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Divisional structure is basically a kind of an organizational structure that is characterized by divisions inside an organization. BNG Publishers INC. Home Wool. Copyright © 2013 - 2020 UniProjects.Net. The organization process is mainly aimed to achieve co-ordinate through the design of structure of task and authority relationship. We chose this structure is because it minimizes duplication in an organization. 1.1 IMPORTANCE OF ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE. What is the degree of different existing between the structural designs of the department within the organization? This department needs of a lot of teamwork whereas at times, it would be helped by other departments. Being organized is a major key to success in life. Another aspect of the operation that illustrates the role of organizational structure is the establishment of a line of communication that includes every level of the structure. Company Registration No: 4964706. This is because¿½¿½. References, Chapter Three Also, included the work specialization, chain of command, span of control, degree of centralization, and not forgetting the departmentalization of an organization. The weaknesses are the lesser interaction between the other departments and people belonging to other departments. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. NS event management is an event management company that is established for the concerns of charity where we plan, prepare and produce events that are organized to help those in needs and unfortunates. Even the marketing process can be cited as a means of understanding the importance of organizational structure. Likewise how it has strengths it also has the weaknesses. Discussion Of Result/Findings There are several basic areas in that demonstrate this, including the areas of communication, the assignment of responsibilities, the purchase of raw materials, and the marketing of the goods and services produced. devotional anthologies, and several newspapers. John Child, (1997) Organization A Guide to Management and Administration Harpers N. Y. Upload Your Academic Works and Start Earning Cash. However, this department also requires marketing skills and persuading skills like the sponsorship departments, as they are in need to first gain the trust of the public in order to ensure that they are able to sell their tickets and promote the event with huge number of participants involving for the event. We are not encouraging any form of plagiarism. The study will help many corporate organizations that will go through the work in adopting a sound or proper organizations which will enable them achieve their set objectives. Despite event management being an organization by itself, event management also exist in every organization but are not as similar as event management company as other organization event management groups are formed as temporary to organize events like family day, annual dinner and others that only involves the organization members, however event management companies organizes events that would enable a huge amount of participation by anyone concern. This is because most of the firms use this approach in structuring their organizations. Ibadan. Event Director is a leadership board that determines and recognitions events proposed by the manager. 3.6 Reliability Of The Instrument (A Case Study Of General Cotton Mill Onitsha Anambra State). Our organization organizes small events like concerts, sports, campaign and carnivals like selling donated goods which can also be called as charity sales. J.P Galbraith O. Generally, event management is a set of project team formed to create and develop festivals and events. Though organizational structures are important to businesses and operations, they’re important to many aspects of our daily lives. Divisions are made to facilitate large sized organization that are either manufacturing more than one product or operating in more than one market or in geographic area. After many years in the teleconferencing industry, Michael decided to embrace his passion for The end result is an organization capable of functioning efficiently and ultimately being successful. 3.2 Population Of The Study Proper organizational structure in the organization will reduce role conflicts and avoid stress to manager, it will also specify span of control. 1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM. Sales and Ticketing Coordinators is department that are delegated the responsibility of making sales and promoting the event through selling of tickets or doing sales of items which are donated. The recombining of roles into department or division around function. 1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDY 3.4 Instrumental For Data Collection VAT Registration No: 842417633. Recommended, Use of this Site is subject to Terms of Service. The study is also counted to only my focal terms that dictatorial will be mutinously encountered in this study. One of the key examples of how the importance of organizational structure impacts an operation is the creation of specific job positions within the organization and the assignment of responsibilities to each of those positions. DO NOT copy word for word. For the Charity Nite, the event manager plays his/her role in all the elements of being an event manager to lead his team guiding them at every stage of action taken towards the arrangements of the event as designated by the event director. Owing to time factor, academic stress and lack of financial support, limited books were consulted in the study and support of general cotton wills Onitsha were consulted. 1.1 Background Of Study Technology: this is the conversion process used by7 an organization to transform an inputs into output. 1.2 Statement Of Problem By implementing and maintaining this line of communication, employees can effectively interact with managers who then interact with their peers and various officers and executives, often making it possible to identify both opportunities and challenges much sooner than would be possible otherwise. Thus, it is far from surprise that it has been the subject of intensive study for has been adopted in trying to design effective organization structure. *You can also browse our support articles here >. Despite, the official coordinators are also responsible to send invitations to guest of honors to successfully brighten the event on the day. Functional Structure are usually best and more suitable for either medium or small sized businesses that don¿½t have wide range of products or production requirements. This is simply became through planning management.

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