john chapter 3:3

Well, Christian, be not angry if I tell thee that thou dost a more shameful thing by far, if thou, who pretendest to hope for heaven, be as eager in the pursuit of this world's trash as the poor carnal wretch is who expects no portion but what God hath left him to pick up in the field of this world. We could also say that this is what triggers a person's calling into the church. H. The flesh, the law, the world — these things are our bondage. THE TEST OF THAT HOPE. It is His glorious example which should help us most — the example of Him who died for us, who liveth for us. Behold, they go to Him, out of every nation. THE TEST OF THAT HOPE. M. (Christian Treasury. For a long time it was stunted and unhealthy, but, at length, by what may be called a wonderful vegetable instinct, it has sent a fibre out across a narrow sheep bridge, which was close beside it, and that fixed itself in the rich loam on the opposite bank of the streamlet, whence it drew sap and sustenance, so that it speedily became vigorous. Air bubbles that weaken the iron are more dangerous than a wrong pattern. And there is such a thing, here on earth and now, as gazing upon Christ with an intensity of affection and simplicity of trust, and rapture of aspiration, and ardour of desire which shall transform us in some measure unto His own likeness. Cooper, D. D.)Christian hope influencing present Christian lifeW. Or it is the pure light itself in which they shine. (2)Hence he is never afraid of being too precise. There is no imaginable state that he cannot so disenchant except heaven, and no model that he cannot unidealise except the Son of God. (6)By asking the Lord to search him, and practising self-examination. Certainly thy hope is either false, or at best very little. Because it creates an atmosphere of life that is death to personal impurity.3. It is the hope of seeing Christ, and being like Him; it is the fruit of the Spirit which is shed abroad in the heart. And Jesus, our Elder Brother, has gone before, and opened the way for aspiring man to follow. Verb - Aorist Subjunctive Passive - 3rd Person Singular. Cooper, D. D.)Christian hope influencing present Christian lifeW. The hope of the Christian is altogether calculated to elevate the soul and ennoble the character. S. S. Harris.The hope of the Christian is the one worthy, enduring hope that is capable of lifting man above the earth and leading him to heaven. This is the way to the stars. John 1:51 The Greek is plural. The higher the summer sun mounts above the horizon, the more force it bears to clear and heat the air with his beams; and if thy hope of salvation were advanced to any ordinary height in thy soul, it would scatter these inordinate desires after this world, with which now thou art choked up, and put thee into a greater heat of affection after heaven. No sooner does he propose one such to himself, and begin to mount toward it, than it begins to lose its excellence as he draws nigh to it, and soon it has no power to hold his affections. Because it knows that without holiness no man shall see the Lord.2. What a height! He sets before him Jesus as his model. H. That is to say, the very deepest word about Christian effort of self-purifying is this — keep close to Jesus Christ. 3. )Links1 John 3:3 NIV1 John 3:3 NLT1 John 3:3 ESV1 John 3:3 NASB1 John 3:3 KJV1 John 3:3 Bible Apps1 John 3:3 Parallel1 John 3:3 Biblia Paralela1 John 3:3 Chinese Bible1 John 3:3 French Bible1 John 3:3 German Bible1 John 3:3 CommentariesBible Hub, (7)By distinctly and vigorously fighting with every known sin.3. Cooper, D. D.)Christian hope influencing present Christian lifeW. What it is to watch, that implies when a man is in great danger to be surprised, that all is untrusty within him, and false abroad; then reason, I had need of a strong watch of every side; I have a false nature, and this flesh of mine is ready to betray me into the hands of the world and of the devil; therefore there must be a marvellous strong guard. Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Of Hebrew origin; Jesus, the name of our Lord and two other Israelites. H. A good conscience signifies the same; for the conscience, like the eye, is troubled by any speck of defilement and wrong that falls into it. (Christian Treasury. 2. Spurgeon. (Christian Treasury. But here the two things are brought into clear juxtaposition, the bright hope of heaven and the hard work done here below. )Purifying power of hopeGeo. Heaven is the portion of the sanctified (Acts 26:18). If I expect so great a gift at God's hands as eternal happiness, even humanity and reason cannot but constrain me to pay Him at least a temporary, short obedience. Because we grow like those we ardently love.(Geo. Ah! Compared with it, the pouring of the molten iron into the mould seems very easy. If. Spurgeon. It is a great thing to get a good ideal of life. We are not what we once were—spiritually dead to God and His way of life—but now we are alive in Christ, heirs of salvation, and free from spiritual bondage, able to pursue the holy, righteous character of our Savior. We should betray that soul. It is a great thing to get a good ideal of life. No duty or work within the power and performance of man, as such, is able to expiate and take away the guilt of sin. S. S. Compared with it, the pouring of the molten iron into the mould seems very easy.

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