jaguar neck shim

Tapered maple shims used to change the angle of a bolt-on neck. Plug the Jaguar into the our setup and its slightly gnarly, round high-end suits us more than another recent addition to the Professional range, the all-new Jazzmaster. by Pumpkin » Sun May 27, 2007 7:37 pm, Post DON'T MISS A BEAT, sign up for StewMac news, Black Friday Sale! Bath Typically, people will make a shim from a piece of cardboard, (business card), plastic (old credit card/guitar pick) or wood (lolly sticks or similar) and will insert it between the back pair of neck … For help with setups and other technical issues. And, yes, if you’re going to run some outright filth and fuzz, the out-of-phase switch works for a hugely visceral grunge attack, but unless that’s your bag, that low-cut filter from the Johnny Marr Jag would certainly help the series link to just clean up the lows a little. The yellow and black paint mishmash in the neck pocket is just like on mine (except for the "shadow" from the paint stick, more visible on mine) and mine also has a "S" written between the pickups. Build the pedal that redefined overdrive. To change the angle of a bolt-on neck, players and repair shops have used shims for years. The item I ordered was 9 bucks, and shipping was 9 bucks. I'd kind of like to do a refin in a '60s custom color anyway but I also sort of hate to cover up any last hint that the body was original. The upper treble-side plate, which originally held the pickup on/off switches and the low-cut filter switch, now offers us a four-way lever pickup switch, voicing the three standard selections - bridge, both (in parallel), neck plus both pickups in series - that we’ve seen on various Telecasters, plus, of course, on the Johnny Marr Jaguar. Being a full contact shim, it eliminates any empty space in the neck joint and theoretically improves sustain. I should have ordered 3 as shipping would have been the same. Sign up with your email address above for interesting guitar goodness. The guitar’s fingerboard material is colour dependent, such as Antique Olive with a maple ’board
and a black scratchplate. In truth, the Jaguar has been garnering its own fans and players for many, many years becoming the almost default axe for anyone remotely ‘indie’: the anti-Fender for the anti-guitar hero. There was a problem. Thank you for signing up to Musicradar. No splitting or cracking.Great product. The upper bass-side plate that originally housed the rhythm circuit controls now holds a lone two-position slide switch to voice the pickups (when both are on), in- or out-of-phase. I wish it was an option at warmoth, at least (actually all my JMs are made from warmoth bodies and fender or. The review model also has a revised (simplified) electronics and the bridge and vibrato has been upgraded in line with Johnny Marr’s innovative work on his signature Jaguar. Although the archtops that inspired him were constructed with a permanently inclined set neck, the famously pragmatic Leo Fender addressed this by specifically designing the Jazzmaster with shims in mind. When you need that combination of lower action and just the right amount of float for the trem you can dial it in everytime. "My Jazzmaster needed a better string break angle over the bridge.   Pasted as rich text. Well made. Attention, repair shops: making a quality shim takes time! Since the guitar has already been refinished I'd like to do it over again in a custom color but I don't want to destroy evidence that the body was original. by V_____ » Mon May 19, 2014 12:47 pm, Post 1-degree shim tapers from 0.060" to 0.010" (1.52mm to 0.25mm), Dimensions For perfect set ups, the neck tilt can not be ignored. Not complaining, just sayin. I forgot about the trem being a cheap replacement. The Shop Set of 12 includes one each of every size, shape and taper: All of my problems went away. MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Visit our corporate site. To me the increased sustain is paramount. Also note that I had to add foam under the pickups in order to raise them up to the new neck set. Who is the best acoustic guitarist of 2020? The 0.5-degree shim let me raise the bridge to the height I needed. Were the dates in the trem cavity written in pencil or were they stamped? Unlike its original incarnations, it is a more straightforward drive and play, and feels to a great extent like modern pieces. The owner of this Jag was playing around with the setup and found the bridge height he … 0.25-degree shim tapers from 0.030" to 0.019" (0.76mm to 0.48mm) I bought it knowing that there was a chance that it wasn't. This angles the neck back, allowing a more comfortable action. That has to go sometime in the near future and get replaced with a real part or a Fender Reissue trem. There is also gaps on the side, so it needs to be shimmed too. So many of us think Fender got it so right with the Stratocaster and Telecaster and that the later Jaguar squarely missed the point. The Jaguar ditches its dual circuit but retains its trio of chromed metal control and switch plates. After careful inspection, I determined that the neck needed a shim to fix the problem. Not for vintage-obsessed offset fans, either in function or sound. This answers the Japanese or American body question for me, It's AMERICAN!!! Fender accomplished this by using thin shims in the neck pocket, although a thin business card laid flat at the pickguard side of the neck pocket works just as well. Also, is there any way to guarantee that the body is an original? It worked perfectly. Nope. Posts about Jazzmaster/Jaguar Setup Tips and Tricks written by mmguitarbar. I let the superglue dry for a bit and then drilled my holes.Even though the shims are maple I was worried that the very thin .25 degree shims would split apart when I drilled the holes.Voila!

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