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Darkseid was genuinely in love with Suli, who was assassinated by Desaad on the orders of Darkseid's mother Heggra, the previous ruler of Apokolips, who did not approve of the match, thus Darkseid was then forced into a loveless arranged marriage with Tigra. Uxas, also known as Darkseid, is the main antagonist of the entire DC Animated Movie Universe. He turned to Luthor to see if he would be as lucky, but Luthor promptly fled, an act Darkseid remarked as wise. This was due to Tala using her last ounce of power to exact revenge by reviving Darkseid, who showed his gratitude to Luthor by unleashing the Omega Beams upon Luthor's spacecraft, destroying it. This is an unofficial site. Upon this, the Lord of Apokolips vowed to kill the Man of Steel, but not before making him and everyone he loved suffer dearly. At that point, Orion, Batman, and Wonder Woman showed up to thwart him. Darkseid gloated upon Superman's pain, but was impressed by his endurance and proclaimed how he was going to carve out his heart with a Kryptonite blade as a token of mercy. Real name Status The first king was Yuga Khan, Darkseid's father. In an effort to gauge Superman's power (as well as prepare Earth for his coming) Darkseid aided Intergang by supplying powerful weapons of his world to the greedy human criminals. Steppenwolf is Heggra's brother and Darkseid's uncle. He sent Superman to lead an invasion of Earth. The origins of Darkseid and his rise to power are lost to time, but as long as Apokolips has burned, Darkseid has been the iron fist ruling over its inhabitants. 25 images (& sounds) of the Justice League: War cast of characters. Then, Superman thrashed Darkseid across the city with his full might, but the tyrant managed to gain the upper hand by using a hidden pain amplification weapon ― the Agony Matrix. Darkseid was not the first male ruler/sovereign (king) of Apokolips. Base: Because of this tyrannical goal, he is the archnemesis of the Justice League, the champions of the planet Earth. Thousands of years later, Darkseid ordered his uncle, whom he had commanded through fear, to retrieve the Mother Boxes hidden on the Terran homeworld. All logos, images, video and audio clips pertaining to actors, characters and related indicia belong to their respective © and ™ owners. Appearances "[1], Darkseid was the absolute ruler of Apokolips, would-be conqueror of the universe and one of the greatest enemies of Superman (and, by extension, the greatest enemy of the Justice League itself). Darkseid Recently in comic book continuity, the character has been killed by his son Orion, but returns after taking over Dan Turpin's body, only to be killed again, this time by Batman with a Radion bullet. [10], Afterward, Darkseid boom tubed inside Brainiac's headquarters just in time to vanquish the League, thus delivering his end of the bargain: Superman. 18 images, "I am many things, Kal-El, but here, I am God. More... your valor has touched my heart. Unfortunately for Darkseid, he had finally pushed Superman too far. Desperate to try out this new power to rule the universe, Uxas traveled to the planet Earth with an enormous army, planning to use the weak world as a test run. Warner Bros. Pictures Presents Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; General Mills Presents Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; Upstairs/Downstairs; Suicide Blonde; Mercedes-Benz Presents: Justice League The Insurgency fought well, but after years of fighting, most Insurgents were either converted to Parademons or were dead, and the Batman, the Insurgency founder and leader, was killed by Superman, leaving only the Flash and Cyborg to stand against the Regime.[3]. Title(s) When Brainiac started extracting living DNA from Superman, Darkseid implanted a device that overrode Brainiac's control circuits, turning him into his puppet. Darkseid found himself opposed not only by Earth's military and the Justice League but by the surviving members of Luthor's Legion of Doom who had escaped death at Darkseid's hands only days earlier. Affiliation(s) Orion took to the lessons of New Genesis and became an enemy to Darkseid as well. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Millennia later, in 2015, Darkseid was informed that Earth was defenseless and prepared to return to the planet and retrieve it. While fighting the League this time, Darkseid killed Lois Lane, allowing Superman to succumb to the Anti-Life Equation. [3], After fighting the Justice League tirelessly, Darkseid got his hands on the Anti-Life Equation, which was stolen from him thousands of years prior. Darkseid: Still alive. Average beings (such as the unfortunate Dan Turpin) are often disintegrated instantly. Weaponry: [10] Darkseid is known to at least have a 12th level intellect, as evidenced by his ability to comprehend the Anti-Life Equation.[13]. Upon this, Highfather gave Darkseid an ultimatum assuring that the next breach of their treaty would result in his annihilation. DC Animated Universe is a FANDOM TV Community. Gender Species Uxas managed to activate the Equation, but was defeated by Ares and was forced to retreat with his army, the Equation being taken from him as he did so. Lord Darkseid Darkseid: Had I known one human's death would pain you so, I would have killed more. Bruno Mannheim: Who are you? He launched simultaneous attacks across the globe and set up magma-tappers to ignite Earth's core and generate fire pits, thus creating Apokolips on Earth. However, the Lowlies respectfully carried their lord from the battlefield before an astonished Superman, with Darkseid reminding the hero, "I am many things, Kal-El... but here, I am God."[9]. However, his disciple was defeated once again, this time by another unity, the newly formed Justice League. Orion and Darkseid exchanged punches, but Darkseid was victorious. Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, The Omega Beam, teleportation, Agony Matrix Red The backlash of energy exploded against Darkseid's skull, wounding him grievously and knocking him unconscious. Darkseid was the absolute ruler of Apokolips, would-be conqueror of the universe and one of the greatest enemies of Superman (and, by extension, the greatest enemy of the Justice League itself). [5], The Omega Beam has a legendary level of accuracy. Birthdate Darkseid was repeatedly hindered by Batman, who was then targeted by his Omega Beam. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (symbol; indirectly mentioned)Justice League (mentioned)Zack Snyder's Justice League (unreleased)The New Gods (unreleased)Justice League, Part Two (unreleased) To seal their bond, Highfather and Darkseid exchanged their infant children: Highfather would look after Darkseid's son Orion and Darkseid would raise Highfather's son Scott Free. Darkseid[src] Darkseid, born under the name Uxas, is an ancient and all-powerful cosmic warlord that reigns over Apokolips and desires to rule the universe with the Anti-Life Equation. I'm going to carve out your heart and put it on a pike in my throne room. Darkseid: Still, if you won't be my knight, you will be my pawn. To achieve this end, he seeks the cosmic power of the Anti-Life Equation, which theoretically will enable him to control any and all existing life in the universe. Darkseid fought with everything he had but was overpowered by the Man of the Steel finally and left stranded within the exploding headquarters, dying in the blast. Oh yes, there is still some small part of me that knows mercy. I will end your pain with something special I've been saving for just this occasion (takes out a Kryptonite knife). [2] Scott, despite the influence of Darkseid and Granny Goodness, grew up to become a freedom fighter in opposition to his adopted father.

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