is bengal roach spray harmful to humans

68543-37 Your Submission Dated November 11, 2010 Dear Mr. Orman: Bengal Products, Inc. 13739 Airline Highway Baton Rouge, LA 70817-5924 - - "April-8~20t1 --OFFICE OF CHEMICAL SAFETY AND POLLUTION PREVENTION Subject: Amended Labeling; Addition of Public Health Pests (Ants, Cockroaches, and Spiders) BENGAL PYRETHRINS ROACH SPRAY, EPA Reg. Over 4,000 species of cockroaches exist in the world today with 57 of those found in the United States, many of which make their home with human beings. No. It is better for ants and ground dwelling insects since it is water-based and will saturate a surface or into the ground (but only an inch or two). Indoor use is best limited to crack & crevice treatment. The non-flammable propellant that is used in this product is many times more expensive than the gas normally used in foggers. For garlic oil, use 1 ounce per gallon of water. The non-staining formula does not leave a messy residue that will stain valuable and expensive furniture as well. Harmful if swallowed. She has written articles on a number of topics including home improvement, pet care, health and physiology. The Bengal Non-Flammable Fogger is the premium product of this type on the market. The spray can also penetrate walls to get to where the cockroaches are hiding. Cockroaches are also travelers, covering many miles in one day often carrying their eggs with them. How to Keep Bugs Away Without Hurting Your Plant, University of California IPM: Cockroaches, How to Keep Grasshoppers Off Leaves Naturally. 68543-20 Recommended Use: Insecticide - Crawling Bug - Aerosol Uses advised against: No information available They are hardy and can live up to a year. ... Precautionary Statements: Hazard to humans and domestic animals. Add 4 to 5 drops of oil per gallon of water, adjusting the concentration if needed. Food and food-contact surfaces, including those for pet food, should be covered or removed from the area being treated. It doesn't blow them away as other sprays might, allowing the insecticide to coat the ants and kill them. Visit our contact page to fill This product is good for treating the crawl-space areas underneath houses and mobile homes where spiders and roaches may hide. The powerful fog is odorless and non staining to any surfaces that it may contact. Over 4,000 species of cockroaches exist in the world today with 57 of those found in the United States, many of which make their home with human beings. Shop Bengal Gold Roach Spray - compare prices, see product info & reviews, add to shopping list, or find in store. BENGAL FLYING INSECT KILLER is a fast-acting aerosol spray that kills flying insects on contact. Insecticide Concentrate has good residual action; it lasts longer than Roach Spray but does not penetrate as well. The penetrating fog drives insects out of hiding and kills them. The convenience of spray insecticides, such as Raid Ant & Roach Spray, allows the homeowner to quickly lay down a defensive barrier against the invasive little pests. water-based foggers. D. J. is the author of two children’s books. of our product gives the same margin of safety as a typical 6 oz. There is no part of the Earth where these insects are not a major pest except for the polar ice caps. Coconut oil coats and suffocates them. Though there is very little chance of product falling down around it, this is a precaution to prevent surface contamination in case of mechanical failure of the can or valve. are all common names for insects that belong to the Diptera order. Countertops, dishes, pans or other surfaces that will contact food should be washed with soap and water before using if exposed to the fog. Sprinkle borax in places that you think cockroaches may be hiding. Contains a flammable propellant as do all competing foggers, however, the small size in oz. Avoid contact with eyes or clothing. As instructed on the label, newspaper should be placed under the can before it is actuated.

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