of the same name, told through the perspectives of three young women involved with Richual, an online wellness start-up that rings some familiar girl-boss bells. This is the question—one of many—faced by a New York City family that experiences a mysterious cataclysmic event while vacationing in a remote beach community. —ML, When anyone asks for a book recommendation, this is my default pick for the new year. All Rights Reserved. On the island of Raxter, the Tox – a deadly virus that causes mutations and savagery – has kept the girls of Raxter school quarantined for 18 months.

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