importance of school organization

This contributes to cultivation in the thought process. Mac Gregor’s “Theory Y” is one that fits educational organizations perfectly. Start your free consultation to discover the right survey for your organization. But what many schools and educational institutions overlook is the fact that high rates of student success are generally the result of three groups collaborating to provide the best opportunities for the future—teachers, parents, and the community. Usually when gathered for a specific duty such as creating common assessments or curriculum, one will find that educational teams work because of the “mix of expertise” in its members. Communication is effective and open. It is refreshing to see this small level of success within a school organization so as not to lose faith in the institution as a whole. However you work to increase community involvement, remember that when schools, parents, and communities partner together, great things can happen in the lives of children and young adults. As a whole, “these studies found a positive and convincing relationship between family involvement and benefits for students, including improved academic achievement… Although there is less research on the effects of community involvement, it also suggests benefits for schools, families, and students, including improved achievement and behavior.”. According to (Robins & Judge, 10th, p.2), Organizational Behavior studies the influence and impact that individuals, groups, and organizational structure have on behavior within organization for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward improving an organization’s effectiveness. Marietta, GA 30067 INTRODUCTION. Leaders of schools, like leaders of businesses and hospitals, want their organizations to be flexible and responsive, able to change in accord with changing circumstances. In looking at organizations and their internal systems and framework, the concept of multiple lenses to view them seems to be very appropriate. In reflecting upon my own experience within the educational organizations I have been a part of, the complexity of such small entities is surprising to me, therefore I see the need to have a more comprehensive understanding on how an organization works from multiple perspectives. This then bridges over to the skill with which the “political manager” can set the agenda and map the terrain. The importance of a schools vision is written about at length within educational leadership literature and when reading about companies such as Johnson and Johnson, General Electric, and 3M, one is reminded why it can be so critical. Phone: (800) 279-6361 The last component to that which will impact the success is how the leader “steers the ship” for that group of people. It is responsible for the economic, social, and political growth and development of society in general. The Risk and Protective Factor Student Perception Survey, The Pride School Staff and Faculty Survey, Parent Perception Survey On School, Family & Engagement, Middle School Survey For Social, Emotional & Bullying Behavior, Benefits of Conducting Student Questionnaires, Student Behavior & Perception Data Reports,,, Helping Community Coalitions Overcome School Recruitment Barriers, Top Five Reasons to Survey Your Students Every Year. The Human Resources Frame is one that which brings the most bang for ones investment as it relates to organizations and their effectiveness. Volunteering is one of the most common and popular ways to encourage community involvement in schools. It seems as if educational organizations are always in the throes of restructuring whether by virtue of their own leadership change or because of environmental changes. The child is freed from the shackles of mental blocks and lets his/her imagination run its course. While we can learn to a certain extent from our parents, they tend to be unilateral. The last piece covered within the structural frame that is very applicable to education is the concept of restructuring. The research review[4] by Henderson & Mapp examined 51 research studies that offered perspectives on the relationship between parent (and community) involvement and student achievement. However, this limited perspective overlooks the fact that much of a child’s life and education occurs outside the classroom. Organising helps in the smooth functioning of a business in accordance with the dynamic […] While this may be overly simplified, it is something that I definitely gleaned from reading about MacGregor. When one reviews literature on the four frames, we see this frame first, hence, one can see how the name fits the role in terms of this frame serving as the “bones” of an organization.

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